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Moshe Kaplan07/18/12
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11 Steps to Increasing Disc Space for AWS MySQL Server

These 10 steps will help you get started meeting your business's storage needs on EC2.

Dan Haywood07/18/12
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Mockito-like Automocking and Optional Autowiring in JMock

I’m running my little TDD course again, and (as usual) it’s given rise to another small idea to make unit testing easier: provide Mockito-like automocking (using a @Mock annotation), and in addition perform autowiring of all mocks into the class under test.

Nikita Salnikov...07/18/12
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Plumbr 1.1 - We Now Find PermGen Leaks

It’s been only a month since we released 1.0. But we already have something new and cool to ship - as of this version we also find the leaks in the JVM permanent generation.

Pierre - Hugues...07/18/12
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5 Tips for Proper Java Heap Size

In my Java EE enterprise experience, I have seen multiple performance problem cases due to inadequate Java Heap capacity and tuning.

Chas Emerick07/18/12
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On the Stewardship of Mature Software

For your consideration, some observations and opinions from someone that has their hand in a piece of mature software

Tom Howlett07/18/12
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"One Day we May be Craftsman Again"

We live in a world where we are already expected to know, where competence is assumed, but competence disappeared with craftsmanship to be replaced by production lines. Hierarchical management dug the nail in the coffin as the goal became moving up to the next job rather than getting good at the one you’re in.

Roi Gamliel07/18/12
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Get ready to be a developer with this checklist (6 things they didn't teach me)

The years you spent at college or the academy are valuable and helpful in many ways, but they don’t necessarily prepare you for a developer's life. Here are some great ways to have a head start when diving into this exciting world. We present you with 6 essential points that will help you in your upcoming venture.

Nadav Azaria07/18/12
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Developers' Fantasies

As software developers, we have developer fantasies. We each have our own ideas about how to bring great change to the field of development and, in turn, great improvement. Many of those ideas never blossom because they have no direct economic incentive.

Eric Genesky07/18/12
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My Thoughts on Big Data Storage

The fundamental hardware view of Big Data, with its Open Source mindset, is for cheap commodity storage and servers.

Lijin Joseji07/18/12
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Creating Web services using Apache CXF: Development

The project and code snippets from the development fo Creating Web services using Apache CXF.

Brent Stineman07/17/12
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9 Inhibitors of Azure Success

I was recently asked to provide MSFT with a list of our top 4 “Azure Success Inhibitors”. After talking with my colleagues and compiling a list I of course sent it in.

Peter Pilgrim07/17/12
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Which JSRs Are Included In Java EE 7?

I started to fill out a table of all of the Java Specification Requests that are supposed to go into Java EE 7. Because the platform edition is still being decided, some of the details are rather hard to pin down.

Wille Faler07/17/12
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Most of the Code I Wrote >6 Months Ago Sucks

The thing about learning a new programming language is that it is a humbling experience. You may have been an expert in another language after years of honing intricate knowledge of its behaviors and foibles.

Eric Genesky07/17/12
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8 Useful Assumptions About Cloud Security

In this article I’m going to highlight eight common-sense approaches to securing your applications and data in the cloud.

Dan Haywood07/17/12
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Connecting to SQL Server from Java over TCP/IP

Been a while since I did this; turns out it’s easy enough. First, you’ll need the current JDBC driver from Microsoft.