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Greg Duncan08/10/12
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Set Up a Minecraft Server in Azure VM

My son’s latest addiction is the game Minecraft, a single or multiplayer game that has a client-server architecture to it, millions of users, a newly released version (as of last week), and a vibrant community.

Aurelien Broszn...08/10/12
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Configure a Nonstop Cache Programmatically in Ehcache

Here’s how to configure programmatically a nonstop cache in Ehcache (this one is clustered, connecting to terracotta running on localhost):

Ricky Ho08/10/12
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Machine Learning: Measuring Similarity and Distance

Ricky Ho offers a lesson on measuring similarity or distance between data points, as well as comparing collections of data points.

Eric Genesky08/10/12
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Big Data: Olympics Swimming Lap Charts

Here are some cool visualizations of data from the olympics originally published in the New York Times. Tony Hirst offers his insights.

Swizec Teller08/09/12
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Making StatsD Talk Directly to a Browser

Your architecture now has a central service that collects all of your metrics, then pushes them to appropriate software, that doesn’t need to handle too much traffic and is guaranteed data will come from a single source in a sanitized format.

Anders Karlsson08/09/12
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MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) - Some Background and Some More Tests

You might have seen my attempts at testing MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) (here and here), i.e. used like MongoDB, and I have had some comments to those.

Prabath Siriwardena08/09/12
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OAuth 2.0 Playground with WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server adds OAuth 2.0 support from it's very next release. Hopefully by the end of this August. OAuth Core specification supports four grant types.

Martin Thompson08/09/12
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Memory Access Patterns Are Important

In high-performance computing it is often said that the cost of a cache-miss is the largest performance penalty for an algorithm. For many years the increase in speed of our processors has greatly outstripped latency gains to main-memory.

Mark Needham08/09/12
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Puppet: Keeping the Discipline

For the last 5 weeks or so I’ve been working with puppet every day to automate the configuration of various nodes in our stack and my most interesting observation so far is that you really need to keep your discipline when doing this type of work.

Ben Kepes08/09/12
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On Cloud Outages (Yeah, They Happen)

Here are some thoughts on the various things providers should learn from outages: multi-site, multi-provider, and automaticity.

Gordon Dickens08/09/12
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Enterprise Spring Framework Best Practices – Part 3 – XML Config

The best thing about Spring is that there are several ways to solve a problem. The worst thing about Spring is that there are several ways to solve a problem!

Jens Schauder08/09/12
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Named Parameters in Java

While Java doesn't have a named parameters feature, we can trick Java into actually helping us if we are willing to invest in some extra typing

Trisha Gee08/09/12
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On The Evil Of Stereotypes

Thinking in stereotypes can be damaging to everyone. Gender stereotypes in both directions are so sweeping they are unhelpful, you can't categorise fully half of the world's population as one thing or another.

Anders Abel08/09/12
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Why Bad Programmers Still Get Hired

If some programmers really are 10 times more productive than others, how come those other programmers get hired and keep their jobs?

Esther Derby 08/08/12
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Estimating Is Often Helpful. Estimates Often Aren't.

Estimating helps when the process of estimating builds shared understanding among the people who want the work done and the people doing the work.