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Eren Avşaroğulları08/06/12
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Java Executor Service Types

The ExecutorService feature came with Java 5. It extends the Executor interface and provides a thread pool feature to execute asynchronous short tasks. There are five ways to execute the tasks asyncronously by using the ExecutorService interface provided Java 6.

Tim Spann08/05/12
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The Mongo DB Migration Linksheet!

Here's a wealth of links categorized and vetted to get you started on your MongoDB migration journey...

Ben Wootton08/05/12
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How Maven Enforces Good Habits!

One of the biggest leaps forward in my productivity and enjoyment, as a developer was when I learned about and adopted Maven for my Java projects.

Istvan Szegedi08/05/12
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Scala and Hadoop: Hand in Hand at Twitter

Given the fact the Scala is a programming language that combines objective oriented and functional progarmming and runs on JVM, it is a fairly natural evolution to introduce Scala in Hadoop environment.

Paul Hammant08/05/12
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App-Help on the Cheap

Say you have a web application with signed up end-users, or business clients with a subset of their employees as users. You're going to want to have a help system.

Chris Kelly08/05/12
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How New Relic Designs for DevOps

Every employee at New Relic is behind our build, measure, iterate cycle and operations is at the center for this process.

Peter Pilgrim08/05/12
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ScalaFX – Some Workarounds for SBT Issues

ScalaFX build does not work out of the box with SBT. Here is a little bit of extra help if you are new to ScalaFX, Scala and SBT; and are attempting to build the project yourself.

Eric Silva08/05/12
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Application Level Logging in OpenShift

Using the Apache Commons Logging API allows the logging implementation to be abstracted away from the application; resulting in application logging code that can be reused even if the logging implementation changes.

Gareth Llewellyn08/05/12
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I Build High Availability Platforms, So the Cloud is Not for Me

Now Cloud is synonymous with computing platforms that offer high availability, scalability and are resilient but the truth of the matter is that there aren’t.

Michael Mainguy08/05/12
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Effectively Communicating Software Requirements - Part 1

The most important factor that contributes to a successful software project is ensuring that the development staff has a good understanding of the requirements. Incorrect requirements almost guarantee incorrect software behavior.

Will Soprano08/05/12
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Spring Data Neo4j Webinar Follow up

Spring Data Neo4j is a reflection of a graph's nature: they are able to work and play well with other systems, while making it easy to make sense of connected data.

Rick Copeland08/05/12
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Gevent, Greenlets, and Python

Continuing on in my series on Gevent and Python, this article gets down into practical details, showing you how to install Gevent and get started with basic Greenlet operations.

Pierre - Hugues...08/05/12
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Oracle Service Bus – Stuck Thread Case Study

This case study describes the complete root cause analysis process of a stuck thread problem experienced with Oracle Service Bus 11g running on AIX 6.1 and IBM Java VM 1.6.

Chris Haddad08/05/12
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A Comparison of Red Hat Enterprise Middleware to Cloud-Native Middleware

The Red Hat team defines the Red Hat Enterprise Middleware platform as spanning the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. . .

Eric Genesky08/05/12
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Pragmatic Visualization from the US Government Data Service

Check out a few cool visualizations of data published by the Government Data Service detailing transaction stats from across central government departments.