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Jay Fields11/11/12
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Clojure: Use expect-let To Share A Value Between expected And actual

Most of the time you can easily divorce the values needed in an expected form and an actual form of an expectation. In those cases, nothing needs to be shared and your test can use a simple bare expect.

Yohan Liyanage11/11/12
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Integration Testing with MongoDB & Spring Data

If you are working with MongoDB, there’s a cool and easy way to do your unit tests, with almost the simplicity of writing a unit test with mocks with ‘EmbedMongo’.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz11/11/12
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The NoSQL Landscape in Diagrams

Here’s the NoSQL landscape in 3 slides (and hey, at least mine looks different :) )

Tomasz Nurkiewicz11/11/12
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Two Actors - Discovering Akka

Hope you are having fun so far, but our application has serious performance defect. After measuring response times of the RandomOrgRandom class we developed in the previous part we will notice something really disturbing

Jens Schauder11/11/12
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Back to Basics – Good Comments are Targeted Comments

I can’t think of a single person who enjoys writing comments in code. I don’t, my friends and colleagues don’t, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a meetup group for fans of it.

Matt Raible11/11/12
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Why the Bias Against JSF?

I am biased against JSF. It all started with my first JSF experience back in August 2004. If you remember correctly, 2004 was a big year: JSF 1.0, Spring 1.0 and Flex 1.0 were all released

Michał Warecki11/11/12
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5 Articles to Introduce You to Enterprise Integration

This article should smoothly introduce you to the world of Enterprise Integration using patterns introduced by Gregor Hophe in “Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions“.

Nicolas Frankel11/11/12
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Scala Cheatsheet Part 1 – Collections

As in Java, knowing API is a big step in creating code that is more relevant, productive and maintainable. Collections play such an important part in Scala that knowing the collections API is a big step toward better Scala knowledge.

René Pickhardt11/11/12
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How to do a presentation in China? Some of my experiences

First of all I think it is really important to understand that in China everything is related to your relations. This principle of Guanxi is also reflected in the style presentations are made. Here are some basic rules.

Sean Hull11/11/12
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Cloud DBA and Management: What an Expert Needs to Know

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? The third and final part of this series covers database administration and architecture and management questions.

Comsysto Gmbh11/11/12
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The Jenkins Bell Rings …

We all love webapps, but in the former days applications have done so much more. They were integrated into our desktops, they have done notifications in real time, they could be customized to our own needs …

Anton Arhipov11/10/12
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How Well Do You Know Your IDE?

Mostly, people will say that they just use the IDE and I haven't really seen many people leveraging the power of refactorings, shortcuts, or other awesome IDE features that are out there. Why? Laziness? Carelessness? Neglect?

James Betteley11/10/12
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Why do we do Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is now very much a central process of most agile development efforts, but it hasn’t been around all that long. But some teams are still waiting to adopt C.I... Seriously, they are!

Johannes Brodwall11/10/12
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Teaser: Bare-knuckle SOA

I’m working on this idea, and I don’t know if it appeals to you guys. I’d like your input on whether this is something to explore further.

Ravi Kalakota11/10/12
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Email Marketing is a Predictive Analytics Problem

In his book Permission Marketing, Seth Godin referred to email marketing as “the most personal advertising medium in history.” That was 1999. Where does email marketing stand in 2012 in the age of social media, omni-channel marketing and big data analytics?