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Eric Minick09/24/12
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Releases Should be Boring

If you are throwing release parties, or just relieved every time the release doesn’t go wrong, it’s probably time to look into DevOps techniques and automating your releases. It’s not like the business is going to want to slow down the pace.

Ben Kepes09/24/12
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End User Computing: Central Control or Distributed Safety?--Bromium’s Novel Play

The new products, Horizon Suite, View and Wanova are designed to do a couple of different things, according to the release.

Nicolas Frankel09/24/12
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Why I Enrolled in an Online Scala Course

When I heard that the Coursera online platform offered free Scala courses, I jumped at the opportunity. Here are some reasons why.

Steve Francia09/24/12
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6 Tips For Protecting IP on Your Blog

According to a criminal lawyer at an Orlando based firm that we spoke to, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your intellectual property is protected. Here’s what you can do:

John Esposito09/24/12
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NEW VisualVM Refcard! + Additional Resources

We hope you're enjoying this week's Refcard on VisualVM! In fact, the card's most excellent author, Mick Knutson, jam-packed so much useful information that the card just couldn't fit all the VisualRM resources he wants to share with you. So here's a hat-tip to Mick's impressive knowledge-base, and a little supplement to the VisualVM Refcard. Check out these additional resources and dive deeper into your JVM!

Markus Eisele09/23/12
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Oracle and Maven - a Love Story Out of the Ordinary

It is weekend. Not my typical time for publishing blog-posts. I tend to write them but publishing is done during the week. This might be a different kind of post because I read the Javalobby post about "Oracle and Maven" this morning and I was wondering if that is actually what everybody thinks out there.

Ioannis Canellos09/23/12
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A Command Line Interface for JClouds

So this post is an introduction to the new jclouds cli, which comes in two flavors: (1) Interactive mode (shell) and (2) Non interactive mode (cli).

Zemian Deng09/23/12
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Building a Message Based Application Using Camel

This is a long article that contains three separate topics: Getting started with Apache Camel with Java, improving startup of routes with a CamelRunner and building message based application using Camel

Arun Manivannan09/23/12
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A Lazy Developers Introduction to Java Concurrency Executors

I would make a fool out of myself if I tell you that util.concurrent APIs kicks cheetah’s ass when the classes are available since 2004. However, there are some cool features which I would like to revisit. Concurrency experts, now is the time for you to close this window. All others, stay tight for the fun ride.

Alex Staveley09/23/12
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Is Java Dead or Invincible?

George Orwell once said: "Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible". But is Java invincible or beginning to die? That's the question being asked more and more now.

Bozhidar Bozhanov09/23/12
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Do Programmers Get Bored?

Programming has another feature – it has to be practical, to serve a business purpose. That’s why many programmers tend to do the same thing over and over again

Luis Atencio09/23/12
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Streamline Project Creation with Maven Archetypes

Conceptually, an archetype is like a mold or template for an entity. In our case, an archetype is a template for a software project. You can create archetypes for projects in any platform: Java, python, PHP, etc.

Nikita Salnikov...09/23/12
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Who is Stealing Your Memory? (Application Servers Edition)

You just don't have enough memory available. Could your application server be the greedy bastard consuming all your precious memory?

Shelan Perera09/23/12
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Create a Proxy in WSO2 ESB Using Admin Services

Using an admin service to create a proxy in WSO2 ESB -- without using UI.

Nikita Ivanov09/23/12
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In-Memory Data Grids Put NoSQL to Shame When You Look at the Majority of Customers

We had this discussion in the office another day and I couldn’t figure out why popular NoSQL products like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, etc. are generally years behind on some of the core scalability and performance technologies behind established In-Memory Data Grid vendors