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Eli Bendersky10/09/12
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Fixing Intermittent DNS Problems on Ubuntu 12.04

I’ve been having some intermittent DNS resolution failures on my recent installation of Ubuntu 12.04. Googling showed that I’m not the only one, and the solution found here seems to be working for me:

Christian Posta10/09/12
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From Inside the Code: ActiveMQ Network Bridges and Demand Forward Subscriptions

I’ve written previously about ActiveMQ Network Connectors as a way to help describe some of the responsibilities of the classes that are involved with configuring a network of brokers. I’d like to continue on with how the network bridges and demand-forwarding subscriptions work.

Jay Fields10/09/12
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Clojure: Refactoring From Thread Last (->>) To Thread First (->)

I use ->> (thread-last) and -> (thread-first) very often. When I'm transforming data I find it easy to break things down mentally by taking small, specific steps, and I find that -> & ->> allow me to easily express my steps.

Mike Christianson10/09/12
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Consider assertThat() in place of assertEquals()

JUnit 4.4 added a new assertion mechanism with the method assertThat(). Have a look and consider using it in place of assertEquals().

Shawn Deena 10/09/12
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The Appacino: How Starbucks Evolves App-Based Payment

It’s been almost two years since Starbucks made it easier for their massively caffeine addicted customer base to never have to take their wallets/purses out to pay for coffee.

Dave Fecak10/09/12
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Things Great Engineers (almost) Never Say

If you find yourself using any of these lines on a regular basis, give some thought to why. Quoting one of these lines in a job interview could be a serious mistake.

Hemanth Madhavarao10/09/12
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Cluster Computing with Node.js

A single instance of Node runs in a single thread. To take advantage of multi-core systems we may want to launch a cluster of Node processes to handle the load!

Peter Zaitsev10/09/12
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How to Accurately Measure Writes in InnoDB Redo Logs

Choosing a good InnoDB log file size is key to InnoDB write performance. This can be done by measuring the amount of writes in the redo logs.

Michael Dubakov10/09/12
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Traditional Offices Kill Creativity

Office space is something many companies don’t get. Sure, you should have a wide table, a comfortable chair and a fast workstation. But that is not the goal of the modern office.

Stoimen Popov10/09/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Shortest Path in a Graph

Since with graphs we can represent real-life problems it’s almost clear why we would need an efficient algorithm that calculates the shortest path between two vertices.

Mike Christianson10/08/12
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Using 'watch' as Quick Continuous Integration

Here’s a quick tip for anyone writing a script without a REPL: use watch as a quick continuous integration tool.

Kristiono Setyadi10/08/12
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Common Rules in Programming

Many programmers work on their code alone. They define and write the specifications, design the system, write codes and library and write documentation, all by them self. They never have a problem with version control, never experience a single conflict.

Dejan Bosanac10/08/12
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Apache ActiveMQ 5.7.0 Released! Adds Java 7 Compatibility

We managed to keep our goal of making more frequent releases and today we’re happy to announce Apache ActiveMQ 5.7.0. The main goal of this release was Java 7 compatibility.

Yaron Naveh10/08/12
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10 Caveats Neo4j Users Should Be Familiar With

Recently I used the Neo4j graph database in GitMoon. I have gathered some of the tricky things I learned the hard way and I recommend any Neo4j user to take a look.

Dustin Marx10/08/12
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JavaOne 2012: Mastering Java Deployment

A goal of the deployment team is to help Java developers deploy their applications to their platform of choice. In some cases, there are multiple ways to do the same thing.