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Zemian Deng09/05/12
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How to Integrate TimeMachine Scheduler in Spring-Based Applications

One of the goals for TimeMachine Scheduler is to make use of POJO as friendly as possible so that we can integrate into any IoC container easily.

Martin Fowler09/05/12
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A Proof-of-Concept of BigQuery

Can Google’s new BigQuery service give customers Big Data analytic power without the need for expensive software or new infrastructure?

Brian Gracely09/04/12
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Thoughts from VMworld 2012 (San Francisco)

Now that the US event is over, I wanted to jot down some thoughts before they burn away like the San Francisco fog that greeted us each morning.

Leigh Shevchik09/04/12
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Improving Site Performance with YSlow

We spend a fair bit of time improving the performance of our application servers and databases, but truth be told 80% of a web request is spent working on the frontend.

Pedro Duque Vieira09/04/12
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Integrating JavaFX and Swing

I’ve just finished rewriting a component of my app that was using Swing and now is using JavaFX, I’ve ended up with a JavaFX component that integrates with the larger swing app. It is a large app and the rewrite took me a while, in the end everything worked fine and I’m glad I did it.

Vijay Narayanan09/04/12
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Getting Started With Reuse By Harvesting Existing Code

Many teams want to incrementally build a portfolio of reusable components so multiple projects can leverage them. This post will provide a list of potential areas to look for achieving systematic reuse – chances are that you have a few components in these areas already.

Arun Manivannan09/04/12
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Warming Up Your JVM - Superfast Production Servers and IDEs

A couple of months ago I was reading up on Complex Event Processing in Java and ways to achieve low latency. At the end of my hour long research I figured out that even if your application is well written and your methods run mostly in 0(log n) time, and you are using some bleeding edge hardware solutions, there is still some time consumed by the VM during its interpretation of the bytecode.

Dustin Marx09/04/12
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NetBeans 7.2: Generating (Introduce) Local Extensions

In this post, I look at another refactoring option introduced with NetBeans 7.2 that may be the most time-saving of them all: Introduce Local Extension.

Jens Schauder09/04/12
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My Code Reviews – the Technical Process

I’m doing more and more Code Reviews these days. In the beginning I had a hard time finding a useable workflow, which enabled me to review code somewhat efficient. By now have two different workflows which both work ok for me. Lets start with what didn’t work:

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis09/04/12
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Motor Progress Report

Motor, my async driver for MongoDB and Tornado, is now compatible with all the same CPython versions as Tornado: 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2!

Will Soprano09/04/12
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Geospatial Queries with MongoDB and Node.js

As I’m working on a new website on node.js with MongoDB (with mongoose), I’m just realizing how powerful is this combination. Just amazing.

Isaac Taylor09/04/12
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Android and Jenkins: Continuous Integration

By using Jenkins, it’s pretty easy to get a Continuous Integration server set up with an Android project. But before you dive into setting up the software itself, it’s very helpful to have some basic concepts on a few different types of software that you will run into.

Davy Suvee09/04/12
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8 Things I Like About Datomic

Presentation that highlights the various aspects that set Datomic apart from other types of noSQL databases.

Ted Vinke09/04/12
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Grails scaffolding: enums and i18n

Grails scaffolding feature is a great asset for quickly generating create/read/update/delete (CRUD) screens for your domain classes.

Raymond Camden09/04/12
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My Thoughts on Node.js and Express

Since I had plenty of data for my blog, I thought a simple blog viewer would be a good application to try building. Here are some random, scattered thoughts on what the process was like.