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Istvan Szegedi08/24/12
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Big Data on Heroku – Hadoop From Treasure Data

Heroku is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) owned by Salesforce.com. Originally it started with supporting Ruby as its main programming language but it has been extended to Java, Scala, Node.js, Python and Clojure, too.

Dejan Bosanac08/24/12
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Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 2

OK, now that you promised that you won’t store your messages in the broker, let’s consider one more thing that you should avoid when dealing with messaging systems. Also, the link to part 1 of this 2-part article can be found here.

Gaurav Mantri08/24/12
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The Story of Cerebrata's Cloud Storage Studio

In this blog post, I will write some details about building a product which turned out to be the flagship product for Cerebrata – Cloud Storage Studio.

Jakub Holý08/24/12
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You're Writing the Wrong Software – You Never Know What Users Want Until You Ask Them

Too often companies and IT departments believe that they know what software they should create. However users often need and want something different than you believe, even if you’re a domain expert yourself

Anders Karlsson08/24/12
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MySQL Cluster Performance Up Again, or CLIENT_COMPRESS Harmful

Looking at my benchmarking code, I realized I used the CLIENT_COMPRESS flag when I connected to MySQL and it may be harmful... find out more!

Blaise Doughan08/24/12
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JAXB's @XmlTransient and Property Order

In previous articles I wrote about how the @XmlTransient annotation can be used at the type level to have a class excluded from the inheritance hierarchy, or at the field/property level to unmap a field/property. In this article I'll demonstrate how doing this impacts the propOrder setting on the @XmlType annotation.

Tim Spann08/24/12
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8 Node.js Links: HTML5 Games, Javascript Array, and More

Here are 8 links on an array of topics for the Node.js user.

Boris Lam08/24/12
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Adding Hibernate Entity Level Filtering feature to Spring Data JPA Repository

Those who have used data filtering features of hibernate should know that it is very powerful. But want to discover something you might not know?

Chris Haddad08/24/12
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API Integration With No Meetings

Can organizations perform API integration with no meetings? Moving toward agile, start up speed requires auto-operations (auto-ops) and reducing human negotiations.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen08/24/12
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SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1 Released to Web

SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1 has now been released as a web download (it is also included and installed with Visual Studio 2012).

Arthur Charpentier08/24/12
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34 Recent Big Data Links (with a Couple EBooks, to Boot!)

The following links cover a range of topics related to big data and economics, including health care and banking.

Eric Minick08/23/12
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The Curse of Tool Blindness: Maslow’s Hammer

In 1966 Abraham Maslow said, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Maslow gave us all too much credit. When we have a hammer and know how great it is, we not only treat everything as a nail, we actually perceive everything to be a nail.

Brian Gracely08/23/12
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The Cloudcast: Technology Warfare and the Evolution of Cloud Economics

Aaron and Brian talk with Simon Wardley (@swardley) - Researcher, Organization Warfare and Evolution at LEF, about the evolving economics of Cloud Computing.

James Sugrue08/23/12
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Applicasa: Build a Server Side for Your Mobile App in 10 Minutes

I was recently contacted by the people at Applicasa to give their service a go, and see how it works for me. The company claims that you can create a backend for your application in under 10 minutes - challenge accepted!

Vijay Narayanan08/23/12
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Accelerating Reusable Component Adoption

When building reusable components, you want to allow rapid component discovery, assembly, and testability. Without these characteristics, it will become difficult for developers to use the reusable components in a productive manner. Below are five things to do to accelerate component adoption: