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Adam Warski07/23/12
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Generational Caching and Envers

The basic idea is that for cache keys you use some entity-specific string + version number. The version number increases whenever data changes, thus invalidating any old cache entries, and preventing stale data reads.

Josh Adell07/23/12
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Neo4j for PHP

Neo4j was originally built to be embedded in Java applications, and most of the documentation and examples are evidence of that. Unfortunately, there is no native PHP wrapper for talking to Neo4j. Luckily, Neo4j also has a built-in REST server and PHP is very good at consuming REST services. There's already a good Neo4j REST PHP library out there, but I decided to write my own to get a better understanding of how the REST interface actually works.

Vincent Partington07/23/12
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Scaling the Hybrid Cloud Horizontally

So what does a hybrid cloud actually mean? A hybrid cloud is a composition of a private cloud and public cloud. There are two types of scaling patterns when using a hybrid cloud: vertical and horizontal.

Nirav Assar07/23/12
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5 Ways to Think Wisely in Development

Recently I have been reading some popular and interesting social psychology books. The contents are based on empirical evidence and scientific research, and often provide stories about how society operates, and why people behave the way they do. Some of the books in this genre include: Freakonomics, The Tipping Point, Outliers and Kluge

Dalip Mahal07/23/12
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Debuggers are for Losers

Just as airbags are the last line of defense in a car, a debugger should be the last line of defense for a programmer.

Nicolas Frankel07/23/12
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Transaction management: EJB3 vs Spring

Transaction management is a subject that is generally left to the tender care of a senior developer (or architect). Given the messages coming from some actors of the JavaEE community that with newer versions of JavaEE you don't need Spring anymore, I was interested in some fact-checking on how transaction management was handled in both technologies.

Leigh Shevchik07/22/12
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Performance Linksheet for PHP, Java, .NET, Python and Ruby

We’re assembling some helpful performance tips and performance best practices from around the web and here's the list so far

Steven Lott07/22/12
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Improving the "Velocity" of IT

"Once IT decides to focus on speed, two obstacles get in the way: security and governance." This is important. Manage security without it becoming an impediment.

Juhani Lehtimaki07/22/12
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Android Asset Studio Updated

You can use the Android Asset Studio to generate launcher icons, action bar and tab icons, notification icon. You can also add device frames to your screenshots and create simple nine-patch assets.

Markus Eisele07/22/12
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Book Review: Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1

Beside the fact that I have a personal history with this book, I still believe that is helpful to people which want to get a good and basic introduction to the EJB programming model. The clear separation from any appserver makes this only half as valuable than it could be.

Uwe Schindler07/22/12
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The Policeman's Horror: Default Locales, Default Charsets, and Default Timezones

What you see in lots of software is so-called case-insensitive matching of keywords like parameter names or function names. This is implemented in most cases by lower-casing or upper-casing the input text and comparing it with a list of already lowercased/uppercased items.

Sean Hull07/22/12
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Big Data – What is it and why is it important?

There’s lots of debate about exactly what constitutes “big” when talking about big data. Technical folks may be inclined to want a specific number.

Peter Pilgrim07/22/12
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Custom Ordering Scala TreeMap

How do you get custom ordering in a Scala TreeMap? Well this puzzled me for a while. The answer lies in the world of implicits and receiver type converters.

Lijin Joseji07/22/12
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11 OPEN NoSQL Document-Oriented Databases

MongoDB, CouchDB, and RavenDB are a few NoSQL databases that DZone keeps an eye on - they're here along with a variety of others.

Daniel Ackerson07/22/12
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Improving WordPress Performance for EC2 Micro Instances

For the price, it’s hard to beat the EC2 Micro instance. But, if you have even a little bit of traffic, don’t expect to run a stock AMI without feeling some performance pain.