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Brian Gracely12/10/12
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Brian Gracely on the Software-Defined Data Center

In this 8-minute video, Brian Gracely describes the technology and business drivers that enable better functionality in the software-driven data center.

Christian Posta12/10/12
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ActiveMQ: Understanding Memory Usage

ActiveMQ’s SystemUsage and particularly the MemoryUsage functionality has left some people confused. I’ll try to explain some details around MemoryUsage that might be helpful in understanding how it works.

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/12
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Top 10 Lessons Learned From 10 Years in Agile

Robert Holler, the CEO of VersionOne, and his colleagues got together earlier this year and discussed the lessons they had learned through ten years of insight into agile software development. "Hopefully we've learned more than just ten lessons," Holler told me humorously. Here were the insights he gave...

Matthias Marschall12/10/12
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Devops Anti-Patterns: Warning Signs that Your Team is Slipping

While I’m collecting Devops Protocols which highlight healthy patterns in your organization, let’s take a quick look at the opposite: Devops anti-patterns. Would you be able to spot the warning signs when your team starts to slip in the wrong direction?

John Cook12/10/12
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A Parable of Why Agile Methods Can Save Money

Don Reinertsen gave a great keynote address at YOW 2012 entitled The Practical Science of Batch Size. I recommend watching the video when it’s posted, probably in January. In the mean time, I want to relate one small illustration from the talk. It’s a parable of why agile methods can save money.

Chris Keene12/10/12
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Big Data and the Open Source Model - Can This Marriage Be Saved?

It is amazing how many open source software companies out there are trying to get hit by the same $1B bolt of lightning that hit MySQL without realizing that the MySQL result is not repeatable.

Eric Minick12/10/12
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Dependencies All the Way Down

I’ve spent most of the last decade working on problems in build, deployment and release management. While automation has been a focus of mine, the hard part in these domains have always been around dependency management.

Nikita Ivanov12/10/12
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Debunking DRAM vs. Flash Controversy vis-a-vis In-Memory Processing

Wikibon produced an interesting material (looks like paid by Aerospike, NoSQL database recently emerged by resurrecting failed CitrusLeaf and acquihiring AlchemyDB, which product, of course, was recommended in the end) that compares NoSQL databases based on storing data in flash-based SSD vs. storing data in DRAM.

Lukas Eder12/10/12
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JDEclipse: A must-have Java Decompiler

I have recently discovered this new, must-have Eclipse plugin, which is very useful for those third-party libraries whose source-code you can’t easily find or link into your Eclipse: JDEclipse.

Michal Jastak12/10/12
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Spring's Web MVC - Redirect to the Memory Leak

They say that one rock can cause an avalanche. Lately, one of my Colleagues, Marcin Radoszewski, gave me such a rock. Y

Adam Warski12/10/12
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Starting with Scala Macros: a Short Tutorial

Macros are also written in Scala so in essence a macro is a piece of Scala code, executed at compile-time, which manipulates and modifies the AST of a Scala program.

Andriy Redko12/10/12
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Using YAML for Java Application Configuration

Though JSON is becoming a popular format for web applications, using JSON files to describe the configuration is a bit cumbersome and, in my opinion, is not as expressive as YAML. Let's see what YAML can do for us to make our life easier.

Giorgio Sironi12/10/12
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Lessons learned from the Code Retreat

I coached at the Milan edition of the Global Day of Code Retreat on Saturday; here's what I learned during the experience.

Hirvesh Munogee12/10/12
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Dexy - A Free-Form Literate Documentation Tool

Dexy helps you write correct documents, and to easily maintain them over time as your code changes.

Anthony Goubard12/10/12
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Japplis Website Optimizer 3.0 Released

Japplis Website Optmizer is a tool that compact your website source code. Using different technics it shrinks and compresses HTML, JavaScript and CSS files up to 65% making your website faster.