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Max De Marzi03/15/12
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Java Network/Graph/Data Mining Algorithm 'Arsenal' on Neo4j

Max De Marzi uses the "arsenal" of algorithms from graph theory, data mining, and social network analysis that makes up the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework(JUNG).

Mitch Pronschinske03/15/12
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GlassFish App Server Monitoring Data Persistence With "LightFish"

Ever wanted an easy tool for persisting your App Server's monitoring data with no external dependencies. Well if you use GlassFish you're in luck, because Adam Bien has created a cool tool for that app server called LightFish that will store your monitoring data up in a RDBMS. It then pushes that data to a JavaFX 2 UI in real-time to visualize this data.

Brian Swan03/15/12
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Azure, HTML5, PHP, and the SAG Awards in 13 Recent Cloud Posts

We've been neglecting our blog lately for some really neat projects, hopefully laying the groundwork for bigger and better things to come. We have, however, managed to come across what we think is some interesting reading. Perhaps you might find it interesting too…

Andrei Solntsev03/15/12
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Why IDEA is better than Eclipse

There is so many differences that it's difficult to decide what of them are the most important. As a result, people typically claim that both IDEs are equal in their capabilities, and choosing of one of them is a matter of taste. I claim that it is not just a matter of taste. There are objective reasons why IDEA is better than Eclipse.

Michael Mccandless03/15/12
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New Lucene 4 Functions Improve Enterprise Search Indexing

With the large selection of modern scoring models in Lucene 4.x 'trunk', including Okapi BM25, Language models, and Information-based models, Lucene contributors have now added a number of commonly used index statistics per index segment, and made them available at search time.

Giorgio Sironi03/15/12
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Test-Driven Emergent Design vs. Analysis

Can we build anything with TDD, or do we need some design up front?

Cristian Lungu03/15/12
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Automaton Implementation in Java

If you ever found yourself in the situation of using a FSM on your design. you have probably started to write classes for every state which implemented the same interface. But there's another way.

Alan Skorkin03/15/12
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Here Is The Main Reason Why You Suck At Interviews

Most people are no good at interviews. And when it comes to developer interviews – well, let's just say there is a whole new dimension for us to suck at, with coding questions, whiteboards and whatnot. Here's why this new dimension is so hard to crack.

Peter Lawrey03/15/12
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Adding Code to an Annotation

Sometimes you have a framework you would like to be able to add custom annotations to. The problem is: how do you define what this custom annotation does?

Markus Eisele03/15/12
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Running Galleria on GlassFish

Get yourself in the mood for some configuration! Grep the latest NetBeans 7.1 and install it. We are going to set up the Galleria example using the most recent GlassFish release, Hibernate and Derby.

Tim Murphy03/15/12
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Why Do Computer Scientists Need To Understand Software Developers?

Tim Murphy discusses the need for educating Computer Scientists to understand the perspective of developers, and vice versa, after reading a tweet comparing the relationship to that of Structural Engineers and Stone Masons...

Arul Kumaran03/14/12
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Two most common job interview questions and how to tackle them

The two 'trap' questions for most interviews are "Why did you leave your last job" and "What are your weaknesses." Here are some of the best tactics for handling these.

Prasant Lokinendi03/14/12
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Cloudbees <3's Erlang

The folks over on Cloudbees seem to think very highly of Erlang, a programming language designed years ago for telecom companies. The community for Erlang is on the rise because of its ability to build reliable systems. Is it time for you to give it a try?

Ben Kepes03/14/12
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Opa Aims to Rethink Development for the Cloud

Ben Kepes was researching a whitepaper for CloudU that looked at the different languages modern developers of cloud applications might consider -- when he noticed some problems. While the myriad of different components of web applications provide great flexibility, they do little to hide the complexity of development...

Mitch Pronschinske03/14/12
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Vagrant Plugin for Snapping a Screenshot of All Your VMs

New on the blogosphere today is a super-useful little Vagrant plugin from Juarez Bochi that takes screenshots for all active VMs.