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Arthur Charpentier09/30/12
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Bounding Sums of Random Variables: Part 2

It's possible to go further -- much further -- on bounding sums of random variables (mentioned in the previous post).

Stephen Forte09/30/12
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Why I am Starting a Hybrid Development Accelerator

I often get the question, “why the focus on hybrid development for your accelerator?”

Dustin Marx09/30/12
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JavaOne 2012: Java Strategy Keynote and IBM Keynote

I had a rough start to JavaOne 2012 similar to that at JavaOne 2010. It took 70 minutes for the people handling the check-in to provide me with a JavaOne badge due to "computer and printer technical difficulties."

Craig Dickson09/30/12
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New High-Performance Provisioned IOPS Storage for Amazon RDS

Just like with EBS volumes you can now not only provision the storage size associated with an RDS instance, but also the performance of the RDS instance.

Dan Haywood09/30/12
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Eclipse Juno JEE Setup

My installation of Eclipse Juno seemed to have got its knickers in rather a twist, so just spent a “happy” hour reinstalling the damn thing.

Lukas Eder09/30/12
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A Nice Way of Using jOOQ with Spring

A nice way of using jOOQ with Spring was recently discussed on Stack Overflow by Adam Gent:

Hubert Klein Ikkink09/30/12
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Gradle Goodness: Customize IDEA Project File Generation

With the Gradle IDEA plugin we can generate JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA project files. The plugin uses defaults from our project to generate the files. If we also apply the Java plugin to our project then the Java settings for the project files are generated. We can customize the file generation in several ways. The most low level method is using the withXml hook. With this hook we have access to the XML before the file is written to disk. Here we can add or change XML elements and attribute values.

Nicolas Frankel09/30/12
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Use Local Resources When Validating XML

Depending of you enterprise security policy, some – if not most of your middleware servers have no access to Internet. It’s even worse when your development infrastructure is isolated from the Internet (such as banks or security companies). In this case, validating your XML against schemas becomes a real nightmare.

Jacob Orshalick09/29/12
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Software Consulting, There are Apps for That!

Since starting a consulting firm, I’m always looking for ways to automate the day to day tasks I find less than appealing. A colleague of mine was interested in the mobile applications that are part of my business application suite. So I’ve compiled a list of the iPhone applications, beyond the basics of course, that I use on a day-to-day basis.

Gal Levinsky09/29/12
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Seamlessly Static Meta Model generation

I would like to introduce a simple, quick and straight forward way to create Static Meta Model classes.

Kay Cichini09/29/12
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Reading and Text Mining a PDF-File in R

Here is a simple R-script that reads a PDF-file to R and does some text mining with it.

Mark Hinkle09/29/12
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CloudStack 4.0 Release Schedule Update

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the Apache CloudStack (incubating) 4.0 release, so let’s take a look at where we’re at.

Todd Merritt09/29/12
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Just Another Web Service (JAWS) vs SOA

In my opinion, one of the largest issues facing SOA is the lack of understanding and experience implementing SOA by business and IT alike.

Gareth Rushgrove09/29/12
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The Vagrantbox.es Story

If you’re building a community project that’s aimed at developers, then throw the content on GitHub. In my case I have the entire site on there too but I think that’s secondary.

Rodrigo De Castro09/28/12
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MongoDB: Replication Lag, Network Partition

Replication: when everything is working, it seems the easiest thing, but the challenge comes when we have failures. This is something that MongoDB, being a database that is out for some years, shows us very well.