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Tim Spann10/18/12
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13 Links for Node.js Development on Windows with WebMatrix 2

Having found the excellent TOAD for MongoDB (and other NoSQL solutions), Windows is starting to be an okay development platform. Check out how you can use Node.js on Windows here.

Dustin Marx10/18/12
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JavaOne 2012: Introduction to Ceylon

It was stated that Ceylon design highly prizes readability and may, if necessary, require a little more verbosity, rather than rely on tricks, to preserve readability. One of the goals is to make Ceylon very readable to Java and C-style language developers.

Michael Heinrichs10/18/12
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JavaOne Material

At this year’s JavaOne, I did a session “JavaFX for Business Application Developers” and a BOF “Live-Coding BOF: Writing a Game with JavaFX”. This post provides the material.

Dinuka Arseculeratne10/18/12
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Enter the DROID World!!

Well quite frankly i'm late to the game, but here i am, getting my hands dirty(or wet or whatever you might call it) in the world of android. This post will focus on how to set up the android SDK, setting up ADT for eclipse as well as an introduction to the structure of a typical android project using an example. Lets get going (said in a robotic voice of course)...

Peter Pilgrim10/18/12
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JavaOne 2012 Report Part 1

I have to say, that this year the JavaOne conference was a blast, and not just because I presented three times. Java has moved forward, following the tagline from the 2011 conference, “Moving Java Forward”. This year’s tag line is on the tee-shirt was “Make The Future Java”, indeed.

Nishant Chandra10/18/12
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Exploring Apache Shiro

A session management implementation that is simple, scalable and works outside a web container. Indeed the APIs are simple and with a pluggable architecture, Apache Shiro is a powerful framework.

Esen Sagynov10/18/12
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How to Analyze Java Thread Dumps

When there is an obstacle with a Java based Web application's performance, we need to use thread dumps. If thread dumps feel complicated to you, this article may help you very much.

Eric Genesky10/18/12
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Java Collections API Enhancements: Thanks to Closures – Lambda Expressions

The Java Collections Framework is being enhanced in order to get the benefits out of the latest Java 8 Feature that is Closures.

Peter Lawrey10/18/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: String Intern Puzzle in Java 7 and 6

A String based puzzle for you. The following program prints "true" under Java 7 update 7, but uncomment the "test".length(); line, or run with Java 6 and it prints "false". Can you work out why?

Henri Bergius10/17/12
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The Internet as Your Application Blueprint

Even though the big promises of the SOA hype from the 2000s haven't happened, by now companies are using lots of services when building their web applications. Many sites integrate services like Google Analytics, Disqus, and Facebook Connect, and those services are also making their way to the server side

Jeremy Likness10/17/12
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So What's Your Take on the Surface?

What do you think about the recent announcements? What are your thoughts on features, specifications, and price points? How about all of the other manufacturers releasing their line of Windows 8 products?

Mick Knutson10/17/12
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Errors Starting Two Instances of Tomcat 6 on Windows Server

Today I was setting up a second tomcat instance on a single Windows machine and was not able to run two instances at the same time. The first instance started fine, but when I went to start a second instance the second server would not start.

Davy Suvee10/17/12
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Visualizing the Bikes of Boston

Last week, Hubway announced its Data Visualization Challenge. The goal of my visualization is to depict how bikers flow through the city of Boston.

Arthur Charpentier10/17/12
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Game Theory Fights Crime, Overkill Analytics, and More Data/Science Links of the Week

This week's links also take a look at the expiration date for knowledge, and how you can win the Nobel Prize for economics.

Eric Minick10/17/12
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Putting the Dev in DevOps: DevOps Days Rome Review

The theme for this conference was “Culture”. If DevOps is a “culture thing”, then surely we need to involve both Dev and Ops. The surprising part was that there did not seem to be anyone from the Dev side of things.