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David Pollak11/06/12
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Verifiable Electronic Voting is Easy as Prime

Last night Hilary Mason posted about some “software upgrades to e-voting machines” in Ohio. That set me off thinking about how we could have verifiable e-voting machines, and I realized there's a very simple way to do this.

Mitch Pronschinske11/06/12
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Deployment: A Bottleneck No More

There's no magic tool that will completely solve organizational woes, but it would be crazy to deny that some tools make things a lot easier.

Tony Siciliani11/06/12
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Bluetooth Data Transfer with Android

How to use the Bluetooth default component within an Android application to do wireless data transfers as a simpler alternative to thread and sockets programming.

Krishna Prasad11/06/12
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Claimcheck Pattern with vFabric RabbitMQ and Gemfire

In continuation to my earlier blog on Claimcheck Pattern in this blog I use AMQP backed message channel to simplify implement Claimcheck Pattern.

Stoimen Popov11/06/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Minimum Spanning Tree

Here’s a classical task on graphs. We have a group of cities and we must wire them to provide them all with electricity. Out of all possible connections we can make, which one is using minimum amount of wire.

Roger Hughes11/06/12
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Implementing Continuous Delivery is Easy... Isn't It?

To my way of thinking, if you continually work weekends and late nights and suffer stress and cancelled holidays, so that you can painfully and manually push your app in to the production environment, then there’s something very wrong with your development process.

Roger Hughes11/06/12
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Investigating Deadlocks – Part 4: Fixing the Code

In the last in this short series of blogs in which I’ve been talking about analysing deadlocks, I’m going to fix my BadTransferOperation code.

Mitch Pronschinske11/06/12
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Why Page Speed Isn't Enough

Hear Tim Morrow tell the story of how making Betfair's site faster for most customers actually made it 3x slower for their biggest customers. Truly, you get what you measure.

Stephen Chin11/06/12
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What You Have Been Missing on the NightHacking Tour…

If you haven’t been watching the live stream of the NightHacking Tour, you have been missing out on a lot of geeky fun.

Steve Chaloner11/06/12
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Functional Tests in Play! 2 with REST-assured

In the Play! documentation, several flavours of functional testing are mentioned, including starting a HTTP server for the duration of the test – this is very useful for testing web services.

James Sugrue11/05/12
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More Focussed Debugging Now Available With Chronon 3

Already regarded as one of the more innovative ways to debug problems in your production applications, Chronon has raised the bar with their latest release

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/05/12
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Gradle Goodness: Task Output Annotations Create Directory Automatically

One of the great features of Gradle is incremental build support. With incremental build support a task is only executed if it is really necessary. For example if a task generates files and the files have not changed than Gradle can skip the task. This speeds up the build process, which is good

Brian Gracely11/05/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 62: Nebula, OpenStack, and the OpenStack Foundation

Aaron and Brian talk with Jesse Andrews, Director Technology at Nebula and Member of OpenStack Board of Directors, about the evolution of OpenStack, building communities, competition for developers and productizing OpenStack.

Kin Lane11/05/12
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Your Website Needs an About.json -- Here's How to Build One

In this cloudy API-driven world, you'd think there would a simpler way to find company logos, blurbs, and basic information. I decided to create my own solution.

John Cook11/05/12
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Higher Moments of Normal Distribution

Sometimes a little bit of Python beats a Google search. Last week, for example, I needed to look up the moments of a normal distribution.