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Sasha Goldshtein06/22/12
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Doing Micro-Benchmarking Wrong for the Wrong Reasons

The worst performance optimization is one that is based on incorrect measurements; unfortunately, manual benchmarking often leads into this trap.

Shameer Ch06/22/12
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Welcome to OpenStack - An Introduction

Take a few minutes to get to know the completely open-sourced cloud platform from the OpenStack foundation.

Gordon Dickens06/22/12
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SpringSource Tool Suite FAQ

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs for Java & Spring application development. Spring has developed the Spring IDE plugin providing developers with Spring aware tooling for our projects.

Jay Fields06/22/12
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Clojure: name Function

The 'name' function is a clojure function that returns the string for a keyword, symbol, or string.

Marco Tedone06/22/12
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Measuring Your IT Ops - Part 1

An indispensable IT ops measurement is FALT, (Feature Average Lead Time). What kind of measure is this and why is it important?

Spike Morelli06/22/12
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Graphite-Web Puppet Module and Patch for Collectd’s RRD Support

If you’re running collectd chances are you’ve struggled or are struggling with the web frontend. The one shipped with collectd has some limitations and most people tend to use 3rd party solutions. Graphite has its own storage system called whisper, so here are some things elated to that.

James Sugrue06/22/12
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Seven Databases in Song

It's Friday, so why not take 2 minutes out of your day for this fun song, with the added advantage of learning about seven of the most popular databases available. Be warned though, it's pretty catchy!

Mitch Pronschinske06/22/12
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Poll: Which Programming Language Needs to Die?

Pretty simple question. Which programming language do you think is bad for the developer community while it's still being used? Or which language do you think has stuck around in the industry for too long?

Marco Tedone06/21/12
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The Importance of Measuring Your IT Operations

How could one tell if an IT organisation is working well? A simple measure could be to check the delivered business functionalities versus the requested ones;

Ravi Kalakota06/21/12
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A Primer on Big Data, Hadoop and "In-memory" Data Clouds

Treabytes, Petabyts, Exabytes, Zetabytes? The world of big data is getting bigger; take some time to learn about big data, hadoop, and "in-memory" data.

Ben O' Day06/21/12
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Managing ActiveMQ with JMX APIs

The APIs can easily be used to build a web or command line based tool to support remote ActiveMQ management features. That being said, all of these features are available via the JMX console itself and ActiveMQ does provide a web console to support some management/monitoring tasks.

Gordon Dickens06/21/12
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Spring 3.1 Environment Profiles

Spring 3.1 now includes support for the long awaited environment aware feature called profiles. Now we can activate profiles in our application, which allows us to define beans by deployment regions, such as “dev”, “qa”, “production”, “cloud”, etc.

Ofir Nachmani06/21/12
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Conspiracy Theory: The Amazon Outage

This is a follow up to a previous post first published in 2011 about Amazon's great cloud conspiracy - let us know what you think.

Carl Dea06/21/12
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JavaFX 2 GameTutorial Part 4

In this tutorial, I will briefly talk about sprites and how to handle collision detection. The spaceship will now have the ability to generate a force field to protect itself from enemies and asteroids.

Dustin Marx06/21/12
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Moving Beyond Core Hamcrest in JUnit

Although JUnit's inclusion of Hamcrest core matchers makes them easier to use if one only wants to use the core matchers, this inclusion can make use of the non-core matchers more difficult and is a well-known issue.