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Piotr Jagielski11/19/12
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Interview with Howard Lewis Ship at DevRates.com

The current focus on Tapestry 5.4, the next big release, is almost entirely focused on JavaScript and a big part of that is introducing the long-awaited abstraction layer that will allow the application to select Prototype or jQuery, or virtually anything else (by writing an client-side adapter).

Bill Digman11/19/12
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Java EE: JSP 2.2 and Servlets 3.0 tutorial with Resin Servlet Container: Part Three

After the last step, we have a working CRUD Book listing that implements a rudimentary model 2 architecture. We can add, edit/update, list and read. Before we add any more functionality, let's create a site template with jsp:include.

Mike Hadlow11/19/12
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Publisher Confirms Using Easy NetQ for RabbitMQ

The default AMQP publish is not transactional and doesn't guarantee that your message will actually reach the broker.

Mehdi Daoudi11/19/12
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The State of Web Performance: 2012 Holiday Shopping Winners

I decided to take a quick look at the performance of the homepages of top 50 online retailers. I wanted to take a closer look at how ready they are for this event and how their pages have changed since last season.

Gary Sieling11/19/12
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Data Warehousing, NoSQL, and the Cloud

With the nascent advent of NoSQL, cloud computing and slick new databases, we seem to have forgotten from whence we came.

Leigh Shevchik11/19/12
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The Top 3 Challenges Facing Mobile Development

Before you set off down the yellow brick road laced with good intentions, let me tell you about three of the top challenges facing mobile development you should look out for. First is vendor fragmentation...

Rob Galanakis11/19/12
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Is it Worth Automating?

Some people can find me a bit over-earnest in my quest for automation. I’ve finally figured out how to know whether something is worthwhile to automate.

Marko Rodriguez11/19/12
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Deploying the Aurelius Graph Cluster

This post demonstrates how to set up the cluster on Amazon EC2 (a popular cloud service provider) with Titan and Faunus graph technologies.

Nishant Chandra11/19/12
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The Evolution of Recommendation Systems

The state-of-the-art algorithms in Recommendation systems that seek to predict the 'rating' or 'preference' that a user would give to an item (such as music, books, or movies) with improved accuracy.

Ayende Rahien11/19/12
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Does the Prototype Design Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

Surprisingly enough, there are very few useful concrete examples of this, even in the literature. A lot of the time you see reference to ConcreteImplA and ConcreteImplB.

Kelvin Tan11/19/12
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Extract Second- and Top-Level Domains from URLs with Java

It turns out that extracting second- and top-level domains is not a simple task. Regex alone has no way of handling this.

Gerard Gallant11/19/12
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If You're in the Windows Store, Don't Forget a Privacy Policy

When I first submitted my app to the Windows Store, it failed certification. In order to figure out why, I had to do some digging.

Ben Kepes11/19/12
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Cloud Adoption: Remember the Human Element

One of my regular themes when talking about the cloud are the barriers to adoption or, to put it more coarsely, how we can remove the friction and allow more organizations to enjoy the benefits that the cloud can bring.

Markus Eisele11/19/12
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Devoxx 2012 Trip Report - Clouds and Sunshine

This has been an exciting week. After leaving JavaOne this was the next conference on my schedule. Somehow insane given the fact, that I hardly had a chance to clear all the work that has been left over.

Duncan Brown11/19/12
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So, You Want to be a Grapher?

As of late, I've become fascinated with the whole NoSQL paradigm. Having spent most of my professional career dealing with RDBMSes, I was curious as to how the whole Big Data notion fit into things.