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Javier Manzano09/11/12
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How to Deploy node.js Apps to AWS from Mac OS X(I)

So, after watching how many projects have successfully gone up with amazon web services, I decided to deploy on it.

Kay Cichini09/11/12
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Monitor Blog Statistics with StatCounter & R

After implementing this script in your webpage or blog, you can download and inspect log-files with some short lines of code in R and inspect visitor activity.

Pedro Duque Vieira09/11/12
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Target Text on JavaFX UI Controls Through CSS

The following tip provides a very nice way to style text on UI controls, one which is not available on regular "Web HTML CSS".

Roger Hughes09/11/12
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Caching and @Cacheable

Caches are one of those really useful things that once you start using them you wonder how on earth you got along without them so, it seems a little strange that the guys at Spring only got around to adding a caching implementation to Spring core in version 3.1.

James Carr09/11/12
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Capistrano Deployment from Jenkins

Recently I had a challenge of getting capistrano deployments working from jenkins installed on a RHEL box. The problem seemed to be down to the fact that ssh-agent isn’t running for the daemon process that jenkins runs as for whatever reason and it is needed to do ssh agent forwarding (which is what I do so I can use the ssh key on the jenkins server to check code out from github on remote servers).

Enrico Maria Cr...09/11/12
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Architexa Review: Understand and Document Java Code Bases within Eclipse

People at Architexa have just released its Architexa tool for free to individuals and teams up to 3 members. Using their own slogan, Architexa is a tool "to understand and document Java code bases within Eclipse". At first it seems yet-another tool to generate UML diagrams from an existing code base (and it certainly is) but it has got other interesting features that differentiates it from its competitors. In fact, such tools have been around for a long time and some of them even enjoyed good adoption rates (think about Rational Rose).

Istvan Szegedi09/11/12
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Heroku and Cassandra

Cassandra.io is a hosted and managed Cassandra ring based on Apache Cassandra that is running on Heroku platform. It offers a number of client libraries from Java to Ruby to PHP (and Objective-C is in private beta as of writing this post) that makes it accessible via RESTful APIs.

Shannon Behrens09/11/12
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How Long Does it Take to Run "Hello World" in 5 Different Languages?

How long does it take to say "hello world" in your favorite language? Maybe its not one of the ones covered here but you probably know not to pick a language based on it's hello world benchmark.

Ola Bini09/11/12
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Passwords Are Terrible

I’ve been going through a rash of password resets and changes the last few days, and as such things always do, it set me thinking.

Marko Rodriguez09/10/12
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Structural Abstractions in Brains and Graphs

Neuroscience may foster a realization and appreciation of the various structural abstractions that exist within the graph.

Troy Hunt09/10/12
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10 Lessons for Uncultured Web Developers

Reading Troy Hunt's ten lessons will teach you to avoid committing a faux pas on the international level. As he says himself, "As with social discrimination, technology discrimination is frequently the product of ignorance; people often don’t understand the impact of their choices."

David Green09/10/12
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Pattern Oriented Programming

Ever since the “Gang of Four” book, everyone and their uncle is an expert in patterns. Software is all about patterns – the trouble is, it seems very little of note has happened in the intervening 20 years.

Mark Needham09/10/12
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Logstash Not Picking Up Some Files?

We’re using logstash to collect all the logs across the different machines that we use in various environments and had noticed that on some of the nodes log files which we’d told the logstash-client to track weren’t being collected.

Javier Manzano09/10/12
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Mastering Heroku App Deployments with Node.js

For the first two apps I decided to go with Heroku, and here I’m showing you some of the commands I’ve been using on the deployment to make it easier.

Juhani Lehtimaki09/10/12
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Roman Nurik on "Done + Discard"

On screens where users edit data users have multiple ways to leave the screen. Even one of my all time favourite apps, Tasks, suffer from this.