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Ben Kepes05/18/12
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Video: More Issues Around Cloud Adoption with Ben Kepes

A discussion of one of the main issues surrounding cloud computing adoption: control. Ben Kepes continues his discussion as a curator of Rackspace's CloudU program.

Matt Vickery05/18/12
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Spring Integration - Splitter-Aggregator

Within Spring Integration, one form of EIP scatter-gather is provided by the splitter and aggregator constructs. This pattern can be used successfully with fairly simple configuration.

Raymond Camden05/17/12
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Setting up Console Debugging for PhoneGap and Android

In case you haven't figured it out yet, debugging in mobile is "sub-optimal". (Whatever you do - don't do a Google Images search on sub-optimal.) Brian Leroux has an epic presentation on the topic and I highly encourage taking a look through it. I thought I'd share how I'm debugging in PhoneGap and Android right now.

Rafał Kuć05/17/12
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Developing Your Own Solr Filter

Sometimes Lucene and Solr out of the box functionality is not enough. When such a time comes, we need to extend what Lucene and Solr gives us and create our own plugin. In today's post I’ll try to show you how to develop a custom filter and use it in Solr.

Ranjib Dey05/17/12
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Infrastructure Tooling Anti-Patterns: Accumulator

Over some certain pieces of infrastructure (or infrastructure services) accumulate some feature or functionality that is not automated or documented. Here is how you prevent that...

René Pickhardt05/17/12
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Video: How to Combine Neo4j with GWT and Eclipse

This author will show you how to install Neo4j in GWT with Eclipse, and includes links to all the necessary software.

Mick Knutson05/17/12
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Java float Precision Changes When Unexpectedly Up-casting to double

I ran across a little gotcha today where a float value being inserted into another object container (JSONObject) was not holding the precision of the original value.

Jay Fields05/17/12
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Clojure: Conditionally Importing

I recently ran into a test that needed (org.joda.time.DateTime.) to always return the same time - so it could easily be asserted against. However, I didn't want to force a joda-time dependency on everyone who wanted to use expectations. Luckily, Clojure gives me the ability to conditionally import dependencies.

Ken Rimple05/17/12
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Don't Call Names - Roo's Tag With a Tag Problem

I was trying to find time to debug a problem that's been on my backlog for a while, and someone else ran into it. A reader over on the Manning Spring Roo in Action forum was getting hit with a 400 invalid request error when trying one of the samples from the book (the many-to-many example).

Gerard Davison05/17/12
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Common try-with-resources Idiom Won't Clean Up Properly

The lesson here is that the impact of some of the new JDK 7 constructs are going to a little bit subtler than we might expect.

Eric Genesky05/17/12
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CloudBees BuildHive is Alive!

GitHub users rejoice! Today CloudBees announced the release of BuildHive, a continuous integration tool that enables build/text jobs for existing GitHub repositories.

Chris Haddad05/17/12
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Re-Invent Software Delivery and Offer Your Business as a Service

This includes an outline of a few steps you can take towards re-inventing software delivery, as well as a couple informative graphics.

Łukasz Budnik05/17/12
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On Developing for the Cloud with Cloudbees

Learn about some of the potential that Cloudbees offers through various services for developers trying to deploy on the cloud.

Kai Wähner05/17/12
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Progress Report from CamelOne 2012 in Boston (Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, CXF)

This week, I was at CamelOne 2012 in Boston, organized by FuseSource. Sessions covered several open source projects such as Apache Camel, Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, and Apache CXF. Attendees learned directly from their peers and other industry experts how open source can deliver measurable technical and business benefits to their organizations.

Chris Haddad05/17/12
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Before Choosing, Know Your Cloud Dimensions

Before selecting PaaS infrastructure, understand how sharing, location, and responsibility impact your public/private Cloud and internal/external Cloud decision.