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Allen Coin09/17/12
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Patterns for key-value stores in Redis

This lecture will look at the patterns that apply to all key-value stores, and patterns for more advanced Redis databases.

Allen Coin09/17/12
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Cypher and Neo4j

Webinar discussing Cypher and Neo4j.

Eric Gregory09/17/12
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Ask DZ: What You Wish You Had Known 2 Years Ago

What is one piece of coding advice that you wish you could pass on to the 2010 version of you? Is there a language you wish you'd known, or a line of code that would've made your life simpler?

James Sugrue09/17/12
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Would You Trust a Java to Objective-C Translator for Your iOS Apps?

Google announced the release of J2ObjC last week, an open source project which takes your Java source and converts it to Objective-C for an iOS application. Is this the type of code generation that you'd trust?

Nicolas Frankel09/16/12
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Web Services: JAX-WS vs Spring

In my endless search for the best way to develop applications, I’ve recently been interested in web services in general and contract-first in particular. Web services are coined contract-first when the WSDL is designed in the first place and classes are generated from it. They are acknowledged to be the most interoperable of web services, since the WSDL is agnostic from the underlying technology.

Matthias Marschall09/16/12
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Devops Protocols

We all know that protocols are an essential building block of our craft. So why not apply the ‘protocol’ idea to Devops? Let’s try and see how the idea of protocols can help us improve the adoption of a Devops culture.

Mitch Pronschinske09/16/12
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DZone Interviews Jenkins Creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi

In conjunction with the release of our incredibly awesome Jenkins on PaaS Refcard, we decided to have another interview with a big hero in the Java community. Kohsuke Kawaguchi! Creator of Hudson/Jenkins.

Mehdi Daoudi09/16/12
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Why We Expect Fast Websites: The Drooling Dog and You (Part I)

End users now expect fast websites and will abandon yours if it is perceived to be slow.

Gil Fink09/16/12
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Back to Basics – Using Keyboard Events in JavaScript

A few months ago I was implementing a POC for a customer and was in a need for reading keyboard presses through JavaScript. I was asked the same question today so I guess that means a post.

Marko Rodriguez09/16/12
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Graph Degree Distributions Using R Over Hadoop

How to express the computation of two fundamental graph statistics — each as a graph traversal and as a MapReduce algorithm.

Dejan Bosanac09/16/12
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Wire Format Negotiation Timeout and LOG4J JMS Appender FAQs

Resources for dealing with wire format negotiation timeouts caused by log4j jms appender misconfigurations.

Christian Posta09/16/12
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Backing Spring Integration Routes with ActiveMQ

How do you use the ActiveMQ message broker to back your Spring Integration routes with JMS?

Christophe Geers09/16/12
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Getting Started With GitHub On Windows

GitHub is constantly growing in popularity as a source control and project management system. If you are running a Windows system, you will be happy to find out that you can use GitHub natively on the box.

Mike Ensor09/16/12
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Allowing JUnit Tests to Pass Test Case on Failures

There comes a time when one would want and expect a JUnit @Test case fail. Though this is pretty rare, it happens. I had the need to detect when a JUnit Test fails and then, if expected, to pass instead of fail. The specific case was that I was testing a piece of code that could throw an Assert error inside of a call of the object

Jakub Holý09/16/12
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Help, My Code Isn't Testable! Do I Need to Fix the Design?

Our code is often untestable because there is no easy way to “sense” the results in a good way and because the code depends on external data/functionality without making it possible to replace or modify these during a test (it’s missing a seam2, i.e. a place where the behavior of the code can be changed without modifying the code itself). In such cases the best thing to do is to fix the design to make the code testable instead of trying to write a brittle and slow integration test. Let’s see an example of such code and how to fix it.