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Maarten Ectors12/06/12
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Real-Time Hadoop Queries Will Be a Reality in 2013

Real-Time Hadoop queries will be a reality in 2013 thanks to two new projects from Cloudera: Impala and Trevni. Impala is the open source version of Dremel, Google’s proprietary big data query solution.

Billy Sjöberg12/06/12
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Using Groovy and Camel for Scripting

This topic has been displayed at other blogs, but it's such a great concept and served me very well quite recently so I think it warrants a revisit.

Markus Eisele12/06/12
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From XaaS to Java EE – Which Damn Cloud is Right for Me in 2012-13?

Finally, a succinct, practical comparison of 6 PaaS providers that include a Java EE container by a respected Java community member. It's time to get some answers...

Willie Wheeler12/06/12
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How I Got My Kids Into Programming

At first I wasn’t having much luck. It was always me asking kid #1 whether he wanted to program, and the answer was pretty much always “no”. I started wondering whether he was really mine at all since no spawn-o-mine would answer in that way.

Bozhidar Bozhanov12/06/12
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Not All Optimization Is Premature

The other day the reddit community discarded my advice for switching from text-based to binary serialization formats. It was labeled “premature optimization”. I’ll zoom out of the particular case, and discuss why not all optimization is premature.

Antonio Goncalves12/06/12
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Launching the NoMock Movement

Have you ever felt uncomfortable surrounded by a group of people who all agree and you don’t ? Feels strange doesn’t it. You think ‘what’s wrong with me ?‘. That’s exactly what I felt all these years with Unit Testing and Mocking.

James Sugrue12/06/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Square Roots With A Twist

In this week's code puzzler, the challenge is to develop a square root function using only basic arithmetic

Boris Lam12/06/12
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Session Timeout Handling on JSF AJAX request

When we develop JSF application with AJAX behaviour, we may experience the problem in handling timeout scenario of Ajax request.

Niels Matthijs12/06/12
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Web vs. App & Longevity vs. Hype

The biggest, most heated, debate-sparking topic of 2012? The clash of web vs app, no doubt. Many articles and blog posts before me have talked about the epic battle between the web and its fat client opponent.

Willie Wheeler12/06/12
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Pushing twice daily: our conversation with Facebook’s Chuck Rossi

We figured that we could learn a thing or two about continuous delivery from Facebook, so we reached out to Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s first release engineer and the head of their release engineering team.

Trisha Gee12/06/12
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Webinar: Processing High Volume Data Feeds with MongoDB

Here at 10gen we've been running a series of webinars around using MongoDB in the financial services domain. Yesterday was the last in the series, and was presented in association with C24's John Davies, their CTO.

Steve Rogalsky12/06/12
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Celebrate Failure? Pt. 1

There were two fascinating studies that helped me understand why failure is indeed a cause for celebration. This is the first in a two part series.

John Cook12/06/12
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Eight Fallacies of Declarative Computing

“Declarative” is relative. For example, if you’re an assembly programmer, C looks declarative, but if you program in some higher level language, C looks procedural.

Clint Edmonson12/06/12
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Microsoft's Touch-Based Development Environment

A year ago, Microsoft Research released TouchDevelop for Windows Phone, which is being used by enthusiasts, students, and researchers to program their phones in fun, inventive, and interesting ways.

Ben Kepes12/06/12
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HP Announces Private PaaS Powered by Stackato

At HP’s Discover event here in Frankfurt today, the company will be announcing a private PaaS offering, built on top of Stackato, the PaaS which is itself a fork of the open source Cloud Foundry initiative.