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Jason Hull04/23/12
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Analyzing Search Results for Fun and Profit

The web manager and an marketing department should work together on addressing the positions of their site's search results for both user satisfaction, and promotion of the correct products that marketing wants to offer. There are useful tools out there for measuring the profitability of your search results.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/23/12
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SOA Patterns: Composite Front-End UI Pattern

When we try to think about service consumers, the obvious candidates are, of course, other services. Nevertheless there are other software components that interact with services e.g. legacy systems, Non-SOA external systems or reporting databases. The Composite Frontend pattern deals with yet another type of service consumer – the User interface.

Corey Goldberg04/23/12
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6 Command Line Tools for Linux Performance Monitoring

So you need to monitor a Linux system for performance metrics... CPU, Memory, Network, Disk, etc. Here are 6 of my favorite command line tools for monitoring a Linux system from the command line.

Dustin Marx04/22/12
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Deleting All .class Files with Groovy

When running simple Java tests either to learn how something works in Java or to build examples for my blog posts, I often store the examples in the same directory on my machine. I decided that I wanted to remove all the generated .class files from this directory.

Billy Sjöberg04/22/12
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Templating Web Services With Velocity Using Camel

When creating webservices a lot of people have objections against using JAXB for binding XML to objects. This may be because of performance reasons, allergy to generated code or simply a philosophical belief that you should not mix document centric services with an object oriented model.

Shai Almog04/22/12
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Cross Platform Beats Native When Done Right

Cross platform mobile development tools have come under fire as providing inferior results (admittedly this is often true) however it is not always true. However, its possible and easy to create superior cross platform applications that beat native application on functionality and even feel.

Ricardo Zuasti04/22/12
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Sometimes It's Easier to Just Write Your SQL

Object-relational mapping (in the JPA compliant sense) is so ubiquitous nowadays in the Java development scene, that we rarely question ourselves if we really need it, and if not using it may be a better option.

Jakub Holý04/22/12
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Groovy Grape: Troubleshooting Failed Download

If you use the Grape’s @Grab annotation to get dependencies for your Groovy scripts at runtime and their retrieval fails with the exception “General error during conversion: Error grabbing Grapes", here's how to troubleshoot the problem

Lukas Eder04/22/12
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Exciting Ideas in Java 8: Streams

Brian Goetz’s recent post on the State of the Lambda reveils exciting new ideas that are prone to be included in Java 8. One of them is the concept of “Streams” as opposed to “Collections”. Using the new Java 8 extension methods, the Iterable interface can be extended compatibly with a lot of “lazy” and “eager” methods for streaming behaviour:

Rob Terpilowski04/22/12
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Monitoring and Managing Java EE Applications with JMX

How to create MXBeans for monitoring the vitals of a Java EE application.

Rob Gordon04/21/12
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A Custom Property in Spring

What if you don’t want a property hard coded into a file – a clear text password for instance? Spring provides all the bits and pieces to write your own property replacement. Let me introduce my CustomPropertyConfigurer.

Lukas Eder04/21/12
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jDBI: A Simple Convenience Layer on Top of JDBC

I’m always looking out for similar tools like jOOQ, or at least tools that work in the same domain – the domain of database access abstraction. jDBI looks lovely. It provides simple solutions for what JDBC is lacking in general

Mitch Pronschinske04/21/12
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LWE 2.1 Adds Support for Drools + Crawler Scheduling

The Solr/Lucene development platform, Lucid Works Enterprise, just had a new release with the addition of crawler scheduling, Drools support, dynamic fields permitting schema free configuration, plus more...

Nicolas Frankel04/20/12
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Spring: Profiles or Not Profiles?

I’m a big user of Spring, and I must confess I didn’t follow all the latest additions of version 3.1. One such addition is the notion of profile.

Kristoffer Sjögren04/20/12
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Open Source Culture and Ideals

Watching the commercial software industry frenetically trying to make process work occasionally feels similar to watching tragicomedy. This constant struggle of trying to force their feet into these tailor-made development processes left and right: