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Esen Sagynov10/04/12
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Commercial and Open Source Big Data Platforms Comparison

Lee Kyu Jae takes an in-depth look at how to effectively analyze data from a platform perspective, and how that data can help us face future problems.

Roger Hughes10/04/12
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Spring 3.1: Caching and EhCache

If you look around the web for examples of using Spring 3.1’s built in caching then you’ll usually bump into Spring’s SimpleCacheManager, which the Guys at Spring say is “Useful for testing or simple caching declarations”.

Eric Berg10/04/12
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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service: Endless 9s Reliability

Availability of a cloud service is important. People I know get quite agitated when Facebook or Twitter is unavailable, but imagine the repercussions when a big enterprise such as Genomic Health can’t access a critical application, such as CRM.

Mark Needham10/04/12
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Java: Parsing CSV files

As I mentioned in a previous post I recently moved a bunch of neo4j data loading code from Ruby to Java and as part of that process I needed to parse some CSV files.

Mark Needham10/04/12
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Data Science: Making Sense of the Data

The data we’re working with was initially stored in a SQL Server database, so the quickest way to get moving was to export it as CSV files and then work with those.

Dustin Marx10/04/12
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JavaOne 2012: Diagnosing Your Application on the JVM

It was worth attending Staffan Larsen's (Oracle Java Serviceability Architect) presentation "Diagnosing Your Application on the JVM" (Hilton Plaza A/B) just for learning of the new jcmd command-line tool provided with Oracle's JVM 7.

Bill Armstrong10/04/12
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Sitdown with Rakshith Naresh: Keynotes and ColdFusion

Rakshith Naresh, a Project Manager for ColdFusion, joined our host Anthony Pompliano to discuss being the keynote speaker for Saturday's presentations and his talks about what the present and future of ColdFusion.

Rick Ross10/04/12
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Oracle to Appeal Google Ruling, Maybe All the Way to the Supreme Court

It probably comes as no surprise, but it is still worth noting that Oracle has officially notified the US District Court in Northern California of its intent to appeal Judge William Alsup's ruling in Oracle v. Google.

Allen Coin10/04/12
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Rumor: Microsoft to Manufacture Own Phone?

The internet is blowing up with rumors about a supposed Microsoft Phone, which would compete with their third party Windows Phone manufacturers. But how much truth do the rumors hold?

Bill Armstrong10/04/12
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Sitdown with Tom Anderson: Mobile Development, NFC, and Connected Devices

Tom Anderson, the Senior BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for the Research In Motion, joined our host Anthony Pompliano to discuss his presentation on what to consider before you start coding for mobile development at NC Dev Con 2012. Tom also shared his thoughts on the future of NFC and connected devices.

Rodrigo De Castro10/03/12
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The Virtuous Cycle of Being On-Call

… or how you can make on-call for service providers a virtuous cycle. In the tech world, for everything that is running as a service or website 24/7/365, there must be someone available to take care of any issues that arise.

Phil Whelan10/03/12
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"NoSQL Distilled" Reviewed!

In this post I am going to review Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler's new book entitled "NoSQL Distilled - A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence." An...

Rodrigo De Castro10/03/12
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What? You Don't Spend Most of Your Work Time Coding?!

This is something no one tells you in college: you will not be coding as much as you think.

Victor Savkin10/03/12
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Stop Bashing TypeScript

I was unpleasantly surprised to see all the bashing of the TypeScript language. Like “the last thing I want to see is type errors”, “all these types! only C# developers will use it”, etc.

Claus Ibsen10/03/12
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Unit Testing OSGi Blueprint with Apache Camel Made Easier

Apache Camel 2.10 has a new camel-test-blueprint component, added by Guillaume Node, to make unit testing Camel with OSGi blueprint much easier.