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Wely Lau05/11/12
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A Developer's Perspective on IAAS vs. PAAS

A look at the likes of AWS and Windows Azure reveals some of the pros and cons that come with various levels of self- and service- managed features for IaaSes and PaaSes.

Joe Miller05/11/12
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DNS Performance Testing Tools: My Writer Modules

The BIND-DLZ project publishes an excellent set of performance testing tools which make it easy to generate a lot of fake DNS data for a variety of DNS server types. I have even extended this excellent tool set by creating a few new “writer” modules...

David Salter05/10/12
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Using the ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver for Arquillian Tests

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of calls to .addClasses() or .addPackages(). When working with third party libraries, this list of classes/packages added to the archive can grow and grow - the ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver gets around this issue

Felix Dahlke05/10/12
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What's With All These Parentheses?

I’m fairly certain that every programmer will, at some point in his career, say something along the lines of what's with all these parentheses?

Dmitriy Setrakyan05/10/12
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GridGain Drivers on Cruise Control

Latest GridGain releases have had a big focus on remote grid clients, or as we like to call them remote drivers. We have recently added Java/Android and C#/.NET clients with C++ and Objective-C clients right around the corner.

Evgeny Goldin05/10/12
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TeamCity Build Dependencies

The subject of build dependencies is neither a trivial nor a minor one. Various build tools approach this subject from different perspectives contributing various solutions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Steve Chaloner05/10/12
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The Play Framework is Now Officially an Embarrassment

Play is, by definition at this point, an embarrassment – it can, should and will make other frameworks embarrassed of what they can offer.

Prabath Siriwardena05/10/12
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Getting MapReduce Working on MongoDB

A straightforward how-to with code included for getting MapReduce working with MongoDB.

Ryan Sukale05/10/12
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Naked JavaScript - Function Basics

After talking about the basics of objects in the previous article, in part 2 of this series - Naked Javascript, we will discuss a little more about objects, their properties and take a sneak peak at functions in javascript.

Gaurav Mantri05/10/12
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service

In this blog post, we’re going to compare Windows Azure Blob Storage Service and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) from core functionality point of view. In this blog post we’re going to focus on core concepts, pricing and feature comparison between...

Brian Gracely05/10/12
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The Cloudcast: New, Open, Simplifed Cloud Architectures

Aaron and Brian talk with Randy Bias (@randybias), CTO/Founder of Cloudscaling about open cloud architectures, deploying new and web-scale applications, and the evolutions of OpenStack.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz05/10/12
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How to Develop Map/Reduce with Reduced Assumptions

This tutorial was inspired by a bug that came up when running map/reduce jobs built as pig scripts with Java UDFs.

Max De Marzi05/10/12
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Relationships and Relational Databases

Max De Marzi imparts some wisdom in this article by emphasizing the importance of recognizing RELATIONSHIPS in graph databases rather than focusing on objects first.

Mark O'neill05/10/12
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Pure vs Practical REST

This is a useful table found by Mark O'neill that you may find yourself going back to often, comparing pure REST (such as HATEOAS) with the "practical" REST so often found in the field:

Ranjib Dey05/10/12
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3 Types of Infrastructure Elasticity

Here is a list of three major types of elasticity that I have implemented / experienced so far. I'm also setting up a unit and functional testing environment that will re-utilize some of our architecture.