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Alex Soto09/28/12
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Testing the Client Side of RESTful Services (Without Using Mocks)

As a brief description, to test the client side, what we need is a local server which can return recorded JSON responses.

Nick Haslam09/28/12
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Playing Around with SQLIO for Testing an IO Subsystem

The SQLIO Analyser, created by David Klee, is amazing. It allows you to run the SQLIO package (a preconfigured one is available on the site) and submit the results.

Jez Humble09/28/12
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John Allspaw Discusses DevOps and Continuous Delivery

John Allspaw is the SVP of Tech Operations at Etsy, and is the author of The Art of Capacity Planning and Web Operations published by O’Reilly.

Rodrigo De Castro09/27/12
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CouchDB and Conflict Resolution

The interesting part about the active-active is how conflicts are resolved. Rather than just showing that there's a conflict, all CouchDB servers have a consistent view of the world, even after conflicts. How does it do it?

Mark Hinkle09/27/12
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High Performance Computing and CloudStack

I was asked the other day what was the connection between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Clouds, so I thought I would try to post an answer here. Let's first talk a little bit about HPC.

Arthur Charpentier09/27/12
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Bounding Sums of Random Variables: Part 1

Let's explore the problem of bounding the distribution (or some risk measure, say the Value-at-Risk) for two random variables with given marginal distribution.

Filip Ekberg09/27/12
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Let's Write Better Software

If consumers want to buy new phones every second year, why should vendors make phones that work for more than two years? This has gone too far, and I’m not just talking about mobile phones, but technology in general.

Tim O'brien09/27/12
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That’s Billion with a B: Is Java Having an "Outlook" Moment?

I’m a broken record, I know, but every month that goes by we get more and more news that suggests that Java developers (and the companies that support Java) are slow to wake up to these threats.

Jakub Holý09/27/12
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The Best Code I Have Ever Written Is The Code I Never Wrote

The best code I have ever written is the code I never wrote. It works exactly as intended. There are no bugs, ever. It doesn’t increase complexity of the application.

Slim Ouertani09/27/12
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XML/RPC driver as JCA Scala connector

The Java EE Connector architecture defines a standard architecture for connecting the Java EE platform to heterogeneous EISs. This article presents an XML/RPC adapter using a Scala JCA outbound connector to an IN/AIR legacy system.

Hubert Klein Ikkink09/27/12
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Google Guava Goodness: Converting Between ASCII Case Conventions

The Google Guava libraries contains useful utility classes and methods. If we want to convert between ASCII case conventions we can use the CaseFormat class. The class defines constants for upper and lower case CamelCase, upper and lower case hyphenated and upper case underscore. This means we can convert UPPER_VALUE to upper-value with a simple line of code.

Markus Eisele09/27/12
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Running RichFaces on WebLogic 12c

If you want to get started with any of the JBoss technologies it is a good idea to check with the JBoss Developer Framework first. That is a nice collection of different examples and quickstarts to get you started on Java EE and it's technologies.

Jerry Nixon09/27/12
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What Web Developers Need to Know about IE10 Compatibility

New browsers introduce new ways of thinking. IE10 is no different. There are compatibility concerns to make your site look awesome everywhere. So where do you start to learn about this stuff? How about right here!

Matt Vickery09/27/12
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Agile Message Management with C24 and MongoDB

This article presents a natural combination of C24 iO Studio and MongoDB. These two technologies form a powerful toolset that has underpinned agile software delivery for several significant enterprise applications that required non-trivial messaging and data storage capability.

Jacob Orshalick09/27/12
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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore DevOps

If you haven’t started looking at DevOps in your organization, I highly recommend you do. Not only will it keep you competitive, but it may be the key factor to differentiating your organization from the rest of the market.