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Bill Bejeck03/23/12
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Using Guava BloomFilter for Guard Conditions

A BloomFilter is a unique data-structure used to indicate if an element is contained in a set. What makes it interesting is it will indicate if an element is absolutely not contained, or may be contained in a set.

Michal Jastak03/23/12
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Suppressing FindBugs Warnings

There is one simple method for suppressing the FindBugs warnings - usage of the SuppressWarnings annotation. Just add it in place where FindBugs reported the problem, and use the appropriate bug code.

Romiko Derbynew03/23/12
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Lucene Full Text Indexing with Neo4j

The user came up with a set of goals to meet before setting out to work on a full text search for neo4j - this post describes how he met these goals.

Romiko Derbynew03/23/12
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An Intensive Analysis of Neo4j Java JVM Garbage Collection, Heap Size, Log Rotation, etc.

Frequent timeout issues inspired this team to take a look at Neo4j from the default install. This post includes a detailed description of their findings.

Rob Terpilowski03/23/12
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Stamping Version Number and Build Time in a Properties File with Maven

Stamping the version number and the build time of an application in a properties file so that it could be displayed by an application at runtime seemed like it should be a pretty straightforward task, although it took a bit of time to find a solution that didn’t require the timestamp, version, or ant-run plugins.

Artur Mkrtchyan03/23/12
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Spring Data & Redis

This article will cover the following topics: (1) how to install Redis on a *nix machine; and (2) how to write a simple app using Spring-Data and Redis.

Carlos Sanchez03/23/12
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A Practical, Quick Introduction to Puppet

This short introduction will cover Puppet manifests, Infrastructure as code, the architecture of Puppet, the declarative model, file structure, nodes, and more.

Brian O' Neill03/23/12
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Cassandra Indexing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Within NoSQL, the operations of indexing, fetching and searching for information are intimately tied to the physical storage mechanisms. It is important to remember that rows are stored across hosts, but a single row is stored on a single host.

Jason Hull03/23/12
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A Good Example of Bad Search Design

Jason Hull gives a thorough case study on how one site, FedBizOpps, is failing in search design and as a result, not offering optimal competition between private contractors. The case study is rich with screenshots so you can see what mistakes you should never make.

Markus Eisele03/22/12
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Testing Out the Java EE 6 Galleria

After some introduction, a basic getting started guide on GlassFish and the WebLogic 12c deployment it finally is time to dive into testing. The Galleria was built to achieve comprehensive test coverage through the use of both unit and integration tests, written in JUnit 4.

Hugues Johnson03/22/12
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Writing a simple file browser in JavaFX

This user will be trying to upgrade all Swing applications to JavaFX. He traces these changes in this post.

Mike Ensor03/22/12
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Basic Site Documentation: Maven 3

The best reason to care about documentation is to provide information for external developers and team members outside of the project's development environment. How many times have you wished you had documentation available?

Peter Lawrey03/22/12
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The Art of Programming

My view is that art cannot be created purposely, and it has no direct function. However, it has an important role which is to stimulate creative thinking and stimulate a positive mind set.

Eric Genesky03/22/12
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Acceleration for Big Data, Hadoop, and Memcached

This video is presented by Dhabaleswar K. Panda, a professor of computer science and engineering at Ohio State University and leader of the Network-Based Computing Research Group.

Cody Powell03/22/12
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The Joys of Map Reduce Thanks to CouchDB

CouchDB and map reduce make it simple to write a map function that goes through each document and emits the fields you're interested in.