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Florian Adler05/04/12
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RESTication of Openxava App and Vaadin Client

The purpose of this article is to provide REST interface for Openxava (OX) application. It shows how to integrate the jersey engine into the OX build and extend the JPA2 entities with JAXB and JAXRS annotations

Tom Jefferys05/04/12
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Apache Commons Lang StringUtils

So, thought it'd be good to talk about another Java library that I like. It's been around for a while and is not perhaps the most exciting library, but it is very very useful. I probably make use of it daily.

Joe Miller05/04/12
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Parallel Provisioning For Speeding up Vagrant

Joe Miller needed a simple mechanism to build native packages on the relevant platforms, ie: .deb's on debian and .rpm on redhat/centos. He ended up using a combination of Vagrant and some homegrown tools such as Bunchr.

Matt Vickery05/04/12
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Spring Integration - Payload Storage via Claim-check

The claim-check model offers configurable storage for message payloads. The advantage in using this Enterprise Integration pattern, compared against header enrichment, is that objects don't have to be packed into the header using a Header Enrichment technique.

Mitch Pronschinske05/04/12
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Video Walkthrough: Connecting Solr and Acquia Drupal Search

Continuing where the last screencast left off, this third tutorial shows how to install the Acquia Connector (Acquia is an enterprise Drupal SaaS), and then...

Mitch Pronschinske05/04/12
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Oracle v. Google - Verdict Will Arrive Monday

Late on Monday, the jury for the Oracle v. Google trial began deliberating on the first phase of the lawsuit - the copyright phase. This decision could have major implications for the software development world so we'll keep you updated on news surrounding the coming decision and let you know when the verdict arrives.

Mohamed Sanaulla05/03/12
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My First steps in Test Driven Development- A Win-Win Strategy

Agile practitioners talk about Test Driven Development(TDD), so do lot of developers who care about their code quality and workability.

Tom Jefferys05/03/12
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Useful SVN Commands

I have been increasingly using command line SVN these days. Find it's just a bit quicker and more reliable than the GUI clients I had been using. I've mainly written this for myself, as a quick reference for the commands I use most frequently

Howard Lewis Ship05/03/12
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Yet More Spock Magic: Mocks

Spock's built-in mock object capabilities are just a dream to use ... unlike other systems I've used, it doesn't get in your way, or force you to think backwards or inside out.

Dinuka Arseculeratne05/03/12
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Setting up JNDI with Jetty (Embedded)

I was running embedded Jetty on my development work-space saving some time on vicious cycle of compiling and deployment. I needed to set up JNDI in order to retrieve a connection pool for my database related activities.

Eric Genesky05/03/12
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Announcing Neo4j 1.8.M01

Lead Cypherologist Andrés Taylor has been cranking out work like Pablo Picasso with an empty museum. He shared some of his thoughts about the new Cypher grammar available in 1.8.M01 . . .

Eric Genesky05/03/12
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Check Out a New Interactive Neo4j Console - Rabbithole

A new Graph REPL using Heroku on Neo4j has been announced over at GitHub. For those of you who don't know, REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print Loop, and refers to a simple interactive top-level programming environment.

Mitch Pronschinske05/03/12
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Video Walkthrough: Faceted Search with Solr on Drupal 7

Picking up where part 1 left off, this screencast continues Nick Veenhof's screencast tutorial about setting up Solr on Drupal and running various features. ...

Giancarlo Frison05/03/12
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The Power of Apache Mina: Building Client Auth and Async Notifications

The application being discussed has to behave as follows: performs the client authentication, accomplishes request and response operations and forwards notifications asynchronously to the client. The Mina framework fulfills these needs because it was created to be as flexible and easy-fitting as possible in an array of case scenarios.

Geoffrey Papilion05/03/12
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Redunancy Planning - A Guide to What's Right for You

The general best practice is to add an additional element for each service tier, also know as N+1 redundancy. This approach is straight forward, but many people would actually be surprised by how often these schemes fail.