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Ravi Kalakota10/07/12
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Big Data Monitoring Meets a Little Android

The DataSift platform consumes, processes, filters, stores and streams terabytes upon terabytes of social data to businesses around the world. We in the Operations team needed to know of any problems as quickly as possible.

G. Andrew Duthie10/07/12
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Building Cloud Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps

In this post, I'm going to kick off a series in which I'll walk through the creation of a back-end service for a Windows 8 app. This first post will provide an overview of the series, and introduce a couple of potential technologies you can use to build your back-end services.

Geva Perry10/07/12
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The State of the Open Source Cloud

Zenoss polled more than 100,000 of their community members to determine the prevailing sentiments concerning open source cloud deployments, the perceived advantages and disadvantages of this technology as well as to gain insight into future open cloud deployments within IT departments.

Ravi Kalakota10/07/12
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Enterprise Data Architecture and Big Data

By treating big data as a “one-off” project, rather than an ongoing foundation that provides the context, environment, and capabilities to enable value creation and delivery to an organization, we might be sowing the destructive seeds for another crisis.

Max De Marzi10/07/12
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Hunting Trolls with Neo4j

When dealing with a large text dataset, most folks jump right into NLP and semantic analysis, it’s interesting to learn when that’s not such a good idea.

Bill Bejeck10/07/12
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Working Through Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce

Some time ago, I purchased Data-Intensive Processing with MapReduce by Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer. The book presents several key MapReduce algorithms, but in pseudo code format.

Moshe Kaplan10/07/12
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Amazon's SES Mailbox Simulator and Automation

Amazon's new SES Mailbox Simulator is great, allowing you to email to simulator addresses. Each address triggers a specific type of behavior: a successful acceptance, hard bounce, "out of office" auto responder, or complaints.

Mike Ensor10/07/12
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Testing Custom Exceptions With JUnit's ExpectedException and @Rule

Why test exception flows? Just like with all of your code, test coverage writes a contract between your code and the business functionality that the code is supposed to produce leaving you with a living documentation of the code along with the added ability to stress the functionality early and often.

Trisha Gee10/07/12
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Strangeloop Disruptor Workshop Materials

On Sunday I gave my very first workshop on the Disruptor. The aim was to give people some hands-on coding experience using the syntax.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/07/12
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Groovy Goodness: Using Implicit call() Method

In Groovy we can invoke an implicit call() method on a Groovy object. We can leave out the call method name and just use (). We can use meta programming to add an implementation for the call() method to a class.

Nicolas Frankel10/07/12
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PowerMock, Features and Use Cases

Even if you don’t like it, your job sometimes requires you to maintain legacy applications. It happened to me (fortunately rarely), and the first thing I look for before writing as much as a single character in a legacy codebase is a unit testing harness. Most of the time, I tend to focus on the code coverage of the part of the application I need to change, and try to improve it as much as possible, even in the total lack of unit tests.

Kief Morris10/07/12
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Quality + Simplicity - the Sweet Spot

There is a common belief in the software development world that a tradeoff exists between speed of delivery and quality, an idea Martin Fowler calls the Tradable Quality Hypothesis. It’s the idea that, in a pinch, you can speed up software delivery by not worrying so much about quality.

Donal Daly10/06/12
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The Big Data Analytics Landscape

Donal Daly takes a look at the landscape of big data analytics. Where is the field heading, and what's overhyped?

Claus Ibsen10/06/12
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Tons of Camel, ActiveMQ, HTML5

In case you missed the CamelOne Conference this year, all the presentations have been processed and made freely available on the CamelOne website.

Matt Raible10/06/12
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AppFuse News: GitHub, Hibernate Search and The Future

It's been a while since I've written anything about AppFuse, but since the project has had quite a bit of activity lately, now seems like a good time.