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Luis Atencio09/23/12
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Streamline Project Creation with Maven Archetypes

Conceptually, an archetype is like a mold or template for an entity. In our case, an archetype is a template for a software project. You can create archetypes for projects in any platform: Java, python, PHP, etc.

Nikita Salnikov...09/23/12
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Who is Stealing Your Memory? (Application Servers Edition)

You just don't have enough memory available. Could your application server be the greedy bastard consuming all your precious memory?

Shelan Perera09/23/12
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Create a Proxy in WSO2 ESB Using Admin Services

Using an admin service to create a proxy in WSO2 ESB -- without using UI.

Nikita Ivanov09/23/12
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In-Memory Data Grids Put NoSQL to Shame When You Look at the Majority of Customers

We had this discussion in the office another day and I couldn’t figure out why popular NoSQL products like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, etc. are generally years behind on some of the core scalability and performance technologies behind established In-Memory Data Grid vendors

Kay Cichini09/23/12
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Drawing Grids in R

Here's an example of how to draw a grid in R and how to fill it. I did use the grid-package and its functions for displaying species cover values at squares of a recording frame...

Duncan Brown09/23/12
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Persisting to Neo4j via Spring Data [or, "Aren't We Persistent?"]

Ok, I'm back with a new post, this time with a post about a couple quirks I ran into while implementing some test cases for Spring Data using Neo4j.

Nicolas Frankel09/23/12
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Vaadin 7 Eases Your Theme Development

Vaadin theming is a nice way to reuse your Cascading Style Sheets across different projects. Vaadin 7 adds even more sugar to the whole theming thing since it allows you to use Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets.

Geoffrey Papilion09/23/12
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Monitoring Your Customers with Selenium and Nagios

wWhen discussing the challenges of continious deployment for B2B services with SLAs, we got side tracked discussing using Selenium and Nagios in production. I would recommend that anyone else give this strategy a try.

Leigh Shevchik09/22/12
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HTML5 Web Storage – Cookies Are So 1994!

Let's look at the history of both Web Storage and cookies, and work through a simple application that makes use of Web Storage.

Jos Dirksen09/22/12
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Access the Twitter REST API (v1.1) from Scala and Java using signpost

I've just started a small project where I want to visualize some data from Twitter. For this I want to retrieve information about followers and profile information directly from twitter. I actually started looking for a set of all twitter accounts, but could only find one that was two years old. So, only option left, directly access the twitter API and get the data myself.

Vijay Narayanan09/22/12
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Software Reuse Quick Tip #30

Maven parent POM can be used as a consistent mechanism to define dependencies and dependency versions. The module that defines common set of entries can then be used in any arbitrary module – it doesn’t have to be restricted to a child module in a multi-module build

Dejan Bosanac09/22/12
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ActiveMQ in the Cloud

An improved method for deploying and managing ActiveMQ brokers in the cloud, and more details on Fuse Fabric.

Allen Coin09/22/12
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Secrets of Neo4j in Production [video]

Join us for a webinar that takes a walking tour of real customer case studies: from proof-of-concept through to mission critical public release.

Allen Coin09/22/12
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REST Web Services Using the CloudBees Java PaaS Platform

A short video tutorial showing how easy it is to build, deploy and run REST web services using the CloudBees Java PaaS platform.

Arthur Charpentier09/22/12
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An Interactive 3D Plot in R

Following along with my course in R, here's some code to make interactive 3D plots.