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Billy Sjöberg06/03/12
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Camel and HornetQ as JMS provider

In my current project we're utilizing JBoss HornetQ as the messaging bus, and I wanted to try out how Camel could connect to it. My intention was to have the HornetQ instance running externally from the Camel application and connect to it. Here's what happened...

Douglas Rathbone06/03/12
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Another Look at Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment

I’ve spoken to a lot of people about Continuous Delivery/Deployment over the years and a lot of the time i hear that the amount of time that it takes to implement it into a project is a cost their managers are simply not willing to allow them to incur. This is ludicrous.

Gaurav Mantri06/03/12
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Comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage

At a high level, both of these systems provide similar functionality; this is an in-depth comparison that describes many of the subtle differences.

Nikita Salnikov...06/03/12
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Limiting Your Trials - by Time or by Features?

The sad truth is that nobody buys software solely based on a slick sales pitch. Everybody wants to get their hands on the piece of software first to find out whether they like it or not.

Ken Rimple06/03/12
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Spock and Roo: Easier Add-on Testing, Part 2

Spock mocks are similar to EasyMock, in that we then detail our assertions of what should happen before the test runs. In fact, based on a really interesting thread I found, if you put any mocking assertions in the when: part of a Spock test, it moves them to the setup: block.

Eren Avşaroğulları06/03/12
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Dynamic Property Management in Spring

Static and Dynamic Properties are very important for both operational management and changing the behavior of the system at the production level. This article shows how to manage dynamic properties in Spring Applications by using Quartz.

Gerard Davison06/03/12
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Ignoring the Return Value of a Command in Hudson/Jenkins sh Task

I was was trying to run pylint and nosetest running on a Jenkins instance; but these python commands tend to return a non zero status code if they see a non zero return code.

Vijay Narayanan06/03/12
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Client Integration Mini-Checklist for Services

Working with clients who are consuming your services? Here is a mini-checklist of questions to ask:

Craig Dickson06/03/12
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Free Webinar - Amazon Web Services for Java Developers (June 7)

Craig Dickson will be giving a 1-hour webinar on June 7th to introduce an upcoming course at the University of California.

Mitch Pronschinske06/03/12
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Indexing Big Data on AWS with Solr

Scott Stults of OpenSource Connections shows how you can build a scalable search platform capable of enlisting hundreds of worker nodes to ingest data, track their progress, and relinquish them back to the cloud when the job is done.

James Betteley06/03/12
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Upgrading Gradle

Upgrading to the latest verison of Gradle (or “Upgradling” as my colleague just called it) is fairly easy. But if you think there’s some simple gradle command to do it, then you’d be wrong. It’s basically the same as upgrading ant.

Mitch Pronschinske06/02/12
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The Search Is Over: Integrating Solr and Hadoop in the Same Cluster to Simplify Big Data Analytics

Companies like DataStax and MapR have found a significant demand for having technologies like Hadoop and Solr easily deployable in one cluster. Jack Norris of MapR talks about this strategy in this video.

Jessica Thornsby06/02/12
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Advanced Subversion Polling with Jenkins: File Fingerprints

In this follow-up post, we’ll explore some advanced options you can introduce once you’ve implemented the basic polling system. This post will show you how to configure Jenkins to automatically track versioned files using ‘file fingerprinting.’

Matt Vickery06/02/12
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Spring Integration - Robust Splitter Aggregator

This article will take the splitter aggregator pattern with the ability to manage exception conditions within a flow without immediately returning to the caller and implement it in Spring Integration.

Rob Galanakis06/02/12
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Someone Has a Hat to Eat

The opinion of one of your peers on the topic of getting burnt out, trying to keep going, and maintaining your identity as a programmer.