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Leigh Shevchik09/12/12
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Introducing Capacity Analysis for Python

The Capacity Analysis report that comes with this version of the Python agent provides you with key metrics you can use to answer this question.

Eric Gregory09/12/12
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PostgreSQL 9.2 Brings New Speed and Scalability

With its version 9.2 release, PostgreSQL is gaining long-awaited features like native JSON support, as well as increases to speed and scalability.

Dave Fecak09/12/12
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How Hackers Choose Tools (thoughts on Paul Graham’s 'Java’s Cover')

The piece called Java Cover (referring to that you can't judge a book by it's cover) was about what Graham called ‘hacker’s radar‘, which he describes as the ability of hackers to ‘develop a nose for good (and bad) technology‘. Java’s popularity in 2001 made it a pretty big target for critique.

Ayende Rahien09/11/12
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On Professional Code

To write professional code, you need to make it easy to look under the hood.

cyrille martraire09/11/12
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What's Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Your Code?

You write code to deliver business value, hence your code deals with a business domain like e-trading in finance, or the navigation for an online shoe store. If you look at a random piece of your code, how much of what you see tells you about the domain concepts? How much of it is nothing but technical distraction, or « noise »?

Steven Lott09/11/12
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RESTful Web Service Testing

Sometimes people will want to test the "finished" or "integrated" web services technology stack because (I suppose) they don't trust their lower-level unit tests.

Gerard Davison09/11/12
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Changing Delay, and Hence the Order, in a DelayQueue

So I was looking at building a simple object cache that expires the objects after a given time. The obvious mechanism for this is the use the DelayedQueue class from the concurrency package in Java; but I wanted to know if it way possible to update the delay after an object has been added to the queue. Looking at the Delayed interface there didn't seem to be a good reason not to in the docs so I thought it was time to experiment.

Kin Lane09/11/12
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Why Don't I Have Easy Access to all My Online Personal Data?

I want access to a data store of all my Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn data in a single location.

Peter Zaitsev09/11/12
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How Innodb Contention May Manifest Itself

Even though multiple fixes have been implemented in Percona Server and MySQL 5.5, there are still workloads in which case mutex (or rw-lock) contention is a performance limiting factor.

Amresh Singh09/11/12
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Your First Hadoop MapReduce Job

Write a simple Hadoop MapReduce job in five steps. When you're done, you'll have an application that counts word occurrences in an input set.

Javier Manzano09/11/12
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How to Deploy node.js Apps to AWS from Mac OS X(I)

So, after watching how many projects have successfully gone up with amazon web services, I decided to deploy on it.

Kay Cichini09/11/12
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Monitor Blog Statistics with StatCounter & R

After implementing this script in your webpage or blog, you can download and inspect log-files with some short lines of code in R and inspect visitor activity.

Pedro Duque Vieira09/11/12
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Target Text on JavaFX UI Controls Through CSS

The following tip provides a very nice way to style text on UI controls, one which is not available on regular "Web HTML CSS".

Roger Hughes09/11/12
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Caching and @Cacheable

Caches are one of those really useful things that once you start using them you wonder how on earth you got along without them so, it seems a little strange that the guys at Spring only got around to adding a caching implementation to Spring core in version 3.1.

James Carr09/11/12
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Capistrano Deployment from Jenkins

Recently I had a challenge of getting capistrano deployments working from jenkins installed on a RHEL box. The problem seemed to be down to the fact that ssh-agent isn’t running for the daemon process that jenkins runs as for whatever reason and it is needed to do ssh agent forwarding (which is what I do so I can use the ssh key on the jenkins server to check code out from github on remote servers).