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Fredrik Håård03/09/12
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On Useless Testing...

Fredrik Haard is at it again, this time explaining why all testing is not valuable, and why the most important question to ask yourself when coding is: "What value does this code add?"...

Tony Russell-rose03/08/12
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Prostitutes Appeal to the Pope: NLP Text Analytics Applied to Search

This article will help you understand and overcome some of the challenges with Natural Language Text Processing. Here we will outline some of the fundamental techniques in text analytics and explored the ways in which they can be applied to search and information retrieval.

Jay Fields03/08/12
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When to Break Apart Your Application

Early in an application's life, a monolothic design is far easier to deliver. But as your application grows, priorities change. For any decent-sized project, it makes sense to bite the bullet at the beginning and aim for modularity.

Mitch Pronschinske03/08/12
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Debating the "DevOps" Job Title - In the Workplace and the Job Market

There is a growing number of job postings for people with a "DevOps" job title. Consider these insightful perspectives from Jez Humble, Spike Morelli, and John Vincent (aka. lusis).

Bozhidar Bozhanov03/08/12
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Does it Help to Move All Jars to a Shared Library?

When running more than one web application on the same Tomcat instance, is there a benefit to moving all jars to a shared tomcat/lib folder instead of each application having it's own WEB-INF/lib?

Sandro Mancuso03/08/12
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Extract, Inject, Kill: Breaking Hierarchies (Part 1)

Years ago, before I caught the TDD bug, I used to love the template method pattern. I really thought that it was a great way to have an algorithm with polymorphic parts. The use of inheritance was something that I had no issues with. But that is the sort of design those who don't believe in TDD.

Mike Christianson03/08/12
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Legacy Code: The Case of the Construction Blob

Exercising the application of some principles from “The Case of the Construction Blob” from Michael Feather’s Working Effectively with Legacy Code, I used Supersede Instance Variable to avoid creating a certain, troublesome object in the constructor of a non-legacy class under test.

Michael Mainguy03/08/12
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Governance Gone Wild

Governance has often taken on a negative connotation to many because the ivory tower thinkers at many consulting companies treat it like a one size fits all religion, where an ultimate authority knows 'the right thing to do'.

Mark Needham03/07/12
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Trade-Offs: Choosing Where to Put the Complexity

Trade-offs are a part of developers' daily lives. For example: sometimes you have to choose where to place the complexity. Mark Needham ran into a situation where he had to place the complexity in the import script or database layer -- but each location looked equally attractive, and neither really seemed definitively better. Here's how he approached the dilemma.

Tony Siciliani03/07/12
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Android AIDL and Remote Client

Check out this example of a client using Android Interface Definition language (AIDL) for Inter-Process communication (IPC) with a Service setup in another Android application on the phone.

Anders Karlsson03/07/12
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Trying out DynamoDB

After some benchmarking and testing, we found that DynamoDB has some interesting features. Among the most interesting is how they price it -- i.e., where you pay for performance and resources used. This post reveals our experience so far with DynamoDB and our migrations to this service.

Chaker Nakhli03/07/12
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Recursive and Iterative Merge Sort Implementations

In response to Stoimen Popov's Algorithm of the Week Post: Merge Sort, Chaker Nakhli pointed out that Stoimen only presented a recursive version of the merge sort algorithm. In this post, Chaker presents an iterative approach written in C#, but it can be easily converted to Java or any other language...

Fredrik Håård03/07/12
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Dare to Show Your Code

Fredrik Haard wants developers to show their code, or at least as much of it as they can. In this post, Fredrik explains how making code available for review not only allows for advice from others, but also influences developers to write cleaner, better code in the first place...

Kelvin Tan03/07/12
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Solr Autocomplete with Document Suggestions

Solr 3.5 comes with a nice autocomplete/typeahead component that is based on the SolrSpellCheckComponent. It'll take you less than 5 minutes to read this quick, example-based tutorial on it. It gives you the main pieces of information you need to know before using the feature.

Taha Siddiqi03/07/12
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Connecting to Multiple Databases Using Hibernate

In a recent project, I had a requirement of connecting to multiple databases using hibernate. As the tapestry-hibernate module does not provide out-of-box support for this, I thought of adding my own. Now that my application is in production, I thought I'd share how to do this.