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Craig Dickson10/25/11
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Dead-Simple Deployment: Headache-Free Java Web Applications in the Cloud (YouTube)

This is the full presentation I gave at JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco on October 6th, including screencast versions of all demonstrations. Abstract

Antonio Goncalves10/25/11
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O Java EE 6 Application Servers, Where Art Thou?

Nearly two years ago (time flies), when Java EE 6 came out, I wrote a post about application servers where I did some micro benchmarking (basically, startup time). I had plenty of comments and recently I had many people asking for some updates.

Sam Farmer10/25/11
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Next release of ColdFusion has websockets, closures, enhanced security, REST and more

At Adobe MAX the ColdFusion team showed off some of the planned features in the next release code-named "Zeus". Highlights include:

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/11
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Video: "Super Fresh Code" - The Next Step in Continuous Delivery

Israel Gat of Cutter Consortium speaks with DZone on his two sessions at Agile 2011, one of which is about his new methodology for taking DevOps and Continuous...

David Fishman10/25/11
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Lucene Eurocon 2011: Presentation slides are now available

With a near doubling over the prior year, Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona 2011 came to a successful conclusion this past week, featuring over 40 presentations reflecting the breadth, depth, and ambition of open source Apache Lucene / Solr...

Giorgio Sironi10/25/11
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Getting started with Selenium 2

Selenium 2 features new Api and implementations which goes under the name of WebDriver. It's a simpler, faster, object-oriented Api that applies to modern web application testing problems. No more sending hexedecimal numbers into an element for writing text!

Jim Bird10/25/11
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Rolling Forward and other Deployment Myths

There is more and more writing on Devops lately, which is good and bad. There still remains a small core of thoughtful people that are worth listening to and learning from. There’s more and more marketing from vendors and consultants jumping on the...

Jakub Holý10/25/11
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Comparison of Eclipse 3.6 and IntelliJ IDEA 10.5: Pros and Cons

After having worked with Eclipse for over 5 years I’ve came to use IntelliJ IDEA intensively on a J2EE project in three months and took this as an opportunity to compare the two. You can’t really compare 5 years and 3 months but I still believe that it...

Niklas Schlimm10/25/11
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Threading stories: Why volatile matters

Many years ago when I learned Java (in 2000) I was not so concerned about multithreading. In particular I wasn't concerned about the volatile modifier. I don't know why, but I never had problems without volatile, so maybe I thought it could not be so...

Craig Dickson10/24/11
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Screencast: Amazon Elastic Beanstalk – Launching a new Application from the Web Console

 This screencast details the steps necessary to upload and launch your own Java Web Application on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk service.

Gordon Dickens10/24/11
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Unit Testing Spring with Mockito & PowerMock

I’ve updated my Spring Mockito Demo app that I demonstrate when teaching with a PowerMock of a final class with a static method.

Roger Hughes10/24/11
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Why Use PowerMock to Mock Private Methods?

So far I’ve written a couple of blogs on PowerMock covering some of what I think are its most useful features. Today’s blog takes a look at PowerMock’s ability to mock private methods. At first this struck me as a pretty useless idea. The PowerMock...

Mitch Pronschinske10/24/11
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Finding Out the Salary Averages for Application Release Professionals

I found an interesting survey by Nolio that is aimed at "Application Release Professionals".  The survey is ending in one week and Nolio claims that by participating, these types of professionals will find out whether or not they're being...

Mitch Pronschinske10/24/11
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Camp DevOps Roundup

Just one week after the DevOps Days event in Goteborg, Germany there's already reactions coming out of another DevOps conference that happened this past weekend in Chicago, IL.  This was the Camp DevOps conference, which featured a strong speaker list...

Mitch Pronschinske10/24/11
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How-To install Tomcat 7 and Solr on Centos 5.5

In this how-to we are presenting the steps you have to follow in order to install Tomcat 7 and Solr on a Centos 5.5 machine.  This tutorial was originally posted on TechSpry.com and the author is Gerasimos Athanasopoulos.