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Dustin Marx10/02/12
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JavaOne 2012: 101 Ways to Improve Java - Why Developer Participation Matters

The ideas for ways Java developers can contribute to the improvement of Java ranged from very simple to more involved

Steve Yi10/02/12
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Red Hat's Next Steps for JBoss App Server

Red Hat announces the next phase for their application server strategy and the JBoss EAP application server, a technology collaboration with 10gen and their MongoDB database, and changes to community projects that you can vote on.

Kai Wähner10/02/12
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Avatar as Alternative for Java Server Faces (JSF) and JavaFX? – JavaOne 2012

Project Avatar was announced at JavaOne 2011. After no further information until JavaOne 2012, some new information was announced at this year’s conference.

Shay Shmeltzer10/02/12
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Why the New Oracle ADF Essentials is Important to JSF Developers

Last week Oracle Announced “Oracle ADF Essentials” -  a free version of the core technologies at the base of Oracle ADF – Oracle’s strategic Java EE based development framework  used to develop the Oracle Fusion Applications and other Oracle...

Allen Coin10/01/12
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CloudBees Announces New Major Extensions

CloudBees, Inc. has announced the launch of new one-click services intended to help customers streamline and customize their cloud deployment.

Mahdi Yusuf10/01/12
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Reading Other People's Code

I really enjoy reading other people’s code, it allows you see how others solve common problems, and sometimes even provide parables on what you shouldn’t do with yours. It also teaches the much needed skill of reading other people’s code. Unfortunately there isn’t a convenient and fun way of reading other people’s code.

Ben Wilcock10/01/12
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SOA Service Design Cheat Sheet

This simple cheat sheet contains all the key goals, principals and design patterns that you should be aware of when designing SOA services and contains helpful links to places where you can find more in-depth information on each topic.

Gareth Llewellyn10/01/12
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Android Client for Chef: Cyllell

Some time ago I set about creating an Android application that could emulate some of the features of Knife from the convenience of your phone. The biggest hurdle was authenticating with the AP.

John Cook10/01/12
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Russian Novel Programming

For a given program, you may have a location in version control, a location on your hard drive, a project name, a name for the program executable...

Bruno Terkaly10/01/12
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How to Delete an Entire Azure Table in One Command

I get this question quite often. Most developers think they need to delete rows one row at a time, but that isn't true.

Ben Kepes10/01/12
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Video: An Interview with Ben Kepes on Convergence and the Cloud

I sat down with the awesome Sarah Austin to film an interview talking about why I’m so excited about the convergence I’m seeing between a number of different trends.

Hemanth Madhavarao10/01/12
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A JavaScript MapReduce One-Liner

After my post on "Word frequency using MapReduce in Python," I got my paws dirty with some silly Javascript. Once I reduced a whole chunk of code, it turned out to be a simple one-liner in JavaScript.

Paul Miller10/01/12
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O’Reilly’s Strata Comes to Europe, with a Very British Opening

O’Reilly’s Big Data extravaganza, Strata, left its native U.S. for the first time this week, coming to London for two days of data; the big, the open, the structured, the unstructured, and the undecided.

Mark Needham10/01/12
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Testing XML Generation with vimdiff

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a bit of time writing a Ruby DSL to automate the setup of load balancers, firewall and NAT rules through the VCloud API.

Mark Needham10/01/12
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Neo4j: Handling SUM's Scientific Notation

In some of the recent work I’ve been doing with neo4j the queries I’ve written have been summing up the values from multiple nodes and after a certain number is reached the value returned used scientific notation.