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Allen Coin10/11/12
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NoSQL: Week in Review

In this first edition of a new weekly post, we will revisit the past week to make sure you are completely up-to-date in the world of NoSQL.

Claus Ibsen10/11/12
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When did Apache Camel First Get Retry Processing?

From release 1.0 the 'retry' or redelivery features in Apache Camel have been exceptional compared to many other tools out there.

Mark Needham10/11/12
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Thoughts on the Investigation Stage of the Nygard Big Data Model

After helping one of our clients make sense of and visualize some of their data, we realized that we'd been working in the investigation stage.

Sara Chipps10/11/12
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This is Why We Need More Women in Technology

Many people I meet ask me a variant of this question: "I understand we want more women in technology, but why?" The reason is threefold.

Corey Goldberg10/11/12
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Multi-Mechanize: An Open-Source Framework for Performance and Load Testing

I put together a slide-deck to help introduce Multi-Mechanize. I wanted something a little friendlier and easier to digest than "go read the project wiki."

Lukas Eder10/11/12
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Learn Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts Easily

Using keyboard shortcuts can vastly increase your productivity. Instead of switching between keyboard and mouse all the times, trying to figure out where that mouse cursor is, left/right clicking your way through context menus nested several levels deep, you could’ve just hit Alt-Shift-I, for instance, for inlining constants, variables, methods, etc… But how to remember the most important ones? Tricky…

Prabath Siriwardena10/11/12
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Integrating WSO2 Identity Server with Liferay

Liferay has a highly extensible architecture. You decide what you want to override in Liferay - it has an extension somewhere. This blog post shows how to delegate Liferay's authentication and authorization functionality to WSO2 Identity Server.

Wille Faler10/11/12
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Ecosystems Are Overrated

When Java first came out in the 1990'ies, features such as garbage collection and "write-once-deploy-anywhere" where killer features for its adoption compared to the then dominant C++

Yohan Liyanage10/11/12
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Eventing with Spring Framework

Spring Framework, since it’s inception, included an eventing mechanism which can be used for application-wide eventing. This eventing mechanism was developed to be used internally by Spring Framework for eventing, such as notification of context being refreshed, etc, but it can be used for application specific custom events as well

Debasish Ghosh10/11/12
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Towards Better Refactoring Support in IDEs for Functional Programming

A couple of days back I was thinking how we could improve the state of IDEs and let them give rich feedbacks to users focusing on code improvement and refactoring. When you write Java programs, IntelliJ IDEA is possibly the best IDE you can have with an extensive set of refactoring tools.

Krishna Kumar10/11/12
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Lines of Code is a Bad Metric, Either Way

If you have already been doing significant JavaScript coding and are aware of the good and bad JS parts, CoffeeScript can take some time getting used to.

Bill Armstrong10/11/12
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Sitdown with Jonathan LeBlanc: Using Emotional Psychology and Color Theory in Development

Jonathan LeBlanc, a Developer Evangelist at eBay, joined our host Anthony Pompliano to discuss his presentation on emotional design in the mobile space using color theory and human psychology at NC Dev Con 2012.

Eric Genesky10/11/12
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Have You Checked out the DZone Tech Library?

If you haven't had a chance (or didn't know about it), take a stroll over to DZone's tech library.

Rob Williams10/11/12
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Vampires of the Cloud

If you're lying awake at night worrying about losing a business that you've done nothing to improve, you're probably a vampire.

Michael Mainguy10/10/12
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Developer's Creed

So borrowing an idea from the NCO Creed, I thought I do one for software developers: Discipline will be my watchword, the software I create will never be perfect, but I will perform my job to the best of my abilities and remember that every letter I type should have purpose.