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Ben O' Day06/26/12
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Apache Camel Monitoring

This post will breakdown the options that are available today. If you have used other approaches or know of other ongoing development in this area, please let me know.

Juhani Lehtimaki06/26/12
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Swipe to Dismiss Coming to Android Lists

Roman Nurik posted an initial beta implementation for swipe to dismiss code to Google+. The code is still beta quality and not production ready quite yet

Timon Veenstra06/26/12
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Chatting Farmers: Workie Talkie in AgroSense

One of the great aspects of building an application based on the NetBeans Platform is the ability to quite easily integrate NetBeans IDE plugins into your application.

Thomas Ferris N...06/26/12
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Broken Snapshots in Java Builds

Recently I've done a lot of thinking about build tools, especially in regards to Maven, Grails and Gradle, and how they play into release management and versioning with Git. This is just a post to get some of those thoughts off my chest. I'll come back to Gradle in future posts, as I build some more experience with it at work.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/26/12
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Gradle Goodness: Set Java Compiler Encoding

If we want to set an explicit encoding for the Java compiler in Gradle we can use the options.encoding property.

Oliver Hookins06/26/12
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Sinagios – a Very Simple RESTful API for Nagios Downtime

After Oliver Hookins struggled with scheduling and managing downtime sessions, he decided to create an extremely simple RESTful API for manipulating Nagios scheduled downtime.

Michael Heinrichs06/26/12
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Using the JavaFX AnimationTimer

In retrospect it was probably not a good idea to give the AnimationTimer its name, because it can be used for much more than just animation: measuring the fps-rate, collision detection, calculating the steps of a simulation, the main loop of a game

Trisha Gee06/26/12
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The Subject of Women Programmers is Boring

I've been challenged to do a session at a very large conference around women in programming. Which leads to two reactions from me 1) wow, what an honour! and 2) *sigh*.

Eric Genesky06/26/12
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Video: MongoDB and the JVM

Brendan W. McAdams presents the following presentation (approx. 1 hour) on bringing together MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database, with the Java Virtual Machine.

Anoop Madhusudanan06/26/12
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Analyzing BIG Data from Stack Overflow Using C#, Azure, and Hadoop

In this post, we’ll explore how to create a Mapper and Reducer in C#, to analyze the popularity of namespaces in the Stack overflow posts.

Mihai Dinca - P...06/26/12
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Using Cookies to implement a RememberMe functionality

Some web applications may need a "Remember Me" functionality. This means that, after a user login, user will have access from same machine to all its data even after session expired. This access will be possible until user does a logout.

Mark Needham06/26/12
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How to Find the Most Connected Neo4j Node Using Cypher

An attempt to use Neo4j to figure out which people within the graph have worked with the most co-workers

Antonio Santiago06/26/12
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Get to Know Jelastic, the Cloud Platform for Java

Unlike other popular PaaSes (AWS, GAE, Azure), Jelastic is completely oriented towards Java and, according to this author, easy to use.

Slim Ouertani06/26/12
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XML-RPC using scala

On Telecom IT environment and specially middelware solution, we will rarely do all the work but rather delegate some of business process to other tiers. Web service communications is heavy used between solutions.

Stoimen Popov06/25/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Binary Search Tree

This week's algorithm of the week is in! It encompasses Linked lists. Linked lists are a linear structure and the items are located one after another, each pointing to its predecessor and its successor.