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Michał Warecki09/17/12
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Enterprise Integration Using Patterns

An introduction to the world of Enterprise Integration using patterns introduced by Gregor Hophe.

Peter Zaitsev09/17/12
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Some Fun with R Visualization

We have a graph with unstable results. Now let's use R + ggplot2 graphs to play with some different visualizations.

Jason Rudolph09/17/12
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ClojureScript: 4 Things That Might Worry You, but Shouldn't

When I first considered taking ClojureScript for a spin, there were several things that gave me pause: "What's the debugging experience like?"

Shannon Behrens09/17/12
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3 Articles that Every Hardcore Dart Dev Should Read

According to the official web site: "Dart addresses issues with traditional web development languages while remaining easy to learn." Learn more through these three articles.

Jakub Holý09/17/12
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(Unit) Testing Swiss Knife: All the Tools You Wanted to Know

I love testing. And I like productivity. There are many tools and libraries that make writing tests easier, more convenient, more fun. I would like to introduce here those that I found the most useful during the years, from selected advanced features of JUnit to assertion libraries, powerful behavior/fault injection, testing of database-related code, and finally to boosting your testing productivity hundredfold with Groovy.

Ben Kepes09/17/12
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Apprenda Introduces Free Public Cloud-Hosted Version of Its PaaS

To build awareness in the marketplace, Apprenda is announcing the availability of ApprendaCloud, a free version of its private PaaS stack.

Steve Francia09/17/12
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How I Gave The #1 Most Viewed Presentation in the History of OSCON

Here are the four critical things I did to generate such an amazingly high number of views.

Stoimen Popov09/17/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Graph Depth-First Search

Along with breadth-first search, depth-first search is one of the two main methods to walk through a graph. This approach though is different.

Mark Hinkle09/17/12
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Libvirt-Java Release Announced

I’ve been participating in various open source communities for several years, but I am still occasionally blown away at how cooperative and efficient open source can be sometimes.

Allen Coin09/17/12
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Patterns for key-value stores in Redis

This lecture will look at the patterns that apply to all key-value stores, and patterns for more advanced Redis databases.

Allen Coin09/17/12
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Cypher and Neo4j

Webinar discussing Cypher and Neo4j.

Eric Gregory09/17/12
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Ask DZ: What You Wish You Had Known 2 Years Ago

What is one piece of coding advice that you wish you could pass on to the 2010 version of you? Is there a language you wish you'd known, or a line of code that would've made your life simpler?

James Sugrue09/17/12
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Would You Trust a Java to Objective-C Translator for Your iOS Apps?

Google announced the release of J2ObjC last week, an open source project which takes your Java source and converts it to Objective-C for an iOS application. Is this the type of code generation that you'd trust?

Nicolas Frankel09/16/12
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Web Services: JAX-WS vs Spring

In my endless search for the best way to develop applications, I’ve recently been interested in web services in general and contract-first in particular. Web services are coined contract-first when the WSDL is designed in the first place and classes are generated from it. They are acknowledged to be the most interoperable of web services, since the WSDL is agnostic from the underlying technology.

Matthias Marschall09/16/12
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Devops Protocols

We all know that protocols are an essential building block of our craft. So why not apply the ‘protocol’ idea to Devops? Let’s try and see how the idea of protocols can help us improve the adoption of a Devops culture.