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Mitch Pronschinske12/14/12
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Kafka Possibly Moving to Java CRC, Akka Suggested

If you haven't heard of Kafka, a super-fast distributed message queue from LinkedIn, you probably ought to look into it, and it's heavily involved Apache incubator community.

Mitch Pronschinske12/14/12
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Screencast: Spring + Hibernate Integration

Learn how to save form data by using stored procedures with Spring, and Hibernate MVC technologies. You'll also learn how to write a stored procedure, and even create a database from scratch.

Chris Haddad12/14/12
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The 5 Components of an API Management Platform

When you select an API Management Platform, look for a solution enabling developers to rapidly find, subscribe to, and evaluate the APIs that enterprises make available. The development tools should provide on-demand self-service subscription and collaboration channels.

David Bland12/14/12
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How to do Agile Performance Reviews

Like it or not, performance-based pay is a reality of our industry. David Bland looks at some practical/useful tips and techniques on how software companies could implement performanced-based pay effectively and fairly.

Eric Genesky12/14/12
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MongoDB Berlin to be Held February 25-26, 2013

10gen today announced the one-day MongoDB Berlin conference.

Eric Genesky12/14/12
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An Introduction to Graph Databases by Emil Eifrem

This is a 10-minute overview of NoSQL technologies, presented by Emil Eifrem, the CEO of Neo Technology.

Chris Koenig12/14/12
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WNS Badge, Toast and Tile Reference

The Windows Notification Service is a key part of the Windows 8 platform and really great apps know how to use Push Notifications to make their great apps awesome.

Markus Eisele12/14/12
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Java EE 7 Community Survey Results!

Work on Java EE 7 presses on under JSR 342. Things are shaping up nicely and Java EE 7 is now in the Early Draft Review stage.

Esen Sagynov12/14/12
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All about Two-Phase Locking and a little bit MVCC

In this blog I will describe the concurrency control methods implemented in database management systems, and the differences between them. I will also explain about what locking technique is used in CUBRID RDBMS, about locking modes and their compatibility, and finally, the deadlocks and the solution for them.

Allen Coin12/14/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #9

Wednesday was 12/12/12 and, believe it or not, the world didn't end. That means we can bring you your weekly NoSQL update according to plan. Next week, though, it'll be Dec. 21... uh-oh.

Ron Gross12/14/12
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How to Setup a Free MediaWiki on Heroku

I had to setup a wiki for some project, and thought of using Heroku for this purpose. Heroku doesn’t cost anything for 1 dyno, and comes with a bundled 5MB database that might just suffice for this project’s need.

Zemian Deng12/14/12
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Checking DB Connection Using Java

For the sake of completeness, here is a Java version of the Groovy post to test your Oracle Database connection.

Roger Hughes12/14/12
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Securing your Tomcat app with SSL and Spring Security

Before you start using Spring Security in earnest one of the first things you really must do is to ensure that your web app uses the right transport protocol, which in this case is HTTPS

Paresh Mayani12/14/12
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Android 4.2: How to Create DayDream?

This article is extension of my previous article about DayDream: What exactly DayDream feature is about?. Now i assume you understood about DayDream, so now i am proceeding further for developing a small example of DayDream.

Raghuraman Bala...12/14/12
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Tracing the Thin Line Between IaaS and PaaS

To begin with, SaaS is more for the end consumers. PaaS is more for developers where it abstracts the underlying infrastructure and you simply write code for the platform and rest is taken care by the platform service provider.