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Jay Fields10/15/12
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clojure: lein tar

A co-worker recently asked how I package and deploy my clojure code. There's nothing special about the code, but I'm making it available here for anyone who wants to cut and paste. Deploy is the easy part - scp a tar to the prod box. Building the tar is very easy as well. I've run this on a few different linux distros without issue, but YMMV. Without further ado.

Jim Bird10/15/12
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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Code?

We need to understand what happens to code over time and why, and what a healthy, long-lived code base looks like. What architectural decisions have the most lasting impact . . .

Patroklos Papapetrou10/15/12
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Scala Refcard Released! And the Top 5 Scala Articles of the Week

We've been eagerly preparing this week's refcard release for the past few months now, and finally the widely-requested Scala Refcard is here. Go download Scala: The Scalable JVM-Language right now!

Andrew C. Oliver10/15/12
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10 Things I Never Want to See a Java Developer Do Again

I frequently want to yell stop at the hords of Java developers doing any of these things or when I’m forced to do any of these things.

Bruno Terkaly10/14/12
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Consuming Azure Mobile Services from Android: Part 1

In this series, we'll show you how to use Windows Azure Mobile Services to leverage data in an Android app.

Mick Knutson10/14/12
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Unexpected Java Float Precision Changes

Care needs to be taken to remember other Objects can cast your objects to have undesirable affects.

Adam Kawa10/14/12
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Recreating an HBase Table Without Violating Region Starting Keys

Recently, I was using completebulkload to load a large amount of data into HBase, loading data into a table with pre-created regions. Since my bulkloading process failed in the middle a couple of times, I needed to truncate the table over and over.

Eric Gregory10/14/12
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Create a Java App Server on a Virtual Machine

This walkthrough will show you how to create a virtual machine running on Windows Azure and configure it to run a Java application server.

Nick Watts10/14/12
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How to Handle Heavily Nested XML Tags with XSLT

The issue that was tripping me up involved transforming heavily nested tags in my source XML file. Here's how I fixed it.

Mark Needham10/14/12
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Varnish: Purging the Cache

We’re using varnish to cache all the requests that come through our web servers and especially in our pre-production environments we deploy quite frequently and want to see the changes that we’ve made. This means that we need to purge the pages we’re accessing from varnish.

Ola Bini10/14/12
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A New Server Infrastructure

Going forward, I think the Phoenix server is the kind of model I actually want for our AWS deploys.

Andreas Kollegger10/14/12
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Using Spring Data Neo4j for the Hubway Data Challenge

Using Spring Data Neo4j it was incredibly easy to model and import the Hubway Challenge dataset into a Neo4j graph database, to make it available for advanced querying and visualization.

Prabath Siriwardena10/14/12
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How to import LDAP Groups, but not Users, to Liferay

If we want to import Groups only in Liferay - not the users from the LDAP - then we need to have the following approach.

Ben Kepes10/14/12
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Private Clouds Must Be Agile

I recently read a well-reasoned post by HP’s Cloud CIO Christian Verstraete, reflecting on a Twitter exchange he’d had responding to the claims by someone that private cloud was a myth. The private/public debate has raged for a few years now and the two sides go something like this...

Ant Kutschera10/14/12
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Play 2.0 Framework and XA Transactions

XA transactions are useful and out of the box, Play 2.0 today does not have support for them. Here I show how to add that support: