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Peter Zaitsev06/28/12
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ALTER TABLE Performance with Fast Index Creation

Today I was looking at the ALTER TABLE performance with fast index creation and without it with different buffer pool sizes. Results are pretty interesting. I used modified Sysbench table for these tests because original table as initially created only...

Dmitriy Setrakyan06/28/12
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Can You Use HBase as Your Persistent Store?

There are two ways you can integrate with Hadoop. One way is upstream integration in which you efficiently load data from HDFS.

Axel Rauschmayer06/28/12
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Google I/O Day 1: the Highlights

This blog post describes the highlights of the keynote of the first day of the Google I/O conference. It does so from the vantage point of a developer and Apple user, so don’t be surprised to see developer information and comparisons with Apple.

Bozhidar Bozhanov06/28/12
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From 2010: Why Startups Should Not Choose NoSQL

The NoSQL hype is omnipresent. And many startups are tempted to go for Cassandra/MongoDB/HBase/Redis/… . Here I’ll argue why they should rather stick to a SQL solution – MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Eric Genesky06/28/12
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A Deep Discussion of the Joyent Cloud API

Here's a long (translation: detailed) post discussing the Joyent Cloud API starting with installation and ending with how to collect performance metrics using Joyent Cloud Analytics.

Claus Ibsen06/28/12
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Riding the Camel with a New Hat: Red Hat Aquires FuseSource

This morning I woke up to the news out in the public that Red Hat to Acquire FuseSource. This is really great news for the FuseSource team, to find a new home that is truly Open Source down to its DNA.

Jim Bird06/28/12
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Is Copy and Paste Programming Really a Problem?

It’s one of the most cited examples of technical debt, a lazy way of working, sloppy and short-sighted: an antipattern that adds to the long term cost of keeping a code base alive. But it’s also a natural way to get stuff done...

Matt Vickery06/27/12
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Spring and C24 iO - Part 1 C24 Spring Core

The motivation for Part 1 of this series was an introduction to C24 iO, a brief explanation of some of it's basic capability and an introduction to iO models used as Spring beans.

Donal Daly06/27/12
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Getting Past the Big Data Buzz to Yield Business Value

Despite the strong potential commercial advantage for business, developing an effective strategy to cope with existing and previously unexplored information could prove tough for many enterprises.

James Betteley06/27/12
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PowerCLI: Automate Reverting CI Agents to a Snapshot

Basically the script just iterates over a list of VMs which are in a particular resource pool, and reverts them all to a snaphot. Here’s the script itself...

Itamar Syn-hershko06/27/12
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Custom Tokenization and Lucene’s FastVectorHighlighter

Perhaps you have tackled this before: you wanted to use Lucene's FastVectorHighlighter (aka FVH), but since you have a custom CharFilter in your analysis chain, the highlighter fails to produce valid fragments.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/27/12
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Gradle Goodness: Working with Live Task Collection

Gradle supports the definition of so called live collections. These collections are mostly created based on criteria like with a filter() or matching() method.

David Rousset06/27/12
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Good-Looking Apps with CSS3 Transitions

A good-looking application must provide user with visual feedback. Users must always know that an order (a click, a tap or whatever) is well received and understood by the application and animations are a great tool to do so.

Carlo Scarioni06/27/12
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Simple MRI Ruby v JRuby Performance Comparison

The following is a very simplistic performance comparison running 2 program examples, running both with MRI Ruby and JRuby, in the categories of single and multi threaded computing intensive.

Nikita Salnikov...06/27/12
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Is $1,500,000 enough for a 1.0 release?

We in the Plumbr team decided that it is. Over the last few months in beta our customers have solved more than 200 memory leaks with the help of Plumbr.