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Dustin Marx10/21/12
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JavaOne 2012: Getting Started with the NetBeans Platform

Wielenga began his presentation by talking about how desktop-based graphical tools are underrepresented at conferences and pointed out that it's unlikely that flight controller software will be run out of a browser anytime soon. With this as a backdrop, Wielenga proceeded to write a desktop application on the fly using the NetBeans Platform (NetBeans 7.2).

David Green10/21/12
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Knowledge vs Superstition

How much of what we do is based on sound understanding? And how often do we do things without really understanding why? Everything we do: from walking down the street to writing software – sometimes we understand why we do things, other times we follow superstition.

Geraint Jones10/21/12
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Testing Java using the Spock Framework

The testing framework Spock is a powerful DSL built on Groovy which enables easily writable and extremely readable tests which lends itself well to software development processes like TDD and BDD.

Cristian Chiovari10/20/12
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The Mediator Pattern

The pattern defines an object that encapsulates how a set of objects interact. It promotes loose coupling by keeping objects from referring to each other explicitly, and it lets you vary their interaction independently.

Eric Minick10/20/12
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DevOps Skills in Demand

I’ve fought the idea that DevOps is a job title, I’m nearly ready to concede defeat. Companies may not know exactly what DevOps is yet, but they know they want people with “DevOps” on their resumes.

Ben Kepes10/20/12
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Cloud Portability: What Happens When You Want to Leave?

We all spend a lot of time worrying about getting our organization to start using a cloud service, but what happens when we amass vast quantities of data on that service and want to shift?

Justin Bozonier10/20/12
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Message-Oriented Object Design and Machine Learning in JavaScript

This article will show how to use Message Oriented Object Design (not unlike Message Oriented Programming aka MOP or Actor Model) to model your user interface as an actor and handle some more complex processing while updating the user interface.

Andy Hawthorne10/20/12
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Setting Up MongoDB on a Mac

In this article I will describe how I got it set up and working on my Mac running OS X 10.8.2 and MAMP with PHP 5.2.17 and PHP 5.3.6.

Filip Ekberg10/20/12
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10 Questions about Surface

The Microsoft Surface is due to be released October 26, 2012 and this is less than 10 days from now. There’s been a lot of hype around this particular tablet and I’m very happy that the release date is in just 1½ weeks!

Rodrigo De Castro10/20/12
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The Startup vs. Big Company Mindset

Here's a discussion of the affect of different company sizes on innovation from someone working in a "huge" company.

Cristian Chiovari10/20/12
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The Memento Pattern

The Memento captures and externalizes an object’s internal state so that the object can later be restored to that state. Command can use Memento to maintain the state required for an undo operation. It lets you capture an object’s state so you can restore the object later.

Dustin Marx10/20/12
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JavaOne 2012: Griffon, Up Close and Personal

The presentation was "Griffon, Up Close and Personal" and the presenters were Ix-chel Ruiz (@ixchelruiz) and Andres Almiray (@aalmiray). Their presentation was largely editing Griffon/Groovy code and running Griffon scripts and commands and conversing about Griffon's features.

Konrad Garus10/20/12
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Careful with def in Clojure

Let’s start with a puzzle. Let’s create a little Leiningen project called careful.

Mark Needham10/19/12
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Environment Agnostic Machines and Applications

On my current project we’ve been setting up production and staging environments and Shodhan came up with the idea of making staging and production identical to the point that a machine wouldn’t even know what environment it was in.

Marko Rodriguez10/19/12
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Deploying the Aurelius Graph Cluster

The Aurelius Graph Cluster is a cluster of interoperable graph technologies that can be deployed on a multi-machine compute cluster. This post demonstrates how to set up the cluster on Amazon EC2 (a popular cloud service provider) with the following graph technologies.