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Lukas Eder09/07/12
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Syntax for Calling "super" in Java 8 Defender methods

This is a very interesting discussion. How to reference default methods from implemented interfaces throughout the class / interface hierarchy?

Arun Manivannan09/07/12
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Quicksort - the Easy Way

Quick sort is the fastest known comparision sort for arrays. To top it, it could be done in-place for arrays. For Linked Lists, Merge Sort might be a better option. Also since Quicksort improves its performance by using random numbers, it also becomes an example of a breed of algorithms named “Randomized Algorithms”.

Ranjib Dey09/07/12
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Chef Patterns: Part 1 - Modeling Environment-Specific Differences

In this write up I'll be writing some of the techniques I'm using to model environment-specific differences between dev, staging, testing, and production.

John Cook09/07/12
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The Limits of Statistics

When statisticians analyze data, they don’t just look at the data you bring to them. They also consider hypothetical data that you could have brought.

Simon Metson09/07/12
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"Schemas" in CouchDB

CouchDB is a schema-less document store, but there are times when a schema is a good thing to have around, one way or another. So can you have your cake and eat it too?

Jos Dirksen09/07/12
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Getting Started with Scala and Scalatra

Scalatra is a lightweight scala based micro-web framework that can be used to create high performance websites and APIs. In this tutorial we'll get started with the installation of scalatra and import our test project into Eclipse.

Dmitriy Setrakyan09/07/12
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10 Useful Performance Tuning Tips for GridGain

I have been getting many questions of how to tune GridGain, so I decided to create a brief manual which covers most important tuning properties.

Mike Stonebraker09/07/12
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VoltDB's End of Summer Engineering Update

It's been a busy summer here at VoltDB! Since spring the VoltDB Engineering team has released VoltDB four times (we're operating on 3 week sprints) and delivered numerous product and performance enhancements.

Antonio Goncalves09/07/12
11 replies

Shouldn’t we Standardize a Java Logging API?

A few months ago I was struggling (again) with logging configuration in JBoss 7.x. I was so depressed that I wrote to the Java EE 7 expert group : Logs. Should we finally do something? As a developer I’ve used all the possible logging Java frameworks for the last 12 years and I still struggle with logging in 2012.

Pierre - Hugues...09/06/12
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Java 7: HashMap vs ConcurrentHashMap

This article will revisit this classic thread safety problem and demonstrate, using a simple Java program, the risk associated with a wrong usage of the plain old java.util.HashMap data structure involved in a concurrent threads context.

Stephen Chin09/06/12
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JavaFX in Spring Day 3 – Authentication and Authorization

Welcome to Day 3 of the JavaFX in Spring blog series. In this post we are going to finish off the Customer Data application by taking advantage of the Spring Security APIs on the client.

Mikio Braun09/06/12
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Levels of Abstraction in Big Data

How do you weigh abstractions when working with existing infrastructure in Big Data? Prioritize flexibility.

Allen Coin09/06/12
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Android UI in Action: Layout Animations

A frame animation is one of the simplest and most straightforward types of animations. This type of animation is implemented by displaying a succession of slightly changing images one after another.

Juhani Lehtimaki09/06/12
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Tips for Android Tabs

Tabs are one of the most used and also most useful UI components of mobile UIs. They provide quick and easy access to different parts of the app. On Android apps tabs come in many forms.

Peter Pilgrim09/06/12
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Building ScalaFX 1.0 with Gradle 1.1

After becoming a little disenchanted with the SBT for Scala, I wanted an alternative that was more logical, simpler to understand and had a better user experience. After all, the whole point of a domain specific language is to make the writing of the script, formulae or grammar to be affordable to the users.