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Jakub Holý06/25/12
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Serving Files with Puppet Standalone in Vagrant From the puppet:// URIs

If you use Puppet in the client-server mode to configure your production environment then you might want to be able to copy & paste from the prod configuration into the Vagrant’s standalone puppet‘s configuration to test stuff.

Michal Letynski06/25/12
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Spring 3.1 + @Valid @RequestBody + Error handling

In Spring 3.1 there is a nice new feature: "@Valid On @RequestBody Controller Method Arguments" I'm going to show you why it's so great!

Giorgio Sironi06/25/12
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The Duck is a Lie

Is duck typing a revolution or just going back to jumps and memory locations? What follows is my experience with Java, PHP and Ruby.

James Betteley06/24/12
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Continuous Delivery, Warts and All

Tools are important, people and relationships are importanter (new word), you should automate everything, take little steps instead of big ones, stick to the principles of continuous delivery. Here's my recent little case study on a client that wanted to implement CD...

Douglas Rathbone06/24/12
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Forget What Your Mother Told You, IIS and Apache can be Friends

Running Apache and IIS on the same web server might seem like sacrilege to some folks, but like a lot of things in life there is a time and a place for everything.

Marco Tedone06/24/12
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Measuring Your IT Ops - Part 2

This article is about measuring the Development cost of a Deployed Feature (DECODEF). This is probably the easiest figure to measure as, conceptually, is just the multiplication of man days times the average cost of your resources.

Mikio Braun06/24/12
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An Introduction to Bayesian Inference

Here's a presentation from a few years introducing Thomas Bayes' theorem, which has been applied to classification, regression, clustering, and beyond.

Jens Schauder06/24/12
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The Problem with an Evolutionary Architecture and YAGNI

Among the software architects with a strong voice on conferences, twitter and in the blogosphere there is wide spread agreement that one should bet on evolutionary architecture.

Mike Stonebraker06/24/12
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To Flash or Not to Flash: That is the Question

From Dr. Mike Stonebraker over at VoltDB comes a discussion of the future of flash memory.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz06/24/12
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RabbitMQ and a Short Intro to AMQP

RabbitMQ is a message bus built in Erlang. It implements the AMQP protocol, which, unlike JMS, is also a wire protocol and not just an API. Here's a short intro...

Alex Tkachman06/24/12
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Kotlin in action: few tricks for every day use

In this post I would like to show several tricks, which I found to be very useful while develoiping small examples with the Kotlin programming language.

Eric Minick06/23/12
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3 Crazy Ideas to Make your DevOps Proposal Seem Reasonable

I work with “The Enterprise” everyday. Sadly, this has nothing to do with Star Trek – just big companies with lots of internal politics. As our friends champion our products internally,the political challenges are often tougher than the technical ones. If politics is going to be a barrier, it’s fair game to use political theory to fight back.

Łukasz Budnik06/23/12
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Connecting to EJBs from Spring

How to connect to a remote SLSB from Spring. This method is beautiful. You get an instance of a remote SLSB as a Spring bean. I definitely like it!

Kelvin Tan06/23/12
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Connecting Redis to Solr For Boosting Documents

There are a number of instances in Solr where it's desirable to retrieve data from an external datastore for boosting purposes instead of trying to contort Solr with multiple queries, joins etc.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/23/12
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Grails Goodness: Script Name Abbreviation

During Gr8Conf 2012 Europe I discovered Grails supports script name abbreviation. This means we don't have to type a complete script name, but only enough to make the script identifiable by Grails.