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Ken Rimple06/05/12
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Spock and Roo - More Complex Mocks

We'll need to return a simulated search result for our invocation of the pathResolver.findMatchingAntPath method in the jquery availability check - we want to state that we already have jQuery, but not jQuery UI, in our search path.

Chris Haddad06/05/12
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What is NoOps?

Make DevOps and NoOps a cornerstone of improving your software delivery; just don’t think NoOps PaaS entirely defines ‘What is a True, Complete PaaS’.

Manik Surtani06/05/12
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How to Configure Infinispan With Transactions, Backed by Relational DB on JBoss AS 7 vs. Tomcat 7

Migrating projects from one container to another is often problematic. Not as much with Infinispan. This article is about configuring Infinispan, using Transaction Manager for demarcating transaction boundaries, while keeping the data both in a memory and relational database - stored via JDBC cache store. I'll demonstrate all the features on code snippets.

Geoffrey De Smet06/05/12
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Resource optimization: Quick start with Drools Planner

Suppose your company owns a number of cloud computers and needs to run a number of processes on those computers. Assign each process to a computer while fulfilling hardware constraints and minimizing maintenance costs.

Carlo Scarioni06/05/12
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Using Java to access MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, Riak, Cassandra

A comprehensive post detailing Java's relationship and application to some popular NoSQL technologies.

Chad Lung06/05/12
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Vert.x vs. Node.js

Vert.x has recently emerged as a contender for the popular Node.js. Among its credentials, Vert.x allows you to write code in Java, Groovy, Javascript and Ruby.

Kief Morris06/04/12
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Describing Continuous Delivery (Without Using the Term)

DeMarco isn’t recommending specific methodologies like Agile, but this is a pretty good business oriented description of Continuous Delivery without continuous (production) deployment.

Roger Jennings06/04/12
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100% Uptime for May 2012 Azure Table Services Sample Project

Roger Jennings runs a live Azure Table Services sample project for his company, Oakleaf Systems, thus measuring performance for Microsoft's South Central US data center.

Eric Pugh06/04/12
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Search is the Dominant Metaphor for Working with Big Data

I went to LuceneRevolution 2012 a few weeks ago to test out my assertion that 'Search is the dominant metaphor for working with Big Data' and based on the conversations that I had, that assertion holds water.

Antonio Goncalves06/04/12
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How to Get the JPQL/SQL String From a CriteriaQuery in JPA ?

I.T. is full of complex things that should (and sometimes could) be simple. Getting the JQPL/SQL String representation for a JPA 2.0 CriteriaQuery is one of them.

Ken Rimple06/04/12
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Spock and Roo - Maven's Conventions Step In To Mess With Me

Ok, here's a cautionary tale. I had everything working just fine in one project using Spock - on Jenkins builds I was getting code coverage working. It was great!

Claus Ibsen06/04/12
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Super Easy Camel Video [in Spanish]

In the following video tutorial, see how to copy files from a source folder, to a destination folder. The important thing is that you realize that it is super easy!

Alex Staveley06/04/12
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Book Review: 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

The book contains 97 articles published by a range of software professional expressing their views on various aspects of software architecture. Many of the articles are not very technical in nature

Evgeny Goldin06/04/12
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Get TeamCity Artifacts Using HTTP, Ant, Gradle and Maven

In how many ways can you retrieve TeamCity artifacts? I say plenty to choose from! If you’re in a world of Java build tools then you can use plain HTTP request, Ant + Ivy, Gradle and Maven to download and use binaries produced by TeamCity build configurations. How? Read on.

Taylor Cowan06/04/12
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Running Java App Jena in Azure Cloud: Part 1

This article will show you how to deploy Tomcat with a simple Jena application that loads rdf from public endpoints, and allows us to query the loaded data.