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Stephen Chin08/14/12
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Kids Making the Future of Java

I had the opportunity to participate in the Make the Future of Java Workshop last week, which was a lot of fun. Kids ages 13 and up got a chance to learn how to program using Alice and Greenfoot technologies.

Roger Hughes08/14/12
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Using Spring Profiles in XML Config

I'm going to cover one of the coolest of the new features in Spring 3.1: Spring profiles. But, before talking about how you implement Spring profiles, I thought that it would be a good idea to explore the problem that they’re solving, which is need to create different Spring configurations for different environments.

Peter Lawrey08/14/12
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Uses for Special Characters in Java Code

Ever wondered how you can write code like this in Java? if( ⁀ ‿ ⁀ == ⁀ ⁔ ⁀ || ¢ + ¢== ₡)

Mrabti Idriss08/13/12
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Cross Site Requests With GWT, RestyGWT and HTML5 CORS

I’m working on a GWT project that can be added to any web site to load a banner and to do that, I had to make some requests to a REST service deployed on another server.

Ayende Rahien08/13/12
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Feature Dependencies Chains

I wanted to improve the RavenDB query optimizer, so it can merge similar indexes into a single index.

Dustin Marx08/13/12
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NetBeans 7.2: Refactoring Parameterized Constructor As Builder

In the Second Edition of Josh Bloch's Effective Java, the usefulness of the first new item in the book ("Consider a builder when faced with many constructor parameters") struck me. In this post, I look at the approach described in that chapter and look at how NetBeans 7.2 provides refactoring support for this approach.

Mike Driscoll08/13/12
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Book Review: MongoDB with Python and Ming

This week I bought Rick Copeland’s MongoDB with Python and Ming eBook from Amazon. It just came out in July 2012, so I figured I should check it out and see what all the fuss is with MongoDB and the whole NoSQL fad.

Alex Soto08/13/12
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JaCoCo Jenkins Plugin

In this post we are going to see how to use the JaCoCo Jenkins plugin to achieve the same goal of Ant Tasks and have overall code coverage statistics for all modules.

Matthias Marschall08/13/12
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Devops and The Lean Startup

Let’s take a look how the ideas of The Lean Startup and Devops enrich each other to successfully create product development flow.

Kathiravelu Pra...08/13/12
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Why You Should Wait More to Upgrade to the Next LTS

There are still a few of us, who prefer to be safer. We often upgrade only when an LTS of Ubuntu is released. However, not most of us realize that we should wait till the point release is available, letting the critical bugs found by the users fixed.

Ron Gross08/13/12
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How to do a Production Hotfix

It’s Thursday/Friday evening, the daily version / master branch was deemed too risky to install, and you decide to wait for Sunday/Monday with the deploy to production.

Gordon Dickens08/13/12
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Maven 3 Code Analysis and Reporting

If you have read any of my other blogs, you will know that I am a fan (and defender) of Maven 3. One of the biggest changes in Maven 3 was the reporting capabilities with the Maven Site Plugin.

Mariano Vazquez08/13/12
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Windows Azure Web / Worker Roles: Running Socket.io

You start from the basic 'Hello World' template created by the Windows Azure Powershell for Node.js cmdlets to develop both roles, with the proper modifications to send messages via socket.io.

James Sugrue08/13/12
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Facebook Compiling PHP to Run on the JVM?

An article popped up today claiming that Facebook are investigating compiling PHP to run on the JVM. Up to now Facebook have been using a PHP to C++ cross compiler, but the addition of invoke dynamic to Java seems to have opened up a new possibility for Facebook.

Maarten Ectors08/13/12
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Trident Storm, Real-Time Analytics for Big Data

Trident is an extension of Storm that makes it an easy-to-use distributed real-time analytics framework for Big Data