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Gary Sieling11/05/12
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How to Display a Trendline with ExtJS 3.4

You want to display a trendline on a scatter chart in ExtJS 3.4. Here's how you do it.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz11/05/12
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Your First Message - Discovering Akka

Akka is a platform inspired by Erlang, promising easier development of scalable, multi-threaded and safe applications.

Nicolas Frankel11/05/12
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My View on Coursera’s Scala courses

I’ve spent my last 7 weeks trying to follow Martin Odersky’s Scala courses on the Coursera platform.

Jim Connors11/05/12
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Sprinkle Some Magik on that Java Virtual Machine

Like Java, Magik source code is compiled down to bytecodes that run on a virtual machine -- in this case the Magik Virtual Machine.

Comsysto Gmbh11/05/12
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How to Display a Scatter Chart in ExtJS 3.4

This example works by rendering an Ext line chart and setting the “alpha” (visibility) property of the lines to 0 (transparent). If you wanted to add trend lines, you’d need to add visible lines.

James Roper11/05/12
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Scaling Scala vs. Java

In this post I will seek to answer that, and show that indeed Scala is a far better language for building scalable systems than Java.

Mitch Pronschinske11/05/12
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We Need a Programmer for President

Today, I'm going to present a new presidential candidate... A software developer candidate. This candidate is going to address the issues that the IT world cares about. Will you support them?

Tim O'brien11/04/12
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Improving Software Quality Using Component Lifecycle Management with Jenkins

A few weeks ago, a few of us joined the Jenkins community at the Jenkins User Conference 2012 in San Francisco. Our presentation “Improving Software Quality Using Component Lifecycle Management with Jenkins” given by Manfred Moser, was very well attended and there seemed to be a lot of interest. A video of our presentation has now been posted here and you can download the slides as well.

Cagdas Basaraner11/04/12
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20 Database Design Best Practices

Number 1: Use well defined and consistent names for tables and columns (e.g. School, StudentCourse, CourseID, etc.) . . .

James Betteley11/04/12
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A Really $h!t Branching Policy

Branching is boring. Merging is also boring. None of this stuff is fun. But for some strange reason, I still see the occasional branching policy which involves using the largest number of branches you can possibly justify

Gil Zilberfeld11/04/12
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Technical Debt: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

The debt is an economic one, NOT technical. That’s no coincidence. Economics is a better way to persuade managers to listen to developers.

Dustin Marx11/04/12
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Java/NetBeans: Overridable Method Call in Constructor

I wrote about the NetBeans hint "Overridable Method Call in Constructor" in the blog post Seven Indispensable NetBeans Java Hints. In this post, I look at why having an overridable method called from a parent class's constructor is not a good idea.

Eric Gregory11/04/12
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Designing a Spacial Index

Let's say you're visiting NYC and need an Internet connection. Where's the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot? How might an HBase application help you answer that question? What kind of design decisions go into solving that problem, and how can it be solved in a scalable way?

Rodrigo De Castro11/04/12
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Software Quality Hell: Bandaid Development

In the industry, I see a mindset problem that can be very detrimental to the software quality - and quite opposite to the Software As an Art mindset: shortsightedness to fix only the problem at hand. Let me explain through an example.

Rob Williams11/04/12
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New Ruminations on Tools

Been a couple years ago that I went from Rally to AgileZen. About to move to Atlassian now. In the spirit of keeping the tone the usual combination of acerbic and direct, I‘ve decided to group my reasons for this, first the philosophical ones: