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Paul Hammant11/14/12
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Testability and Cost of Change

Google, by my reckoning, had an incredibly low cost-of-change engineering setup. They achieved this by having an incredible build infrastructure, a hard-core focus of development best practices, and a rabid code approval rule-set than meant that all devs became better all the time.

Arthur Charpentier11/14/12
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Election Analytics, Tetris, and More Data Links of the Week

This week's links from Arthur Charpentier take a look at analytics in the wake of the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, why Tetris is so compelling, and more.

Casey Watson11/14/12
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Windows Azure Execution Models: SaaS (Web Sites)

If you are simply looking to deploy a web application to the cloud and let Azure’s built-in infrastructure handle the majority of the maintenance for you then Azure’s Web Sites option may be the right choice for you.

Marcin Grzejszczak11/13/12
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Spring JMS, Message Automatic conversion, JMS Template

In one of my projects I was supposed to create a message router that like all routers was supposed to take the JMS messages from one topic and put it into another one.

Krishna Prasad11/13/12
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Harnessing a New Java Web Dev Stack: Play 2.0, Akka, Comet

Disclaimer: I am still learning Play 2.0, please point to me if something is incorrect.

Eren Avşaroğulları11/13/12
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Coherence Event Processing by using Map Trigger Feature

This article shows how to process Coherence events by using Map Triggers

Yohan Liyanage11/13/12
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Integration Testing with MongoDB & Spring Data

Integration Testing is an often overlooked area in enterprise development. This is primarily due to the associated complexities in setting up the necessary infrastructure for an integration test.

Arun Manivannan11/13/12
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Your's Deeply - Why Arrays.deepEquals When We Have Arrays.equals

While everybody would naturally accept the following lines of code on grounds of reference equality and value equality and that String and wrappers override the equals method, it takes some effort at first to accept the behavior of Arrays.equals and Arrays.deepEquals

Pedro Duque Vieira11/13/12
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Metro style Check Box for Java (JMetro)

Here is an update to JMetro: the Checkbox with a metro style.

Matt O'Keefe11/13/12
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Release Engineering at Facebook

Chuck tries to avoid the “D” “O” word… DevOps. But he was impressed by the Allspaw talk from Velocity 09 “10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr“. This led him to set up a bootcamp session at Facebook and this talk is based on what he tells new developers.

Nicolas Frankel11/13/12
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Devoxx 2012 – Day 1

The 2012 Devoxx Conference in Antwerp has begun. Here’s some sum-ups of the sessions I’ve been attending.

Konrad Garus11/13/12
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Version-Based Optimistic Concurrency Control in JPA/Hibernate

This article is an introduction to version-based optimistic concurrency control in Hibernate and JPA. The concept is fairly old and much has been written on it, but anyway I have seen it reinvented, misunderstood and misused.

Stoimen Popov11/13/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree

One of the two main algorithms in finding the minimum spanning tree algorithms is Kruskal's algorithm

Yohan Liyanage11/13/12
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STS in OS X – Where's the sts.ini?

I’ve been using STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) on OS X Lion for sometime now, and today I realized that it’s getting a bit slow.

Jurgen Appelo11/13/12
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6 Rules for Employee Rewards & Extrinsic Motivation

These six rules for rewards give you the best chance at increasing people’s performance and engagement, while encouraging intrinsic motivation instead of destroying it. In my experience, an incidental compliment during a meeting for a job well done satisfies all six criteria.