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Gareth Rushgrove09/29/12
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The Vagrantbox.es Story

If you’re building a community project that’s aimed at developers, then throw the content on GitHub. In my case I have the entire site on there too but I think that’s secondary.

Rodrigo De Castro09/28/12
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MongoDB: Replication Lag, Network Partition

Replication: when everything is working, it seems the easiest thing, but the challenge comes when we have failures. This is something that MongoDB, being a database that is out for some years, shows us very well.

Ben Kepes09/28/12
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Mimecast Raises Squillions to Do Something Boring (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

Let’s face it: the technologies that constitute the underpinning of what we do online are boring – but they allow our world to function, and perhaps that's more important than the latest app to allow filters to be used with little square pictures.

Gal Levinsky09/28/12
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DAO Layer - Generics to the Rescue

Generics can be a powerful tool to create reusable code with the power of compile time verification (type safety..). Unfortunately I feel the main stream developers still afraid of it.

Juhani Lehtimaki09/28/12
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Next Version of Android Tools Will Allow User Created Templates

The upcoming version of Android tooling will allow users to create templates. This opens doors to whole new kind of Android open source projects providing application and activity templates to help developers get started with projects much faster.

Paul Fremantle09/28/12
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Synapse and WSO2 ESB Myths

There are a few myths about Synapse and the WSO2 ESB I'd like to address. Its amazing they still come up.

Carlos Sanchez09/28/12
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Puppet Module for Maven Repository Artifact Downloads

This is a guest post I wrote in the Puppetlabs blog for their Module of the Week program about the MaestroDev/maven module we created.

Alex Soto09/28/12
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Testing the Client Side of RESTful Services (Without Using Mocks)

As a brief description, to test the client side, what we need is a local server which can return recorded JSON responses.

Nick Haslam09/28/12
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Playing Around with SQLIO for Testing an IO Subsystem

The SQLIO Analyser, created by David Klee, is amazing. It allows you to run the SQLIO package (a preconfigured one is available on the site) and submit the results.

Jez Humble09/28/12
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John Allspaw Discusses DevOps and Continuous Delivery

John Allspaw is the SVP of Tech Operations at Etsy, and is the author of The Art of Capacity Planning and Web Operations published by O’Reilly.

Rodrigo De Castro09/27/12
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CouchDB and Conflict Resolution

The interesting part about the active-active is how conflicts are resolved. Rather than just showing that there's a conflict, all CouchDB servers have a consistent view of the world, even after conflicts. How does it do it?

Mark Hinkle09/27/12
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High Performance Computing and CloudStack

I was asked the other day what was the connection between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Clouds, so I thought I would try to post an answer here. Let's first talk a little bit about HPC.

Arthur Charpentier09/27/12
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Bounding Sums of Random Variables: Part 1

Let's explore the problem of bounding the distribution (or some risk measure, say the Value-at-Risk) for two random variables with given marginal distribution.

Filip Ekberg09/27/12
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Let's Write Better Software

If consumers want to buy new phones every second year, why should vendors make phones that work for more than two years? This has gone too far, and I’m not just talking about mobile phones, but technology in general.

Tim O'brien09/27/12
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That’s Billion with a B: Is Java Having an "Outlook" Moment?

I’m a broken record, I know, but every month that goes by we get more and more news that suggests that Java developers (and the companies that support Java) are slow to wake up to these threats.