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Phil Whelan10/03/12
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"NoSQL Distilled" Reviewed!

In this post I am going to review Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler's new book entitled "NoSQL Distilled - A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence." An...

Rodrigo De Castro10/03/12
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What? You Don't Spend Most of Your Work Time Coding?!

This is something no one tells you in college: you will not be coding as much as you think.

Victor Savkin10/03/12
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Stop Bashing TypeScript

I was unpleasantly surprised to see all the bashing of the TypeScript language. Like “the last thing I want to see is type errors”, “all these types! only C# developers will use it”, etc.

Claus Ibsen10/03/12
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Unit Testing OSGi Blueprint with Apache Camel Made Easier

Apache Camel 2.10 has a new camel-test-blueprint component, added by Guillaume Node, to make unit testing Camel with OSGi blueprint much easier.

Michael Mccandless10/03/12
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Lucene's New Analyzing Suggester

In Lucene we have several different suggest implementations, under the suggest module; today I'm describing the new AnalyzingSuggester (to be committed soon; it should be available in 4.1).

Mark Needham10/03/12
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Strata Conf London Wrap-Up

I attended the first Strata Conf to be held in London – a conference that brings together people from the data science and big data worlds to talk about what they’re up to.

Andreas Kollegger10/03/12
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Neo4j 1.8 Release - Fluent Graph Literacy

Available immediately, Neo4j 1.8 offers a delightful experience for reading and writing graph data with the simple expressiveness of the Cypher language.

Tim O'brien10/03/12
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What Enterprise Architects and Time Travelers have in Common

When I roll up to a new client in desperate need of build help, there’s always a chance I’ll have a “Scotty moment” – a moment when I pick up the mouse and attempt to ask an Apple II to synthesize transparent Aluminum. (“Computer, bring up the repository and scan for vulnerabilities.”)

Pierre - Hugues...10/03/12
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OutOfMemoryError: Unable to Create New Native Thread – Problem Demystified

As you may have seen from my previous tutorials and case studies, Java Heap Space OutOfMemoryError problems can be complex to pinpoint and resolve. One of the common problems I have observed from Java EE production systems is OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread; error thrown when the HotSpot JVM is unable to further create a new Java thread.

Jim Bird10/03/12
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Can You Get By Without Estimating, and Should You Try?

Estimating remains one of the hardest problems in software development. So hard in fact that more people lately are advocating that we shouldn’t bother estimating at all.

Felix Dahlke10/03/12
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Unit Tests Versus Code Quality

Do unit tests improve code quality? Some famous consultants might disagree, but I think they don’t. Testable code isn’t automatically better code. Depending on the capabilities of your language, it’s probably worse.

Antonio Santiago10/03/12
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Architexa Product Review

I have only tried using it a little but the conclusions are clear: Architexa is a tool with a great potential.

Thibault Delor10/03/12
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Does Immutability Really Mean Thread Safety?

I have often read articles telling "If an object is immutable, it is thread safe". Is actually 100% true? Can an object be immutable but not thread safe?

Jeff Blankenburg10/03/12
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Ah, the wonders of DHTML...

Yes, that’s not a typo. This article should have been published 10 years ago. It’s about DHTML, and apparently Netscape 4.7.

Dan Wilson10/03/12
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Caching for Fun and Profit. Or, Why Would You Ever Cache a Page for 5 Seconds?

You probably think this is a silly attempt at a ridiculous headline to grab clicks. However, let's explore.