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Jelle Victoor11/12/12
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Understanding foldLeft in Scala

As I’m working on some scala code the last few weeks, i have come across some functions in the scala api that I didn’t understand right away

Jens Schauder11/12/12
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Creating New Spring Beans on Demand

We lately had a little Spring related challenge in our application at work. We had a singleton bean (TheClient) that on every call of a method needed a group of other beans

Rodrigo De Castro11/12/12
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Startup vs. Big Company Mindset

As I work for a big (or better huge) company, I always think of the difference of people working at both types of companies. I don't think there's a definitive set of personality traits that define whether you should work at one or the other, especially as you see people working at some point of their lives in one type of company and then moving to a different type.

Ted Neward11/12/12
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Do Property Rights Apply to Cloud Data?

The law grapples with questions of data ownership in the cloud, and we're all caught in the middle.

Eric Genesky11/12/12
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James Betteley Discusses the Deployment Automation Patterns Refcard

This week, DZone published its 165th Refcard. The author took a few minutes to respond to some questions.

Brian O' Neill11/12/12
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A Big Data Quadfecta: (Cassandra + Storm + Kafka) + ElasticSearch

We wanted a mechanism that could index the data we put in Cassandra. Initially, went with our cassandra trigger mechanism, connected to a SOLR backend, but we wanted to look at other alternatives.

Ben Kepes11/12/12
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Managing and Monitoring Ping Identity Through Cloud Outages

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had an outage a week or so back which was the latest in a relatively long list of outages that has plagued their US-East region. This led to a lot of thoughtful commentary on how good planning, a multi-faceted deployment model, automation and monitoring can deliver uptime.

Zac Gery11/12/12
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A Developer's Guide to Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be an anxious and exhausting process for most individuals. Fold in the high expectations of a technical position and it can be consuming. The following is a list of tips and tricks for a successful first week.

Gary Sieling11/12/12
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A Simple Way to Build an ExtJS 3.4 Scatter Chart

Problem: You want to display a scatter chart in ExtJS 3.4. Here's the solution with code and an example.

Robert Annett11/12/12
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Component Deployment: Why Virtualization Changes your Assumptions

Virtualisation has changed the assumptions we can make about the physical deployment. Let me give you a few simple examples.

Rodrigo De Castro11/12/12
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Consensus Protocol

These posts I came across give a great explanation on the shortcomings of 2-phase commit when it comes to failures and also of 3-phase commit, which handles well one type of failure (fail-stop).

Mitch Pronschinske11/12/12
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Tying Web Performance Data to Human Behavior

See the research behind how much your app's performance affects user behavior.

Troy Hunt11/11/12
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Hacktivism is dead. Long live opportunism!

“Back in the day”, there were attacks that were based on some form of political or social motivation. Not that far back either. But more recently it all seems to have gone a little downhill.

Jay Fields11/11/12
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Clojure: Use expect-let To Share A Value Between expected And actual

Most of the time you can easily divorce the values needed in an expected form and an actual form of an expectation. In those cases, nothing needs to be shared and your test can use a simple bare expect.

Yohan Liyanage11/11/12
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Integration Testing with MongoDB & Spring Data

If you are working with MongoDB, there’s a cool and easy way to do your unit tests, with almost the simplicity of writing a unit test with mocks with ‘EmbedMongo’.