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Wayne Adams01/16/12
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Asynchronous Java SE Web Services: 1. Implementation

A few years ago, I posted a how-to on Java-SE-based Web Services. More recently, I've become interested in asynchronous web-service invocation, and, as it turns out, Java SE supports that, too. This post, then, is the asynchronous version of that older...

Matt Raible01/16/12
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Upgrading AppFuse to Spring Security 3.1 and Spring 3.1

Before the holiday break, I spent some time upgrading AppFuse to use the latest releases of Spring and Spring Security. I started with Spring Security in early December and quickly discovered its 3.1 XSD required some changes. After changing to the 3.1 XSD...

Robert Diana01/15/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: 7 Tenets Of Framework Selection

As you develop any application, you will need to choose various tools, libraries and frameworks that you want to integrate into the application. In some cases, this could be a very simple task of choosing the most popular and widely respected tool....

Michael Foord01/15/12
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Mocking of 'Open' as a Context Manager Made Simple In Python

Using open as a context manager is a great way to ensure your file handles are closed properly and is becoming common:with open('/some/path', 'w') as f: f.write('something')The issue is that even if you mock out the call to open it is the returned object...

Mitch Pronschinske01/15/12
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Lessons Learned: Refactoring a Solr-Based API App

In this case study I'll discuss architectural lessons learned from refactoring an existing REST-API backed by Apache Solr. The initial goal of the...

Nikhil Mungel01/15/12
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Time Saving Bash Tricks

This is a followup from the lightning talk '5 Time Saving Bash Tricks' at DevOpsDays, Bangalore 2011.   These work with the emacs-readline, which is the default configuration in most ditributions (including OS X). C means ControlM means Meta (usually...

Roger Hughes01/15/12
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Approaches to XML - Part 2 - What about SAX?

My last blog introduced the idea that there are different ways to approach XML parsing and highlighted the point that XML is NOT A STRING; rather it’s an object oriented document model that can be represented using a string. Today’s blog continues this...

Alex Staveley01/15/12
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Doing more with less in JUnit 4

JUnit is a popular testing framework for writing unit tests in Java projects. Every software engineer should always try to consider using less code to achieve objectives and the same is true for test code. This post shows one way to write less test code...

Jim Bird01/14/12
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Static Analysis isn’t Development Testing

I constantly get emails from Static Analysis vendors telling me why I need to buy their technology. Recently I’ve been receiving emails explaining how my team can use static analysis tools to do impressive things like “test millions of complex lines of...

Rick Copeland01/14/12
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MongoDB Rocks My World

I am delighted to announce that I'll be speaking at several MongoDB-related events over the next couple of months. So if you're in or near Dallas, Seattle, or Silicon Valley, I'd love it if you could make it to one of my talks. 10gen (the makers of...

Giuseppe Vettigli01/14/12
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NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide Review

I got the chance to read the book NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide written by Ivan Idris and published by Packt Publishing last month. My impression of the book was quite positive. It's a book based on examples, which incrementally introduce all the main features...

Mitch Pronschinske01/14/12
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Text Analytics in Enterprise Search

Text analytics is a large and interesting subject, covering a wide range of topics. In the world of enterprise search however, the usual application of...

Alex Staveley01/14/12
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Make your JAXB cleaner with the MOXy implementation

The principle advantage of using JAXB when marshalling and demarshalling XML is the programming model. Simply annotate a few POJOs and use the JAXB API's and you can serialise to XML and deserialise from XML very easily. You don't need to worry about the...

Roger Hughes01/14/12
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Approaches to XML - Part 1 - XML is not a String...

XML has been around a long time: from memory, I’d guess that it’s about 12-14 years old by now; it’s a mature product with, in computing terms, a long history. So, is there anything new that I could possibly add to this subject? How you approach XML...

Dustin Marx01/14/12
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Integrating JavaFX 2.0 with Swing and SWT

One of the improvements in JavaFX with JavaFX 2.0 has been greater ease of interoperability with Swing and SWT. Several online resources document how this is done.