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Konrad Garus10/20/12
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Careful with def in Clojure

Let’s start with a puzzle. Let’s create a little Leiningen project called careful.

Mark Needham10/19/12
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Environment Agnostic Machines and Applications

On my current project we’ve been setting up production and staging environments and Shodhan came up with the idea of making staging and production identical to the point that a machine wouldn’t even know what environment it was in.

Marko Rodriguez10/19/12
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Deploying the Aurelius Graph Cluster

The Aurelius Graph Cluster is a cluster of interoperable graph technologies that can be deployed on a multi-machine compute cluster. This post demonstrates how to set up the cluster on Amazon EC2 (a popular cloud service provider) with the following graph technologies.

Alex Soto10/19/12
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NoSQLUnit 0.5.0 released!

In the current release instead of supporting one new engine, I focused on implementing an embedded in-memory Redis engine based on Jedis.

Hirvesh Munogee10/19/12
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jQuery Kwicks - Sexy Sliding Panels And Navigational Interaction

Kwicks for jQuery is a plugin providing sexy sliding panels with an emphasis on navigational interaction.

Jeff Blankenburg10/19/12
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Surface RT vs. iPad: A Comparison

With the release of pricing and pre-orders for the new Surface RT devices I decided to put together a little comparison chart to contrast two equivalent models.

Cristian Chiovari10/19/12
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The State Pattern

The State pattern allows an object to alter its behavior when its internal state changes. It localizes state-specific behavior and partitions behavior for different states.

Konrad Malawski10/19/12
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Easily Cross-compile and Release Scala Projects With sbt

Ok, lets get over with it – Scala is not binary compatible between minor versions (Where by minor I mean: MAJOR.MINOR.UPDATE). This raises the obvious problem that users of your library may be spread among 2.9.2 and 2.10.0 for example. And while your library would work fine with any of those versions, you’ll need to recompile and republish it two times – for those users.

Nikita Salnikov...10/19/12
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Beware of the Cobra Effect when Increasing Heap Size

So how is Java heap size related with Colonial India and poisonous snakes? Bear with me and I’ll guide you through the analogy using a story from a real life as a reference.

Dustin Marx10/19/12
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JavaOne 2012: Up, Up, and Out: Scaling Software with Akka

Akka is used by many large companies to solve real problems. Akka is built to scare in many directions and to provide extreme flexibility. One of Akka's goals is to "manage system overload."

Allen Coin10/19/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #2

In case you missed it, we review the past week of goings-on in the realm of NoSQL, including new releases, new books, top NoSQL links, and upcoming events.

Eric Minick10/19/12
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Buliding a DevOps Toolchain

Here we will be taking a broader view of requirements, builds, deployments, provisioning, testing and monitoring.

Maximiliano Firtman10/19/12
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Why All Web Devs Need To Prepare Their Sites for IE10 and Windows 8

I will start with some bad news: you need to go and prepare your websites for IE10. Even if you have only a desktop-optimized website, you need to go and prepare it. And if you are thinking: “hey, this will not affect my mobile site because it’s just for tablets” you are wrong.

Esen Sagynov10/18/12
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Understanding JVM Internals, from Basic Structure to Java SE 7 Features

In this article I will explain how JVM works, its structure, how it executes Java bytecode, the order of execution, examples of common mistakes, and more . . .

Ben Wilcock10/18/12
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Implementing Entity Services using NoSQL – Part 2: Contract-First

It’s time to begin the coding of my SOA entity service with NoSQL project, and as promised I’m starting with the web service’s contract.