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Todd Merritt10/26/12
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Is the Enterprise Service Bus Just Vendor Hype?

Is an Enterprise Service Bus an important piece of Service-Oriented Architecture, or is it just vendor hype designed to sell a particular product such as SOA-in-a-box?

Gary Sieling10/26/12
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Building a JSON Webservice in R

R is a programming language for mathematics and statistics, and there are several R libraries available to support web development.

Chris Haddad10/26/12
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Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

The WSO2 enterprise middleware platform incorporates architectural principles and services that solve hybrid cloud use case challenges -- principles such as federation, delegation, architecture distribution, loose coupling, and interoperability.

Dustin Marx10/26/12
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JavaOne 2012: Build Your Own Type System for Fun and Profit

I returned to Hilton Yosemite A/B/C to see two speakers from the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering (Werner Dietl and Michael Ernst) speak on The Checker Framework in a presentation called "Build Your Own Type System for Fun and Profit."

Jesse Warden10/26/12
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Adventures In JavaScript

A humorous post about missing commas in a class and various browsers' reactions.

Ben Wilcock10/26/12
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Implementing Entity Services using NoSQL – Part 4: Java EE

Now that I have prepared a skeleton contract-first web-service and created a data access layer using Ektorp and CouchDB, it’s time to wire them together into a fully working entity service. To do this I’m going to use Java EE and Glassfish 3.1.

Anoop Madhusudanan10/26/12
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Why I'm Truly Excited About Windows 8

I think the true pitch of Microsoft is all about connecting the dots – Read a stable cloud platform, a plethora of PaaS offerings, A truly modern and fresh operating system that works seamlessly across multiple form factors, proper interfacing with existing devices like XBox – and all this working together.

Chris Haddad10/26/12
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A Model For A Cloud DevOps Factory

Development Forges unify application development tools and promote collaboration, but they are often design and development time environments disconnected from run-time infrastructure. The next evolutionary step is Cloud DevOps Factories.

Trisha Gee10/26/12
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JAX London 2012

Seemed like a quiet conference this year. Not really sure why, maybe it was the layout of the massive (and extremely dark) main room; maybe it was the awkward L-shape of the communal space; or maybe this year people were more interested in listening to the (really very good) sessions rather than participating or meeting other people. Whatever the reason, it felt quiet and almost low-key.

Sylvain Beaumont10/26/12
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On Testing GWT Apps for Capacity and Performance

In my current role as application performance specialist I see a lot of different frameworks that are used to develop applications faster . . .

Judah Johns10/26/12
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The Jelastic Spotlight with Markus Eisele, James Gosling, Jean-Michel Van Lippevelde and Martijn Verburg

This week's Spotlight is pretty special. I had a chance to chat with a number of very distinguished and well known people in our industry, and for that matter, some are pretty well known outside of their industry. All have been very successful in their...

Eric Gregory10/26/12
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Three Ways to Decide if the Windows Store Makes Sense for Your App

The Windows Store is open, and if you're releasing a new Windows application, that means you have a choice to make: distribute your app via the Windows Store, or go it alone. Here are three factors to consider in order to make the right choice for your app.

Allen Coin10/26/12
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The Definitive Windows 8 Linksheet

With the release of Windows 8, we decided to put together this definitive list of Windows 8 links.

Eric Minick10/25/12
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Standardizing Deployments? Start with Production and Work Backwards

Developers extend their continuous integration platforms towards continuous delivery organically, deploying to dev test environments for simple functional tests. And later to QA environments using similar approaches.

Sadayuki Furuhashi10/25/12
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How Japan's Top Recipe Site Solved Its Data Management Problem

Cookpad.com’s original architecture was based on shared MySQL servers and had severe scaling and maintainability limitations. So, how does Cookpad.com serve up the right recipes at the right time?