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Constantin Alin04/27/12
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How to Upload With PrimeFaces 3.2 Under Tomcat 6

A few months ago I wrote the “How to upload with PrimeFaces under Tomcat 6” tip which was using the PrimeFaces 2.2 version. Since then, PrimeFaces has been changed and the current version, 3.2, has a lot of new great features. In this tip, we will explore all these features.

Mark O'neill04/27/12
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API Gateway support for 'Hypertext As The Engine Of Application State'

So, how does an API Gateway cater for HATEOAS? A key requirement is not to break it. As in medicine, "first do no harm". Consider what an API Gateway does: It provides external-facing APIs to the public, then translates them to back-end (usually on-premise) API calls. Check out the following JSON returned by a server to the client.

Andrew Fife04/27/12
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How the Cloud Can Assuage IT Challenges of Bring-Your-Own-Device

Some challenges to the BYOD model are focused around security, and Andrew Fife offers a potential solution.

Eric Genesky04/27/12
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Video: Developing with Java and Couchbase Server

Couchbase includes client SDKs for a bunch of languages, and it's built on Apache CouchDB and Memcached.

Jose Roy Javelosa04/27/12
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Quotes Every Software Engineer Should Know

Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray.

Mitch Pronschinske04/27/12
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Java SE 7 Update Includes First Delivery of JDK and JavaFX for Mac OS X

The 4th update for Java SE 7 was released today. It's the first Oracle SDK release for Mac OS X and its the first time that JavaFX 2.1 has been bundled with the JDK on Windows and Mac.

Chris Hostetter04/27/12
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Once a Chump, Always a Chump - Try and Stump Me

In spite of my best efforts to be really lazy, Chris Hostetter worked harder in his first Stump The Chump session then he had ever worked prepping+giving any other presentation he'd done in my entire life. It was one of the most stressful, nerve racking, and mentally/physically taxing hours of my life — and it was also hands down one of the most enjoyable experience he's ever had at a tech conference.

Eric Berg04/26/12
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Build a Cloud and They Will Come. Build it Right, and They Will Stay

Eric Berg writes a descriptive illustrated story of the potential of a good cloud service; and the pitfalls of a bad one.

Tom Jefferys04/26/12
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"Operator Overloading" in Scala

Of course Scala itself is not a DSL, it's a general purpose language. However it does offer several features that allow you to simulate a DSL, in particular operator overloading, and implicit conversions. In this post I'm going to focus on the first of these...

Lukas Eder04/26/12
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Must-have Eclipse plugin: AnyEdit Tools

On fresh Eclipse installations, I usually feel a bit naked, until I realise that this lovely little plugin is not part of Eclipse itself. It’s called AnyEdit tools, and it features the following nice things:

Eric Genesky04/26/12
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Video: Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10 Minutes Flat

This screencast shows you how to deploy an app using Heroku's Neo4j addon. You'll learn how to expose a read-only Cypher endpoint and integrate with Google Spreadsheet.

Peter Lawrey04/26/12
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yield(), sleep(0), wait(0,1) and parkNanos(1)

On the surface these methods do the same thing in Java; They all wait a sort period of time, but how much that is varies a surprising amount and between platforms.

Constantin Alin04/26/12
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How to Programmatically Access PrimeFaces Tags

This is FYI kind of tip. Recently, I tried to programmatically acess PrimeFaces tags from Java beans. I found two solutions that can be extrapolated to almost all PrimeFaces tags.

Michael Mainguy04/26/12
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Code to the Interface, Even if the Interface is a Class

After spending a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to refactor some particularly hairly (hairy + gnarly) data access code, I thought I'd share some insight into a popular misconception about what coding to the interface actually means.

Daniel Doubrovkine04/26/12
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You Have to Stop Saying Your Experience is Under NDA in Interviews

I talked to a developer recently. He said: "I cannot talk about this project, because it's under NDA." …followed by silence. Ergh! Can you please tell me something useful?