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Baruch Sadogursky05/31/12
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On Using the Right Tool for the Job

A friend of mine is a big fan of puzzlers. Any puzzlers, including programming ones. The thing is, when it comes to solving these problems, sometimes Java, or whatever your default language is, isn't the right tool for the job.

Mitch Pronschinske05/31/12
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Big Data Meets Metadata – Analyzing Large Data Sets

We all know that metadata is the key to powering the semantic web. Learn about how big data tech is paving the way for better analysis of this metadata in this presentation by Jeremy Bently of Smartlogic at Lucene Revolution 2012.

Roger Hughes05/31/12
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Clues from Classification: Naming Part 2

What are we trying to achieve when we name an object? This may sound like an unlikely question as naming objects isn’t a rare occurrence; it’s something we do everyday

Ken Rimple05/31/12
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Spock and Roo = Easier Add-on Testing

Before I was a Roo in Action author, I was a huge fan of Grails. I still am, because Groovy + your favorite APIs is so much more concise to program against than with stock Java. So, one of my backburner projects was getting Groovy to work on Roo.

Alex Staveley05/31/12
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Book review: 'Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?'

You need to toss a coin for a football match. The only coin you have is bent and biased towards one outcome. How do you use the coin and ensure a fair toss?

Roger Jennings05/31/12
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Executing an Elastic MapReduce Hive Workflow from the AWS Management Console

This post is an amalgamation of different how-tos and articles, and it includes an illustrated guide to creating a feature_index file, and how to create an Interactive Hadoop on Azure Table from the feature_index file.

James Sugrue05/31/12
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The Most Popular Language This Month Is....

The most popular language of this month? Well it depends which source you use. For example, I checked out the TIOBE index as well as the top language used in GitHub projects. Would you be surprised that Java was not number 1 on either listing?

Chris Haddad05/30/12
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Will IT Culture Kill Cloud?

Gartner analysts have suggested that “If you’re going to operate like a cloud provider, you will need to be willing to fire almost everyone in this room.” Here's my take.

Adam Warski05/30/12
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Introducing ElasticMQ: Scala SQS Alternative

Wanting to explore Scala and some new Scala/Java libraries I started writing ElasticMQ. It is a simple message queueing system, following closely Amazon SQS semantics and exposing a REST SQS-like interface

Tony Russell-rose05/30/12
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How do You Measure the Impact of Tagging on Search Retrieval?

A client of mine wants to measure the difference between manual tagging and auto-classification on unstructured documents, focusing in particular on its impact on retrieval (i.e. relevance ranking). At the moment they are considering two contrasting approaches...

Spike Morelli05/30/12
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The Problems With Having 'DevOps' in a Job Title

It’s been a while since I posted about why devops makes sense in a job title and a few weeks and a few discussions later I have a some thoughts that you might find useful if you decide to go down the same path.

Sean Hull05/30/12
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The 5 Point Checklist Backup and Recovery in EC2

Learn the 5 keys to backing up resources on Amazon EC2, which include performing multiple types of backups keeping non-proprietary backups offsite and a few other tips...

James Sugrue05/30/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Two Generals

This weeks code puzzler is the Two Generals problem, designed to test out how you can deal with communication protocols.

Ron Gross05/30/12
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Why You Should Write a Blog Post Today

Blogging was quite a trend a few years ago, but with the rise of Facebook & Twitter, it’s fallen out of favor with some. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should open your own blog today, and if you own a blog but haven’t posted in a while … you should come back to it and post some more.

Jos Dirksen05/30/12
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Stop Labeling Everything as an Impedance Mismatch!

I recently ran across an article that was talking (again) about the Object-Relational mismatch. And just like in many articles this mismatch is called the Object-Relational Impedance mismatch.