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Michal Jastak08/27/12
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JPQL - Pagination on Oracle Database with Hibernate

In your daily work, you rely on many different libraries, trusting they will serve you well, being perfect piece of code ... do you? ... really?! Then it's time to realize that you are perfectly wrong :) Increasing complexity of code leads to new possibilities of making errors :) Many of them are lurking in the libraries used by you, even if they are used for years by thousands of developers.

Marko Rodriguez08/27/12
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Big Data Graphs: Loopy Lattices

A lattice is a graph that has a particular, well-defined structure. An nxn lattice is a 2-dimensional grid where there are n edges along its x-axis and n edges along its y-axis. An example 20x20 lattice is provided in the two images above.

Chris Keene08/27/12
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Evolutionary and Revolutionary Clouds

Now that we are a couple of years into the great cloud journey is it pretty clear that the big bang theory of cloud conversion is ain't happening. . .

Veera Sundar08/27/12
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Organize Imports in Eclipse

Today I learned a neat trick to organize imports in Eclipse. Of course, one can use Ctrl + Shift + O to remove the unused imports at file level. But what if you want to remove the unused imports for several files, may be at package level?

Neil Mackenzie08/27/12
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Windows Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Networks

Windows Azure has historically been a pure PaaS solution with the deployment unit for compute being a hosted service comprising an optional web role and zero or more worker roles.

Kay Cichini08/27/12
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New Tool: Web-Scraper for Google Scholar

I have updated the Google Scholar Web-Scraper Function GoogleScaper_2 to GoogleScraper_3 for it was deprecated due to changes in the Google Scholar html-code.

Will Soprano08/27/12
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Check Out Your New and Improved DZone Profile!

As if DZone couldn't get any more awesome, it just did. We at DZone added some new features to your profile pages that we think will add to your overall experience on our site.

Dave Fecak08/27/12
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Blind Dating for Geeks: Questions Candidates Should Ask (and When to Ask Them) During Interviews

After a few ‘Questions Candidates Ask In Interviews’ themed articles appeared in my Twitter stream, I was reminded of an article I wrote two years ago called ‘Best Questions To Ask The Interviewer, And When To Ask Them‘. I think one key element missing in the new articles is the ‘when to ask them’ detail that I feel is incredibly important. Also, being that JobTipsForGeeks is aimed at technology professionals, there are some nuances that do not apply to other industries.

Brian Gracely08/27/12
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The Cloudcast Eps.51:Technology Warfare and the Evolution of Cloud Economics

The videos and MP3 are included in this post. The links are all click able and take you where you need to go.

Dave Fecak08/27/12
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Overqualified is Overdiagnosed

In my opinion and experience recruiting in the software engineering world, the term overqualified is used too widely by companies (and then inaccurately cited by rejected candidates), and claims of alleged ageism are often something else entirely.

Paul Miller08/27/12
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The Leading Lights in the Data Market

Through ten separate conversations, I had opportunities to talk with old friends and acquaintances, and to explore the ideas of people whom I had previously only admired from afar.

Sasha Goldshtein08/27/12
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Runtime Representation of Generics

Before we can concern ourselves with the runtime implementation of generics, it’s paramount to ask whether there is a runtime representation of generics . . .

Robert Diana08/27/12
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Traditional Programming Language Job Trends – August 2012

It is a little late, but it is time for the summer edition of the job trends for traditional programming languages. The languages in this update have not changed for a while as we are only looking at Java, C++, C#, Objective C, Perl and Visual Basic.

Nicolas Frankel08/27/12
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Reuse Test Classes Across Different Projects

Sometimes you need to reuse your test classes across different projects. Since I’ve seen more than my share of misuses, this article aims to provide an elegant solution once and for all.

Tim Spann08/27/12
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Linklist: Spring / HTML5 / FLEX

Need a starting reference? Or maybe you just need the final piece to your developer puzzle... No matter where you are in your project, this list of links is just what you need!Spring