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Satish Ab10/17/12
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Learning Spring A Sample Invoice Application Using Various Tools

As part of learning Spring framework, I started making a simple invoice application using Spring Framework components . . .

Chris Shayan10/17/12
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A Better code

Normal 0 21 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Problem While we are implementing a method, we need to assert about various conditions and path flows of code. For instance, we would like to ensure the given parameters are all valid in...

Todd Merritt10/17/12
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Is Architecture Evaluation a Waste of Time and Money?

How many of us have worked at places where the concept of software architecture was ridiculed for wasting time and money? Even more ridiculous to them was the concept of evaluating software architecture. I think the next time that I am in this situation again, and I hope that I never am I will have to push for this methodology in the software development life cycle.

Rob Williams10/17/12
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Hot Deploy Still Hell

Tomcat has been around forever and hot deploy has never really worked. Found a hilarious thread with the two Hibernate cats laying out the reasons why, um, 6 years ago. Yes folks, this predates the iPhone.

Zac Gery10/16/12
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How to Combat Web Browsing Zombies

Websites such as Amazon, Apple, and Dell continuously work hard to keep a fresh appearance. They don't limit their designs to a single solution to grab a user's attention; they always make sure to double-tap.

Todd Merritt10/16/12
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Brief Intro to SOA and Web Services

Service oriented architecture is an architectural model for developing distributed systems across a network or the Internet. The main goal of this model is to create a collection of sub-systems to function as one unified system.

Allen Coin10/16/12
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MongoDB in Production [video]

Chris Harris and Alvin Richards present "MongoDB in Production." Chris Harris is European Solution Architect at 10gen and Alvin Richards is the Senior Director, Enterprise Engineering at 10gen.

Rodrigo De Castro10/16/12
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Software is the Art of Beautiful Solutions

The problem lies in environments where software is viewed only as a tool, where achieving a result is more important than anything else -- even if that result is totally shortsighted.

Partha Bhattacharjee10/16/12
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Practicing Code, Java, and Databases

Every once in a while, I put on some music, switch off distractions like my email and phone, and redo some basic programming. Things that I know and I have done a handful of times. The intent is to practice, get back to basics and gain some new insight.

Rob J Hyndman10/16/12
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An R Graph with Two Y-Axes

I’ve been asked how to do this sev­eral times, so I thought it might help to put an exam­ple online.

Eric Berg10/16/12
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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service: Singular Focus on the Customer

Focus on the customer is necessary to truly have an enterprise cloud. Think back to Mat Honan’s personal identity hack: part of the attack surface included Apple’s and Amazon’s customer support mechanisms that were in place on Mat’s accounts — which isn’t surprising.

Eric Gregory10/16/12
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Creating a Hello World Application for Windows Azure in Eclipse

The following steps show you how to create and deploy a basic JSP application to Windows Azure using the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java.

Zemian Deng10/16/12
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What's up with the JUnit and Hamcrest Dependencies?

It's awesome that JUnit is recognizing the usefulness of Hamcrest, because I use these two a lot. However, I find JUnit packaging of their dependencies odd, and can cause class loading problem if you are not careful.

Amit Saha10/16/12
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3 Tools for Making Your RaspberryPi Accessible

The problem here is having a public facing hostname/IP address for your Raspberry Pi. Luckly, you can use PageKite, Localtunnel, and showoff.io. Links included.

Henrik Warne10/16/12
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Book Review: How Google Tests Software

When I found out about the book ”How Google Tests Software“, it didn’t take long until I had ordered a copy. I find it quite fascinating to read about how Google does things, whether it is about their development process, their infrastructure, their hiring process, or, in this case, how they test their software. I am a developer at heart, but I have worked for a few years as a tester, so testing is also dear to me.