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Nadav Azaria07/17/12
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Developer's Fantasies

As a software developer we have fantasies. Each of us has his own ideas about a great change which will defiantly bring improvement. Those ideas are not realized because they have no economical direct incentive. Such ideas range from developing a smart text box which will use natural processing language and understands user requests to replacing our existing old annoying build technology with a new cool one. However, no one asked for a smart text box and the old annoying build system works just fine. What happens to these fantasies in the agile era?

Joe Stein07/16/12
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Use Cassandra to Run Hadoop MapReduce

In short HBase is good for reads and Cassandra for writes. Cassandra does a great job on reads too so please do not think I am shooting either down in any way.

Lijin Joseji07/16/12
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How to Create a Sample CRUD Java App Using MongoDB and Spring Data

‘Spring data for MongoDB’ is providing a familiar Spring-based programming model for NoSQL data stores.

Jim Bird07/16/12
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Monitoring Sucks. But Monitoring as Testing Sucks A LOT More

At Devopsdays I listened to a lot of smart people saying smart things. And to some people saying things that sounded smart, but really weren’t. It was especially confusing when you heard both of these kinds of things from the same person.

Larry White07/16/12
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10 Books To Make You Smarter (And A Better Worker)

Ten of the best books from the Deathray Research bibliography. Guaranteed to make you smarter about software engineering and the world. Inspired by the book, "This Will Make You Smarter", and my teenage son, who said today “All books are self-help books”. Couldn’t agree more.

Leigh Shevchik07/16/12
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Four Priorities for Optimizing App Performance on Heroku

When the launch party is over, the dust has settled, and your app has finally been brought to life on Heroku’s simple, scalable cloud platform, it’s finally time to kick back and watch the magic happen, right?

Amit Saha07/16/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Niching in Genetic Algorithms

Niching is a term often used in the Evolutionary Algorithms literature and its significance and implications may become clear only after the researcher has worked her way up some of them literature.

Eric Genesky07/16/12
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Amazon Web Services for Java Developers

For Java enterprise professionals, this webinar offers some insight into the popular cloud infrastrucre services.

Hirvesh Munogee07/16/12
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Asynchronous Templates for Browser & Node.js Using Dust

Dust provides asynchronous templates for the browser and Node.js.

Muhammad Khojaye07/16/12
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New Features and Plugins in Eclipse Juno

Eclipse has recently announced the release of Eclipse Juno which brings new features and plugins such as Detecting resource leaks for both Java7 and Java6 etc.

Ben Kepes07/16/12
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One Cloud, One Interface

Primadesk is a service that allows people to view and manage all of their content (be it email, photos, documents, etc.,) in one place.

Markus Eisele07/16/12
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Upgrading to Latest Mojarra in GlassFish 3.1.x

I was playing around with latest Mojarra and in order not to replace any existing versions at a server module level I tried to package it with my apps. I shouldn't have done that. Here is a short story.

Martin Thompson07/16/12
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Native C/C++ Like Performance For Java Object Serialisation

Do you ever wish you could turn a Java object into a stream of bytes as fast as it can be done in a native language like C++?

Łukasz Budnik07/16/12
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EclipseLink JPA2 Distributed Cache Coordination

In larger systems where processing of user requests is distributed you need some sort of cache coordination otherwise the results may be incorrect and/or user experience bad.

Tim O'brien07/16/12
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Component Lifecycle Management with your Apache Maven Infrastructure

The way software is being developed has changed over the last ten years, it has shifted from companies developing the vast majority of their own software to a software development approach that depends on open source components that are freely available.