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Spike Morelli05/23/12
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Transferring Large Amount of Data Over the Network: SCP, TAR; SSH, TAR; NC Compared

Scp is slow, that’s a known fact. Known and so annoying that someone tried to fix it by producing the hpn-ssh patch.

Mitch Pronschinske05/23/12
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Lucene/Solr on Azure

Gianugo Rabellino from Microsoft talks about on Lucene/Solr on Windows and provides updates on working with Windows Azure.

Zhiming Xue05/23/12
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Get CloudNinja for Help Developing Java Apps on Windows Azure

CloudNinja for Java is currently available for FREE at Github; it was built on Spring, JDBC, Log4j and jqPlot.

Chad Lung05/23/12
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Getting Started With Vert.x and Java on OS X

According to their website Vert.x is: Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise. If your familiar with Node.js then you will most likely feel right at home with Vert.x. Vert.x also allows you to use a favorite language like Java, Ruby, Groovy, or JavaScript with support for Scala and Python coming in the future.

Brian Gracely05/23/12
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The Cloudcast: Project Razor - Google Ops for Enterprise Clouds

Aaron and Brian talk with Nick Weaver (Office of CTO, EMC), Dan Hushon (Distinguished Engineer, EMC), Teyo Tyree (Founder, Puppet Labs) and Nigel Kersten (CTO, Puppet Labs) about the “Razor Project”, a new open source project for Cloud Automation between EMC and Puppet Labs.

Jason Baldridge05/23/12
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Processing JSON in Scala with Jerkson

In this tutorial, I cover basic JSON processing in Scala using the Jerkson library, which itself is essentially a Scala wrapper around the Jackson library (written in Java).

Alexander Beletsky05/23/12
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Github for Windows Now Available

Alexander Beletsky does a quick overview of what's coming up in the GitHub for Windows build that was recently released by the GitHub team.

Christian Posta05/23/12
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Serious About Your Software Career? Leave your job

In my opinion, you have to experience how problems are solved in different groups, and different companies using different methods, different approaches, etc etc to really become proficient at problem solving

Domenik Pavletic05/23/12
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Limitations of today’s Debuggers

This is a review on a talk named "Debugging in 2011", hold at the Oracle JVM Language Summit 2011.

Yonik Seeley05/23/12
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Yonik Seeley's Solr 4 Preview: SolrCloud, NoSQL, and More

The first alpha release of Solr 4 is quickly approaching, bringing powerful new features to enhance existing Solr powered applications, as well as enabling new applications by further blurring the lines between full-text search and NoSQL.

Partha Bhattacharjee05/22/12
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Java App on MongoDB in 30 Minutes

A quick and dirty how-to guide for getting a java app running on MongoDB with added ORM support, as well as DAO pattern, unit testing, and logging.

Willie Wheeler05/22/12
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Why You Need a DevOps Platform

Until fairly recently, Willie Wheeler thought of devops mostly in terms of various sorts of automation: build, test, deployment, operations and SDLC. If automation is the how, then integration is the what.

Christian Posta05/22/12
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Reviewing the Sessions from CamelOne 2012

I just got back from CamelOne which was earlier this week and it was quite the experience; definitely one of the best technical conferences I’ve been to in a while. I did not experience any dull moments while there starting with my arrival on Monday evening.

Tomasz Dziurko05/22/12
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JCommander – Parsing Command Line Parameters With Ease

From time to time each of us have to create a small console application to perform a few tedious tasks that can be automated so we can concentrate on more creative ones instead. And every time I had to build such an app I struggled with passing options via command line parameters

Tomasz Nurkiewicz05/22/12
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Integrating With reCAPTCHA Using Spring Integration

Sometimes we just need CAPTCHA, that's a sad fact. Today we will learn how to integrate with reCAPTCHA. Because the topic itself isn't particularly interesting and advanced, we will overengineer a bit