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Robert Diana08/21/12
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Is The Web Really Just Links Or Is It Evolving?

A web of links can be limiting when looking at applications. When looking at reading a news story, links make sense, but reading articles is only part of the web. By looking at the data available, we are starting to create a more interactive and informative web.

Paul Miller08/21/12
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When Amazon Abandoned Main Street for 'the Skyscrapers of Cloud'

It may not always offer the lowest prices, or the best support but AWS consistently manages to meet customer demand with an offer that is more or less ‘good enough.’

Claus Ibsen08/21/12
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Video: Introduction to Fuse ESB Enterprise

FuseSource created a 5 minute video that shows a rundown of some of the highlights of the new Fuse ESB Enterprise release. There's a link to the video in the article. Enjoy!

Joachim Hofer08/21/12
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Linked Lists in Datomic

I think it’s time for some fun with Datomic and Datalog. In order to learn to know Datomic better, I will attempt to implement linked lists as a Datomic data structure.

Krishna Kumar08/21/12
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The Politics of Software Development

Steve Yegge has a couple of posts expounding a new theory of thinking about software engineering based on politics. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether these kind of posts are elaborate trolls, but since many people will take them at face value, let me go ahead and address some of the arguments made.

Gareth Rushgrove08/20/12
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Tale Of A Grok Pattern

One of the host powerful filters in logstash is the grok filter. It takes a grok pattern and parses out information contained in the text into fields that can be more easily used by outputs. This post serves hopefully as both an explanation of why and an example of how you might do that.

John Cook08/20/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Algorithm Used for World Record Pi Calculations

The following algorithm is based on work of Ramanujan and has been used in several world-record calculations of pi.

Eric Genesky08/20/12
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Latency: Does it Really Matter?

Nowadays complex applications and mission-critical systems demand ever more network speed and capacity.

Brian Swan08/20/12
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Customizing a Windows Azure PHP Worker Role

I was recently asked if it is possible to run PHP 5.4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role. (The default scaffold for a PHP worker role currently installs a version of PHP 5.3.)

Chris Gerrard08/20/12
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On Cognitive Fluency and BI

Cognitive fluency is the hallmark of good BI. Information presented well is easily observed and understood; the barriers to comprehension are low.

Manik Surtani08/20/12
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Infinispan - A Data Grid Platform

This is an entry-level book, covering high level concepts of distributed caching and data grids, before diving into practical, hands-on details of setting up, configuring and using Infinispan.

Dave Fecak08/20/12
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Lessons From a JUG Talk With Eric 'ESR' Raymond

I had reached out to Eric Raymond (aka ‘ESR’), who is best known as a leader in the open source software movement and author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, about potentially speaking to the group. Although ESR is not commonly associated with Java, I thought it would be an opportunity for the group to hear a well-known and respected engineer speak about a topic.

Bruno Terkaly08/20/12
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A Programming Guru Discusses Mobile and Cloud

Bruno Terkaly interviewed John Waters (alas, not the filmmaker), who created EventBoard, a conference scheduling and management system that leverages a wide variety of technologies, including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows Azure

Markus Eisele08/20/12
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The Heroes of Java: Sacha Labourey

Sacha Labourey founded the European headquarters for JBoss and, as GM for Europe, led the strategy and partnerships.

Jim Bird08/20/12
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Fixing Bugs: The Ones That Can't be Reproduced

There are bugs that can’t be reproduced, or at least not easily: intermittent and transient errors; bugs that disappear when you try to look for them . . .