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Mick Knutson10/17/12
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Errors Starting Two Instances of Tomcat 6 on Windows Server

Today I was setting up a second tomcat instance on a single Windows machine and was not able to run two instances at the same time. The first instance started fine, but when I went to start a second instance the second server would not start.

Davy Suvee10/17/12
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Visualizing the Bikes of Boston

Last week, Hubway announced its Data Visualization Challenge. The goal of my visualization is to depict how bikers flow through the city of Boston.

Arthur Charpentier10/17/12
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Game Theory Fights Crime, Overkill Analytics, and More Data/Science Links of the Week

This week's links also take a look at the expiration date for knowledge, and how you can win the Nobel Prize for economics.

Eric Minick10/17/12
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Putting the Dev in DevOps: DevOps Days Rome Review

The theme for this conference was “Culture”. If DevOps is a “culture thing”, then surely we need to involve both Dev and Ops. The surprising part was that there did not seem to be anyone from the Dev side of things.

Raymond Camden10/17/12
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Experiment: Build Your Own Stock Market AI

In my simulation, you are writing an agent that monitors a stock and decides when to buy or sell stock.

Chris Koenig10/17/12
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Windows Azure Updates to Support iOS in Mobile Services and More

I love the rate at which new and improved features are being added to the Windows Azure platform. Here’s what was announced yesterday.

Juhani Lehtimaki10/17/12
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Android Apps Still Should not Be Specific to Tablets

Andy Rubin's "I don’t think there should be apps specific to a tablet" comment is probably the most misunderstood quote in the history of Android platform. It is still been quoted by general public as the reason why there are no Android tablet apps (which isn't true btw).

Ben Wilcock10/17/12
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Implementing Entity Services using NoSQL – Part 1: Outline

I want to build the entity service by using as little Java code as possible but at the same time preserve the contract-first approach.

Lukas Eder10/17/12
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J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWeb- AuthenticationDetailsSource… WAT??

WAT? This hilarious talk about the incredible quirks of JavaScript had been going around on Twitter and other media. In case you haven’t already, take a look at it here:

Eric Gregory10/17/12
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The Pirate Bay Migrates to the Cloud, Becomes Ghost

The Pirate Bay announced on Wednesday that it had migrated from physical servers to an international group of cloud providers, rendering the filesharing site less vulnerable to attack by law enforcement.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/17/12
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Groovy Goodness: Create a List with Default Values

Since Groovy 1.8.7 we can create a list and use the withDefault() method to define a default value for elements that are not yet in the list. We use a closure as argument of the method, which returns the default value. We can even access the index of the element in the closure as an argument.

Eric Genesky10/17/12
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Video: Monitoring Netflix's JVMs on AWS

Last weekend, Bhaskar Sunkara (VP Product Experience at Appdynamics) gave the following presentation on the partnership between Netflix and and App Dynamics.

Tomasz Dziurko10/17/12
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Debugging Hibernate Envers - Historical Data

Recently in our project we reported a strange bug. In one report where we display historical data provided by Hibernate Envers, users encountered duplicated records in the dropdown used for filtering.

Satish Ab10/17/12
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Learning Spring A Sample Invoice Application Using Various Tools

As part of learning Spring framework, I started making a simple invoice application using Spring Framework components . . .

Chris Shayan10/17/12
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A Better code

Normal 0 21 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Problem While we are implementing a method, we need to assert about various conditions and path flows of code. For instance, we would like to ensure the given parameters are all valid in...