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Mark Needham08/08/12
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neo4j: Multiple Starting Nodes by Index Lookup

What I wanted to do is define 3 starting nodes based on combining those Lucene index lookups into one which captured all 3 offices.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/08/12
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Installing LaTeX on Ubuntu

LaTeX is a markup language for describing a document. It can also be defined as a document preparation system. LaTeX is mainly used to create technical or scientific articles, papers, reports, books or PhD thesis.

Dave Fecak08/08/12
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Stop Crapping on Start-Ups

Michael O. Church recently wrote a thought provoking blog post, “Don’t Waste Your Time in Crappy Startup Jobs“, and the author clearly put a lot of thought into writing the piece. The crux of the article is a list of seven misconceptions that the author chooses to dispel one by one.

Abhishek Jain08/08/12
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Javascript, Javascript, Everywhere

Javascript has been available in the web world for a while. It has become one of the most popular, known and understood (and also hated) languages available.

Nick Jordan08/08/12
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How I Created an Amazon AMI for Faster Deployments

Although Chef is great for deployment, it's hard to get the bootstrap process down.

Mike Stonebraker08/08/12
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Programming VoltDB – Easy, Flexible and Ultra-Fast!

You may believe that the only way to interact with VoltDB is through Java stored procedures. To achieve maximum throughput, VoltDB stored procedures is the way to go.

James Sugrue08/08/12
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Have Your Say on Java 8 Default Methods Syntax

Brian Goetz has just published a one question survey where you can indicate your preference on the syntax to be used for default methods in Java 8.

Swizec Teller08/07/12
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A Patent For Swinging on a Swing

The patent system has gone bonkers the past few years. For proof, look no further than this wonderful gem:

Dustin Marx08/07/12
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A Slicker Scala Stack: Q&A with Martin Odersky

Typesafe announced this morning that the Scala Language Integrated Connection Kit (Slick) has been added to its Typesafe Stack. Slick has been mentioned in Michael Azoff's Typesafe roadmap indicates the maturing of Scala and the ScalaDays 2012 presentation SLICK: Scala Language Integrated Connection Kit provides significant details about Slick as well as code examples of how to use it.

Willie Wheeler08/07/12
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When Building a CMDB, Separate the UI From the API

One lesson I’ve learned in building CMDBs is to cleanly separate the UI from the web service API.

Brian O' Neill08/07/12
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A Big Data Trifecta: Storm, Kafka and Cassandra

We're big fans of Cassandra. We also use Storm as our distributed processing engine. We've had a lot of success using our Cassandra Bolt to create a successful marriage between the two.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/07/12
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Make Technical Debt Explicit

When you work towards a release or some other looming milestone. There’s that urge to leave stuff behind, cut some corners – you know, just a wee bit, no harm done – so we can ship the damn thing already.

Michael Hüttermann08/07/12
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Book Preview: DevOps for Developers

The upcoming book "DevOps for Developers" will provide real-world use cases (e.g., how to use Kanban or how to release software) and well-grounded background elaborations (e.g., about the danger of moral hazard in projects), this book serves as a reality check for DevOps.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz08/07/12
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String Memory Internals

This article is based on my answer on StackOverflow. I am trying to explain how String class stores the texts, how interning and constant pool works.

Eric Genesky08/07/12
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Heroku vs. Amazon Web Services, a Cloud Comparison

There has been some debate about the relative merits of Heroku when compared to other, bigger PaaS offerings; here's a look at price and some other considerations.