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Mitch Pronschinske07/12/12
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Creating .NET-based Mappers and Reducers for Hadoop with JNBridgePro

The Apache Hadoop framework enables distributed processing of very large data sets. Hadoop is written in Java, and has limited methods to integrate with “mapreducers” written in other languages. This lab demonstrates how you can use JNBridgePro to program directly against the Java-based Hadoop API to create .NET-based mapreducers.

Andy Moncsek07/12/12
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Create JavaFX Executables with Maven

Many Java developers prefer maven to build, package and to deploy their Java applikations and would like to use maven with JavaFX. Althoug there are many examples around how to use maven with JavaFX, there is currently not complete guide available.

Nikita Ivanov07/12/12
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GigaOm: 'Hadoop's days are numbered…' Are they?

A response to a recent article stating that since Hadoop is disk/ETL/batch based it won’t fit for real time processing of frequently changing data.

Mehdi Daoudi07/12/12
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How to Test & Benchmark CDNs?

I recently came across a very interesting post about CDN testing by Jonathan Klein, someone I respect tremendously in the Web Performance world. During his tests with Webpagetest he was unable to “see” the value provided by the CDN on his site.

Mahdi Yusuf07/12/12
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The Most Pressed Keys in Various Programming Languages

Check out these really interesting heat maps of the keys on a keyboard that are pressed the most often in various programming langauges.

Senthil Kumar07/11/12
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Download the MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure

A new tool called “MongoDB Installer for Windows Azure” to help the people who use MongoDB on Windows Azure is released and is available for download from the MongoDB website.

Eric Minick07/11/12
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Taking That Final Step to Continuous Production Deployment

In our Enterprise Continuous Delivery Maturity Model we looked at the idea of continuous deployments to production and flagged the process as “Extreme”. It’s just too much for too many teams. A decade ago, I might have said the same thing about continuous integration.

Mehdi Daoudi07/11/12
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DevOps Roundup: July 2 - 11

Net Applications updates the Browser Wars stats — currently IE still hanging on strong with 54% of the market share while Chrome is creeping up on Firefox’s 2nd place lead (19% to 20%, respectively).

Willie Wheeler07/11/12
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Architecture and Conway’s Law

“…organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” —Melvin Conway

Mark Needham07/11/12
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Searching for Nodes by Name in Neo4j

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago I’ve been graphing connections between ThoughtWorks people using neo4j and wanted to build auto complete functionality so I can search for the names of people in the graph.

Pieter De Rycke07/11/12
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ShellR: A Web-Based PowerShell on Azure

The goal here was to develop a cloud application running on Windows Azure. We choose to develop a web application that offers a web based Powershell to remotely control servers from anywhere in the world . . .

Dalip Mahal07/11/12
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Uncertainty and Risk in Software Development (2 of 3)

There are future events whose impact can have a negative outcome or consequence to our project. A future event can only be risky if the event is uncertain. If an event is certain then it is no longer a risk even if the entire team does not perceive the certainty of the event.

Veera Sundar07/11/12
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EasyMock tutorial – Getting Started

In this post, I’m going to show you what EasyMock is and how you can use it for testing your java application. For this purpose, I’m going to create a simple Portfolio application and test it using JUnit & EasyMock libraries.

Taha Siddiqi07/11/12
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Tapestry: Using ComponentRequestFilter

My use case is to redirect a user to the starting page of a multiple step wizard in case a request is directly made to an intermediate step and the session has not been properly setup.

Erich Styger07/11/12
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Eclipse Local History & Quick Diff

I worked long hours on my project, and it was working well. But after a series of edits, somehow the application was not working the way it should. What did I change to break my code?