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Ben Kepes07/16/12
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One Cloud, One Interface

Primadesk is a service that allows people to view and manage all of their content (be it email, photos, documents, etc.,) in one place.

Markus Eisele07/16/12
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Upgrading to Latest Mojarra in GlassFish 3.1.x

I was playing around with latest Mojarra and in order not to replace any existing versions at a server module level I tried to package it with my apps. I shouldn't have done that. Here is a short story.

Martin Thompson07/16/12
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Native C/C++ Like Performance For Java Object Serialisation

Do you ever wish you could turn a Java object into a stream of bytes as fast as it can be done in a native language like C++?

Łukasz Budnik07/16/12
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EclipseLink JPA2 Distributed Cache Coordination

In larger systems where processing of user requests is distributed you need some sort of cache coordination otherwise the results may be incorrect and/or user experience bad.

Tim O'brien07/16/12
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Component Lifecycle Management with your Apache Maven Infrastructure

The way software is being developed has changed over the last ten years, it has shifted from companies developing the vast majority of their own software to a software development approach that depends on open source components that are freely available.

Istvan Szegedi07/16/12
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Getting to Know Amazon Elastic MapReduce

The data processing applications on Elastic MapReduce can be implemented using various technologies such as Hive, Pig, Java (Custom Jar) and Streaming (e.g. python or ruby).

Debadatta Mishra07/16/12
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Factory Design Pattern - An Effective Approach

This article provides an inner outline of Java's Factory Design. It provides various ways to design the Factory class and provides the industry's always-adopted approach.

Roi Gamliel07/16/12
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Hiring A New Developer- The Most Important Things To Look For

Us software developers often take part in the process of recruiting other developers. Where's a checklist to ensure a candidate will be a good one, though? Newfound criteria is right here.

Thibault Delor07/16/12
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Spring vs Java EE: What People Forget About Spring

Many people see the Spring vs. Java EE comparison as a no-brainer, where Java easily claims the prize. But Java EE advocates might not be making the best decision if they haven't considered these points first.

Mehdi Daoudi07/16/12
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Taking Your Web Performance's Temperature Using a Heat Map

In this Heat Map example, web site’s Performance data is overlay with color, where red means “slowest” and green means “fastest” (with various color grades in between).

Istvan Szegedi07/16/12
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Using AWS Elastic MapReduce Results with Mobile BI Analytics

So far we covered server-side/cloud components – how to process data with MapReduce running in the cloud or on our own Hadoop cluster. This time it is about client-side.

Karthikeyan Kan...07/16/12
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HTTPS (SSL) : in Tomcat / Jetty / Jboss

In my earlier days of development, whenever I saw "https:// " in my web browser, I thought creating one such connection in my own app was rocket science. But a number of years later, when I started digging, I saw how simple it was.

Brian Gracely07/16/12
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Fifty Shades of RidiCulLUS Cloud

Brian talks with a panel of experts from Cisco, EMC, Nexus, NetApp, and WWT to talk about the upcoming Cisco Live 2012 event in San Diego.

Chris Haddad07/16/12
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WSO2 on Moving eGovernment to the Cloud

For any Government organization needing to do more with less, eGovernment is the answer.

Jez Humble07/15/12
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Continuous Deployment and PCI-DSS at Etsy

At DevOpsDays Mountain View I was lucky enough to get some time with Michael Rembetsy, Director of Engineering and Operations at Etsy, which manages to be PCI-DSS compliant while practicing continuous deployment. In this short interview, he describes how they do it.