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Tim Spann07/31/12
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TOAD for Cloud Databases

I am using it here against a free instance of MongoDB database hosted on MongoLab. It works great and fast and is nice for people who have been using TOAD against Oracle for years.

Pushpalanka Jay...07/31/12
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Using Casandra's 'sstable' for Bulk-Loading Data on the Cloud

The 'sstableloader' introduced from Apache Cassandra 0.8.1 onwards, provides a powerful way to load huge volumes of data into a Cassandra cluster.

Sachin Khosla07/31/12
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The Best HTML5 Page Structure

This is the basic HTML5 page structure that you can use as a base while developing a HTML5 website layout.

Matt Vickery07/31/12
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Spring Integration - Message Gateway Adapters

This article is going to present a technique for handling response types from message sub-systems in a service-based Message Driven Architecture (MDA). It will provide some theory, experience of message sub-system development and some robust working code that's running in several financial institution production deployments.

Mark Stephens07/30/12
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First Impressions of OS X Mountain Lion – It Didn't Break my Java Development

Mountain Lion seems like an excellent update for 20 US dollars, but my favourite feature is that it does not break any of my work tools.

Mark Needham07/30/12
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3 Ways to Stay Disciplined When Developing Puppet Modules

For the last 5 weeks or so I’ve been working with puppet every day to automate the configuration of various nodes in our stack and my most interesting observation so far is that you really need to keep your discipline when doing this type of work. Here are 3 ways to do it...

Mark Needham07/30/12
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Working with Neo4j: Multiple Starting Nodes by Index Lookup

I spent a bit of time this evening extracting some data from the ThoughtWorks graph for our marketing team . . . the most interesting things we can explore relate to the relationship between people and the offices

Eric Sedor07/30/12
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MongoLab Presents Dex, the Index Bot

Dex is a MongoDB performance tuning tool, open-sourced under the MIT license, that compares logged queries to available indexes in the queried collection(s) and generates index suggestions based on a simple rule of thumb.

Jim Bird07/30/12
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Fixing a Bug is Like Catching a Fish

It’s hard to know how long it’s going to take to fix a bug, especially if you don’t know the code. James Shore points out in The Art of Agile that obviously before you can fix something, you have to figure out what’s wrong.

Cedric Beust07/30/12
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Reinventing Assertions

Over the past years, I have received an increasing number of requests to make assertions more flexible in order to support various scenarios

Dan Haywood07/30/12
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Drop all Tables in an MS SQL Server Database

Currently working on a JDO DataNucleus object store for Apache Isis, as part of an app that’s gonna be deployed onto MS SQL Server.

Brian O' Neill07/30/12
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Spring Data With Cassandra Using JPA

We recently adopted the use of Spring Data. Spring Data provides a nice pattern/API that you can layer on top of JPA to eliminate boiler-plate code.

Anders Karlsson07/30/12
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There Is No Silver Bullet for Big Data / Analytics

We have a lot more storage space available these days, and a lot more data to work with, so Big Data and Big Analytics is getting much more mainstream now.

Uwe Schindler07/30/12
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Use Lucene’s MMapDirectory on 64bit Platforms, Please!

Since version 3.1, Apache Lucene and Solr use MMapDirectory by default on 64bit Windows and Solaris systems; since version 3.3 also for 64bit Linux systems. This change lead to some confusion among Lucene and Solr users, because suddenly their systems started to behave differently than in previous versions

Rodrigo De Castro07/30/12
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Why I Think Riak is a Great NoSQL Option

Some thoughts after playing with Riak for a few days: Basic: Essentially a key/value store implementing Amazon's Dynamo where you can decide the level of replication you want on a per bucket or operation basis. The same applies for read operations.