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Cedric Beust03/26/12
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You've Been Implementing main() Wrong All This Time

Since the early days of Java, the typical way to start your program was to create a new instance from main(). If you're still doing this, I'm here to tell you it's time to stop, and take a look at Guice.

Geoffrey Papilion03/26/12
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Two Quick Chef Gotchas

When using automation tools remember to check to see if it achieved the results you expected; never blindly trust the tool. Here are two common scenarios in Chef where you might introduce a configuration issue.

Sacha Labourey03/25/12
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Most Popular Tools Used on Our Java PaaS

Cloudbees CEO Sacha Labourey provides some stats on the highest performers on cloudbees.

Jose Asuncion03/25/12
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My Implementation of the Apriori Algorithm

This is a self imposed machine problem written for a lesson lesson on Frequent Itemsets and the Apriori Algorithm. The program that would find the top five frequent item sets among a set of baskets.

Tony Siciliani03/24/12
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Android Custom SMS popup - Part One : The BroadcastReceiver

Here's a concrete and mildly useful Android application illustrating the use of some of Android fundamental concepts: Broadcast receivers, Intents, Services, Activities, and Content providers.

Bozhidar Bozhanov03/24/12
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My Problem With Your Interviews

What you do in interviews is something you never do in real life: writing code without a debugger or compiler. You don't want people who can match artificial interview criteria, you want good programmers.

Cagdas Basaraner03/24/12
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10 Best Practices for Code Commenting & Formatting

Code commenting and formatting is all about code understandability. Code understandability is very relevant to code maintainability. So, small details about programming may help maintainability.

John Cook03/24/12
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Occam’s Razor and Bayes’ Theorem

Occam’s razor says that if two models fit equally well, the simpler model is likely to be a better description of reality. Why should that be?

Rob Gordon03/23/12
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The Road To Maven

Maven is one of those projects I’ve looked at periodically over the years but I’ve never been persuaded by the payback of a learning curve that looks pretty steep from the bottom of a mound of XML. On my most recent day trip to Maven, however, I found a reason to stay.

Bill Bejeck03/23/12
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Using Guava BloomFilter for Guard Conditions

A BloomFilter is a unique data-structure used to indicate if an element is contained in a set. What makes it interesting is it will indicate if an element is absolutely not contained, or may be contained in a set.

Michal Jastak03/23/12
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Suppressing FindBugs Warnings

There is one simple method for suppressing the FindBugs warnings - usage of the SuppressWarnings annotation. Just add it in place where FindBugs reported the problem, and use the appropriate bug code.

Romiko Derbynew03/23/12
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Lucene Full Text Indexing with Neo4j

The user came up with a set of goals to meet before setting out to work on a full text search for neo4j - this post describes how he met these goals.

Romiko Derbynew03/23/12
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An Intensive Analysis of Neo4j Java JVM Garbage Collection, Heap Size, Log Rotation, etc.

Frequent timeout issues inspired this team to take a look at Neo4j from the default install. This post includes a detailed description of their findings.

Rob Terpilowski03/23/12
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Stamping Version Number and Build Time in a Properties File with Maven

Stamping the version number and the build time of an application in a properties file so that it could be displayed by an application at runtime seemed like it should be a pretty straightforward task, although it took a bit of time to find a solution that didn’t require the timestamp, version, or ant-run plugins.

Artur Mkrtchyan03/23/12
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Spring Data & Redis

This article will cover the following topics: (1) how to install Redis on a *nix machine; and (2) how to write a simple app using Spring-Data and Redis.