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Manik Surtani08/20/12
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Infinispan - A Data Grid Platform

This is an entry-level book, covering high level concepts of distributed caching and data grids, before diving into practical, hands-on details of setting up, configuring and using Infinispan.

Dave Fecak08/20/12
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Lessons From a JUG Talk With Eric 'ESR' Raymond

I had reached out to Eric Raymond (aka ‘ESR’), who is best known as a leader in the open source software movement and author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, about potentially speaking to the group. Although ESR is not commonly associated with Java, I thought it would be an opportunity for the group to hear a well-known and respected engineer speak about a topic.

Bruno Terkaly08/20/12
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A Programming Guru Discusses Mobile and Cloud

Bruno Terkaly interviewed John Waters (alas, not the filmmaker), who created EventBoard, a conference scheduling and management system that leverages a wide variety of technologies, including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows Azure

Markus Eisele08/20/12
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The Heroes of Java: Sacha Labourey

Sacha Labourey founded the European headquarters for JBoss and, as GM for Europe, led the strategy and partnerships.

Jim Bird08/20/12
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Fixing Bugs: The Ones That Can't be Reproduced

There are bugs that can’t be reproduced, or at least not easily: intermittent and transient errors; bugs that disappear when you try to look for them . . .

Stephen Chin08/20/12
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JavaFX in Spring Day 1 – Application Initialization

Even though Spring is primarily targeted at server-side applications, you can actually do quite a nice integration between the JavaFX and Spring technologies on the client.

Nicolas Frankel08/20/12
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Spring Data, Spring Security and Envers integration

Spring Data JPA, Spring Security and Envers are libraries that I personally enjoy working with (and I tend to think they are considered best-of-breed in their respective category). Anyway, I wanted to implement what I consider a simple use-case: entities have to be Envers-audited but the revision has to contain the identity of the user that initiated the action

Larry White08/20/12
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Programmers for $2,000 per Month, More? Or Less?

One entrepreneur had the idea to rent world class programmers for $2,000 per month. He plans to set up an office in Manilla and hire locals for, I don’t know, $50 per day and rent them to companies tired of outsourcers who share “their” programmers with other clients.

Will Soprano08/20/12
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HTML5/Web Design: The Best Links From This Month

Looking for the best Web Design Articles from the month of August? They're right here. Complete with titles, links, and a snippets of the articles. Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Andrew Trice08/20/12
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Enterprise Android Apps With PhoneGap

Here are my presentation slides and extra content from last night’s DC Droids meetup. I gave the presentation “Enterprise Android Applications With PhoneGap."

Martin Fowler08/20/12
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NoSQL Distilled Now Available

August 17th has come and gone, and NoSQL Distilled is now officially available. My copy arrived a day or two ago, and it’s good to see it in paper. Amazon has it available for order for physical copy.

Michał Warecki08/20/12
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Apache Camel Deployment Modes

In this part of the article I will present various runtime and deployment modes that provides Apache Camel.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/20/12
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Integrating GlassFish with Eclipse 3.7

This post will guide you to integrate GlassFish 3.0.1 with Eclipse 3.7. Let us know in the comments if it was helpful!

Giorgio Sironi08/19/12
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An Introduction to WEKA - Machine Learning in Java

Machine learning in Java is one .jar away! WEKA (acronym of Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) is an open source library for machine learning, bundling lots of techniques from Support Vector Machines to C4.5 Decision Trees in a single Java package.

Hemanth Madhavarao08/19/12
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Chaining Functions in JavaScript

There are many resources out their on which demonstrates various ways of chaining JavaScript function but, I always like to explore my own ways of doing things.