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Eric Genesky06/19/12
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For Java Devs - Here's How to Get Started on Azure Using a Virtual Machine

The 8-minute video below shows how Azure caters to the needs of the Java devloper.

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How I Explained Dependency Injection to My Team

Recently our company started developing a new java based web application and after some evaluation process we decided to use Spring. But many of the team members are not aware of Spring and Dependency Injection principles. So I was asked to give a crash...

Willie Wheeler06/18/12
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A Battle Plan for DevOps in the Enterprise

Establishing a devops platform in an enterprise environment is challenging because there are a bunch of groups who own different pieces of the puzzle, and they will generally have different ideas on how to move forward. But there’s a way to pull it all together into a coherent, integrated data and tools platform, and this post will explain how my colleagues and I are doing it.

Christian Posta06/18/12
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Focused, Informative documentation for ActiveMQ, Camel, ServiceMix and CXF

One company has the best examples gathered from years of experience consulting at various types of clients that focus on the intended way of using the these open source tools. When it comes to wanting to know how to use, for example ServiceMix, and the pitfalls to avoid and best practices to employ, having these docs close at hand is a must.

Mikio Braun06/18/12
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Presentation: Scalability Challenges in Big Data Science

A Scribd presentation from a recent talk at the BerlinBuzzword conference, as well as links to exciting scalable databases, messaging frameworks, and mapreduce resources.

Donal Daly06/18/12
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Exploring Social Media Analytics

As I talk with customers and colleagues the topic of social media analytics is often featured. Some customers have already got a strategy defined and are executing to a plan while others . . .

Sandro Mancuso06/18/12
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Test-driving Builders with Mockito and Hamcrest

A lot of people asked me in the past if I test getters and setters (properties, attributes, etc). They also asked me if I test my builders. The answer, in my case is it depends.

Steve Chaloner06/18/12
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Controlling Distributed Presentations

A couple of weeks ago, I came up with the idea of FilthyHackFriday – the idea being that you take a problem, and code up a quick’n'dirty solution in 30 minutes as a proof of concept. For

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/18/12
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Groovy Goodness: Revisited Getting the Sum of Items in a Collection

A while ago I wrote a blog post Groovy Goodness: Getting the Sum of Items in a Collection. Today I presented about this little topic as part of the "Groovy Hidden Gems" session at Gr8Conf 2012. One of the attendees noticed the code where we calculate the sum of the Person objects was not working. So it time to revisit this topic.

Thomas Ferris N...06/18/12
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Github for Windows - First Impressions

The other day I was listening to the recent Hanselminutes about Github for Windows (from now on abbreviated to GhfW), and decided to take it for a spin. I've had my pains explaining people how to set up Git on Windows, and I have pretty high hopes for this tool making it easier.

Jeremiah Orr06/18/12
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JSF and the "immediate" Attribute - Command Components

The immediate attribute in JSF is commonly misunderstood. If you don't believe me, check out Stack Overflow. Part of the confusion is likely due to immediate being available on both input (i.e.. ) and command (i.e. ) components, each of which affects the JSF lifecycle differently.

Nicolas Frankel06/18/12
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Vagrant Your Drupal

I got my hands on the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 that talks about Drupal use with Vagrant. I decided to take on this opportunity to automatically manage my own Drupal infrastructure.

Kelvin Tan06/18/12
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Separating Relevance Signals From Document Content in Solr or Lucene

With the recent proliferation of personalization, analytics, social networks and the like, there are increasing ways of determining document relevance, both globally and on a per-user basis. Some call these relevance signals.

Trevor Parsons06/18/12
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Taking the P(ain in the)AAS Out of Middleware

There are pros and cons to using the latest PAASes, but it's certainly true that getting to know the cloud dispels some of the old processes that came with old-school middleware configuration.

Itamar Syn-hershko06/18/12
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The future of geo-spatial searches with Lucene

The Lucene spatial contrib module has been a nice addition to Lucene, but for a while now too many bug reports have been piling up, and it got to a point where it was clear something was broken somewhere deep inside.