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Henrik Warne10/16/12
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Book Review: How Google Tests Software

When I found out about the book ”How Google Tests Software“, it didn’t take long until I had ordered a copy. I find it quite fascinating to read about how Google does things, whether it is about their development process, their infrastructure, their hiring process, or, in this case, how they test their software. I am a developer at heart, but I have worked for a few years as a tester, so testing is also dear to me.

Jens Schauder10/16/12
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Avoid Corner Cases

Sometimes the way you choose to implement affects the existence of boundaries. Take for example the Standard Code Retreat programming problem of Conways Game Of Life. Follow the link if you don’t know it, I’ll wait.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz10/16/12
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Where Do the Stack Traces Come From?

I believe that reading and understanding stack traces is an essential skill every programmer should posses in order to effectively troubleshoot problems with every JVM language. So may we start with a little quiz? Given the following piece of code, which methods will be present in the stack trace? foo(), bar() or maybe both?

Konrad Garus10/16/12
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Configuration Files in Clojure

I recently made a contribution to ghijira, a small tool written in Clojure for exporting issues from GitHub in JIRA-compatible format. One of the problems to solve there was loading configuration from file.

Allen Coin10/16/12
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Microsoft Releases Pricing Info for Surface Tablets, Taking Pre-Orders

Today Microsoft has released pricing information and hardware details for three of the Surface tablets.

Justin Bozonier10/16/12
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Thoughts on the Zero Defect Mentality of TDD

It was a normal day at work, myself and another co-worker were strongly and passionately arguing for the benefits of strict, pure, clean TDD against a couple of other equally passionate co-workers . . .

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz10/16/12
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SOA and Big Data

Read why SOA can be important in considerations around Big Data handling. It isn't only about getting all the data there and having slick algorithms.

Eric Minick10/16/12
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Release Manifests, Smart Deploys, and Recreating Environments

When I work with customers who have even moderately complex deployments, they rarely deploy just a single build at a time. Usually, a collection of builds, updates and configuration is released in some coordinated fashion. Release manifests help with that coordination.

Stoimen Popov10/15/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Dijkstra Shortest Path in a Graph

We must only answer the question is BFS the best algorithm that finds the shortest path between any two nodes of the graph?

Troy Hunt10/15/12
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Hacking is Child's Play: How My 3 Year Old Performed a SQL Injection w/ Havij

You know what really strikes me about a lot of the hacks we’ve seen lately? It just seems too easy. I mean we’re seeing a huge number of attacks (an unprecedented number, by some figures) and all too often the perpetrator is a kid. I don’t mean that in a relative sense to myself as I get older, I mean literally a child.

Jeff Dickey10/15/12
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Does Rails Scale?

First the short answer: Damn right it does.

Tharindu Mathew10/15/12
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Run Apache Hive on Windows in 6 Easy Steps

Running Hive on Windows can be a little tricky sometimes, but these six steps make it much simpler.

Justin Bozonier10/15/12
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How to Run Find/Replace on a JSON Object Graph

Today I had cause to implement a method for finding and replacing a value that appears at the end of a certain JSON path in an object graph. I couldn't find a pre-existing tool to do the dirty work, so I wrote it myself, and then wrote this article.

Filip Ekberg10/15/12
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Dealing with Code Complexity

Last week I discussed how we could join new projects efficiently. This week, we're going to see how we can actually find complex code in our applications.

Nick Jordan10/15/12
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Heroku vs. AWS Revisited

When I wrote about Heroku and Amazon Web Services a few months ago, it seemed both services were equally worthwhile in many respects. My rule of thumb was: small app – Heroku; large app – Amazon. Since then, a few events have caused me to reevaluate my position.