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Jim Bird08/14/12
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Fixing Bugs: Why are Some Bugs Harder to Fix than Others

There are many factors that impact how long it will take to fix a bug, including the size of the code base, how old it is, how ugly it is, and how brittle it is.

Tim Spann08/14/12
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40+ Resources for the Node.js Developer

From node.js on Openshift to node.js patterns and 3rd party modules, here's an extensive list of node.js resources for your perusal.

Anders Karlsson08/14/12
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Some Corrections and Additions to my Simple Key-Value Store Tests

This is the first follow-up to my post on a simple test of KVS alternatives. To recap, I tested a simple single table schema in MySQL using the NDB and InnoDB storage engines.

Krishna Kumar08/14/12
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Characteristics of Great Programmers

It is useful to understand how some programmers never manage to channel years of experience into writing good code.

Jens Schauder08/14/12
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Named Parameters in Java – an Alternative

In the last installment of this blog I wrote about a way to fake Named Parameters in Java. As so often there are many ways to do this, so here comes another one.

Pierre - Hugues...08/14/12
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8 Ways to Improve Your Java EE Production Support Skills

Everybody involved in Java EE production support know this job can be difficult; 7/24 pager support, multiple incidents and bug fixes to deal with on a regular basis, pressure from the client and the management team to resolve production problems as fast as possible and prevent reoccurrences.

Eric Genesky08/14/12
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Front-End Optimization: Decisions and Implications (Part 2)

The purpose of that post (and this one) is to give you better insight into how FEO tools work, so you can make a more informed decision when considering using one.

Greg Duncan08/14/12
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Java hates TFS 2012? NOPE! TFS 2012 SDK for Java

The first preview release of the Team Foundation Server SDK for Java includes documentation, samples and redistributable components to help you develop software products that integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012.

Ben Wootton08/14/12
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How To Do Rollback Well

The most important step is to implement an architecture that supports the need to rollback. For instance, componentised, service based architectures lend themselves well to this.

Ricky Ho08/14/12
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The Search for a Better BIG Data Analytics Pipeline

Here's a high-level look at a couple data processing pipelines, one of which works better when dealing with big data.

Taha Siddiqi08/14/12
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Spock @RunJetty

Working with Geb is fun especially when integrated with Spock. In order to write tests for a tapestry app, I wanted to have something on the lines of SeleniumTestCase which will automatically start and stop a jetty server. So I ended up writing a spock plugin for running jetty.

Rodrigo De Castro08/14/12
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How HDFS Does Replication

I ran into a very good page on the internals and how HDFS works that is worth sharing . . .

Mickey Williams08/14/12
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Using Node.js with Windows Azure SQL Database

Although application built with Node.js are often completely new applications that leverage new databases or services, there are a large number of existing applications that can be built with Node.js and can take advantage of existing SQL Server databases.

Mark O'neill08/14/12
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Enterprise APIs and Public APIs

Over at APIEvangelist.com, Kin Lane has a great list of "Successful APIs to look at when planning your API". These include Ebay and Flickr. It's a great list, showing how APIs can be very different from each other.

Ravi Kalakota08/14/12
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Bloomberg on Business Analytics

Interested in slicing, dicing, measuring, and analyzing data for customer and business insights?