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Roger Jennings04/24/12
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How to Upgrade SkyDrive Account's Free Storage to Prevent Quota Reduction

The Windows Live team plans on reducing SkyDrive’s free storage quota from 25 GB to 7 GB on an unreported date. Here's how to avoid

Douglas Rathbone04/24/12
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The Line Between Insanity and Genius: Where Do You Draw Yours?

Lately, Douglas Rathbone has had a few moments of introspection which some may view as disturbing, and others may celebrate: the realization that a large part of his success and personality could easily be misconstrued as mental illness. So where do you draw the line between genius and insanity?

Mark Needham04/24/12
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Neo4J: Searching for Nodes by Name With Lucene Autocomplete

I’ve been graphing connections between ThoughtWorks people using neo4j and wanted to build auto complete functionality so I can search for the names of people in the graph. The solution I came up was to create a Lucene index with an entry for each node and a common property on each document in the index.

Spike Morelli04/24/12
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Will DevOps Steal Your Job?

It must have been at least five years ago, when Puppet was getting popular, that the author first ran into someone terrified of losing his job because of automation. However, what also history suggests is that resourceful and competent engineers will always have a job.

Andrei Solntsev04/24/12
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SoapUI Tests with Ant+Ivy

SoapUI is de-facto number 1 tool for testing SOA services. This article shows how to run SoapUI tests from Ant/Ivy script. It's useful for automated testing of your services.

Carl Dea04/23/12
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JavaFX 2 Game Tutorial Part 2

The game is called Atom Smasher where you generate atoms (spheres) that collide. You may freeze the game to add more atoms.

Billy Sjöberg04/23/12
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Bridging between JMS and RabbitMQ (AMQP) using Spring Integration

Although I know that RabbitMQ has the shovel plugin which can bridge between Rabbit instances I've yet not found a good plugin for JMS <-> AMQP forwarding. The first thing that came to my mind was to utilize a Spring Integration mediation as SI has excellent support for both JMS and Rabbit.

Mohamed Sanaulla04/23/12
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Book Review: Code Simplicity

Lot of the concepts explained in the book are put forth as science, but I don't agree. A lot still depends on the individual, they can be stated as guidelines but not something as concrete as Newtons Laws of Motion.

Florian Adler04/23/12
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SQL Select to Web Application in a Couple of Seconds

Maybe you are not aware but if you just know how to write one sql select statement, you're just couple of seconds from having an web application and couple of minutes from enjoying it as a Liferay portlet.

Tim O'brien04/23/12
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The OSS Projects You Depend on Take Security Seriously. Do You?

When we published our executive brief on security a few of you immediately reacted wondering if we were calling OSS insecure, we are not. OSS is both secure and increasingly awesome. What we’re trying to call attention to is the disconnect between OSS security and the ways in which it is consumed

Kai Wähner04/23/12
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When to use JavaFX 2 instead of HTML5 for a Rich Internet Application (RIA)?

These days, we are starting a new project for realizing a Rich Internet Application (RIA). One of the first questions is: Which technologies and frameworks shall we use? Find out some pros and cons for different approaches and situations.

Eric Genesky04/23/12
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Video: How Cloud Foundry Came to Be

Mark Lucovsky offers some insight into his past work as a developer for a couple big companies, and then provides in insightful history of how Cloud Foundry has changed over its life.

Muhammad Khojaye04/23/12
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Amazon EMR Tutorial: Running a Hadoop MapReduce Job Using Custom JAR

Learn how to develop a simple WordCount application in Java on Hadoop's MapReduce framework. Then, you'll upload it to Amazon S3 and create a MapReduce job flow via Amazon EMR.

Roger Jennings04/23/12
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Microsoft Codename “Data Transfer” and “Data Hub” May Not Be Ready for Big Data

Or even MediumData. Looks like both "Data Transfer" and "Data Hub" were having trouble with a simple Excel worksheet; Roger Jennings provides details.

Carey Flichel04/23/12
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Why Developers Keep Making Bad Technology Choices

Developers in charge of designing systems can be easily seduced into incorporating technologies that don’t provide a clear benefit over simpler solutions that aren’t as modern or hip. The author has identified a few reasons why this may happen...